What is Virtual private network (VPN), and how to use free VPN??


Are you afraid of sharing your resources from one device to another through a network with a secure and encrypted the data of your computer with no interference of any other network? Then you are in the right place. Nowadays, technology has been advanced so far, reaching its heights up. and finding the solution to your problem and developing a complete gadget and instruments, with a lot of advantages to helps you in your daily life. This article will describe to you all about Vpn network, its advantages, and disadvantages, its uses, how does it work, how can you connect to a VPN network , and how to use free VPN services.

What is Vpn network?

The full form of VPN is a Virtual private network. It is programming on the computer to establish a secure network It expands the private network in a public network and helps users to send and receive data on shared or public networks. It was created to help the remote users to access the network connection easily. It is developed with the use of a dedicated circuit through a virtual point-to-point connection. Also, it can be connected with the tunneling protocol. you can also avail it from the public Internet, it can provide some benefits of a WAN (wide area network ). It is safe and protected by end to end encryption by the public network. It is a safe way to access the data and application through a VPN network at low cost. It is mostly used by branch officers, corporate employees, freelance workers,e.t.c. There are two types of VPN network:- 1) Remote access VPN, 2) site to site VPN. These days VPN is more popular as it provides you a service to be connected while you are at home. In simple language, VPN is just a network in which many computers ate connected to the main computer, known as the server.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of a VPN network?

Merits of VPN network:- There are many advantages of using VPN that it helps you to access to the office network from home, and thus helps you in working and tracking your business without wasting any time.it keeps your data safe and protects your network from other’s interference.you can connect to your company through a VPN network, anytime and from anywhere in the world.

Demerits of VPN network:- One of its demerits is that it is too complex to establish the VPN network. And also you have to follow all those strict rules and regulations of the company whose network you are using.

What are the uses of a VPN network?

There are many uses of VPN, some of them are mentioned below:-
It helps us to access the business while traveling:- VPN is friendly to a businessman, they have to travel a lot from one place to another.they can access to the business and can track the record. You can Access Your Home Network While Travelling: To Access Your Home Network While Travelling You just need to set up your own VPN, from your devices to a network. Then you will be able to access the data of your home network still if you are traveling.. you can also play games through VPN, share files. You can Hide Your Browsing history from your Local Network and ISP. You can also Access Geo-Blocked Websites from abroad through VPN. Vpn have the option to Bypass Internet Censorship, in China VPN is widely used to access the internet around the Great Firewall of China. It helps in downloading the files with the help of legal torrents. Thus it helps in telecommunication. you can also read about eSim


How does VPN network work?

Earlier the computers or devices were connected by the leased line which helps to connect the devices in an office. This connection to a limited area is known as a wide area network. The main disadvantage of the leased connection was that it was too expensive, which was calculated as the distance between the offices. And as the area of network increases, the costing increases. these days internet services are increasing at a high-speed rate, and the numbers of users are increasing day by day.hence, there was the requirement of new technologies and internet provider started to use internet connections, which helps them to increase the speed and security at a low cost. The intranet is personal networking in which you can develop your own network base. The concept of an intranet helps in the business to share their network within the office area so that all the employees can get access to the network and perform the works.


But with the VPN network, you can not only access the network within your office or home but can also from a distance, or while traveling. Thus it extends the intranet network to a much more wider form. It acts as a tunnel within two networking devices, and it is secure.

How can you connect to a VPN network?

These are the ways to connect to the VPN network. These days connecting to a VPN network has been an easy task so that you can access to your network can share the data in the form of files and folders. Earlier it was set up by the ethernet cable.
The steps to get connected through VPN network are:-click on the Start button go to the Control panel option, and then click on the view network status option.



A window of network and sharing center will be opened. In this window, there are many options, you have to select the connect to a network option. Then you have to just give the location of the VPN network where you have to make the connection of the network, along with it give a name to your VPN network. Then click on the Connect button. you have to give a security key to secure your data and prevent it from the interference. And you can also hide the security key so that no one can know that or may interfere in your network. Now, click OK button to get started with VPN network connection. (whenever, if you want to disconnect the network you just have to click on the disconnect button).


As you get connected to the VPN network, a Wi-Fi type icon in your taskbar area of your PC will be started to show. This icon will help you to connect in the next time. No need to repeat the process again.

How can I get a VPN free of cost?

It is a paid service. And people always think to get most of the things free of cost, you can also get VPN free along with a fast speed network connection. This can be done if you connect the network online. These days everyone has an internet connection and also the internet provides you a secure connection. You can download the VPN connection from online and get it online. It doesn’t make any sense to buy something when you have a free option to get it. Although nothing in this world is free, you have to pay in the form of an internet connection. The service provider of VPN also downgrade the free version to make it advance and you can pay for it. This way they make you pay for anything, which can you get online. The service of free VPN is as good as the paid one. Your VPN must have their features:- it should access geo-blocked content. Geonlocked content means that content which is blocked on the basis of location, and also in your location. It must have faster connection speeds, your data should be safe with encryption facility.
Some names of top free VPN are:-

  1. ExpressVPN:- This is best. if you are far or traveling. It may be used for experiments for a short time duration.
  2. Hotspot Shield:- It is a Stable network with fast connection speed.
  3. Windscribe:- It is good for those who like screaming.
  4. Hide.me:- If you don’t need the VPN connection for torrenting, then you must go for this.
  5. Proton:- You can secure the network from unlimited data but can’t torrent on it.
  6. thus you can use free VPN services


Conclusion:- You can conclude that VPN is really a very helpful network security system that can help you in your business. household and many other works. These all are the VPN basics you can search more for advance. It is the best networking technology in the field of information technology. You can access all the secret information through other unsecured connection like bank account passwords, certificates, and other important documents.VPN gives you a secure connection than any other network connection. The information is encrypted while you are connected through this network, it will keep you anonymous. You can hide your activity history from the internet service provider. Thus, your data is safe from hackers and keeps your identity and works privately.

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