How can I start speaking English fluently like a native speaker?

How can I start to speak fluent English like a native speaker?

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In the developing world, English has become a language of pride, everyone wants to speak in English. Everyone wants to speak English fluently. It just not remain in a language, but also shows the personality and education of a human being. Many of you may are still speaking broken English and have a big desire to speak correctly and fluently. if you are also in the search of the answer to this question. then you come to the right place. In this article, you are going to know the answer to the question of how can you start speaking English fluently like a native speaker.

Why learn to speak English fluently like a native speaker?

Before starting anything, you must clear your “why”, the reason to get it. Finding out  “why” makes your work easier, and keep you motivated towards your goal for a long time. Speaking English is just like a skill like a painting, driving or cooking. Hence you have to work on it to improve it.

  • Personality:- As you all know today’s scenario that speaking English is now a term of pride in our society. One who speaks fluent English is said to be well educated and well-presented personality.
  • Helps in Communicating:- You can be better understood by the native speakers and can explain your viewpoints to them.
  • Makes you feel confident:- when you know English and speak fluent English like a native speaker, it makes you feel confident among the audience. People will appraise you for the same. they will make a good perception about you.
  • Helps you to get a job:- Nowadays it has become compulsory to be a good English speaker to qualify for any job. Speaking fluent English like a native speaker impress the interviewer and increase the chances to get the job.

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Some people say that to speak fluent English you should practice it from childhood. But this is not true, you can still learn it if you have a strong desire for it. Practise is the key to success. Everything is possible with the practices. You have to put most of the time in it to practice it then you can achieve it. You can also read about How can I overcome the fear of failure and achieve success?

How can I start speaking English fluently like a native speaker?

If you really want to speak like a native speaker, the first thing is to be ready for hard work, along with patience and practice. By listening and speaking more and more you can develop this skill. You can also write more and more to develop your skill. Write on Quora or a blog.

Learn the basics:-

Before learning fluent English, you have to learn the basics as soon as possible. Without basics, you can’t imagine being fluent as a native speaker. Learn all the basics, like Tenses, gerunds, modals, e.t.c. Practice more and more questions on them and bring them in use in your daily life.

Find out the accent:-

There are various types of accent speaks by a different native speaker. Just find out the type of accent, you really want to speak. for this, you can take help of Google or youtube to get the idea about the accent. and the difference between them. You can also read about What is eloquent and how can I be a more eloquent speaker?

Create your environment:-

After selecting the accent you really want to learn and speak, you have to now create an environment like that. For this, you can watch the movies in the same accent and try to copy it and speak.  Read books, talk with friends in the same or you can also watch news channels. Start with the interesting movie or nooks, so that you don’t try to procrastinate and complete it on time Try with those that contain subtitle at the bottom, and you can pause and read the subtitle where you don’t understand the context, then resume the movie.speak english

Maintain vocabulary:-

Find out the most used vocabulary while you study English, and maintain notes of it. Revise it consistently to keep it remembered. Whatever you speak are made up of with the help of sentences. Sentences are a combination of words. Hence to improve your speaking skills you must have to improve the quality of words, then a sentence and then automatically it will improve your overall speaking.  Learning more and more vocabulary increase your chances to speak with different words, which will impress your audience.


It is more important to pronounce the words correctly than just speaking it. And practice to make it in flow while speaking in your everyday life. Every time when you read or speak anything you should take care of the pronunciation, and if you don’t understand the real pronunciation, then instantly go for a dictionary or google the pronunciation, learn and practice it. You can also learn phonetics to improve your pronunciation.

Speak fast:

You can see the native speaker speaks faster and join the two sound. For example:- I + am = I’m, I + will = I’ll, do + not = don’t, I + have = I’ve, I + would= I’d, e.t.c. Get a book or learn from Google to enhance your knowledge as much as you can. You can observe the native speaker and you, the main difference is that they speak faster than you.

Learn where the sound is silent:-

Many time native speaker doesn’t pronounce the words completely. Some of the letters of the words are silent. So, you must have to take care of these to avoid the mistake. Again you can get a book or learn from Google to enhance your knowledge and practice them. make them as a part of your daily life speaking.

Learn English Idioms:-

Idioms are a group of words, just like a phrase whose meaning cannot be conveyed directly from the words used in it. Many times you have to speak a large sentence, instead of that, you can use idioms to express your thought. Or for conveying your, message not directly, you can use the idioms. Hence it is compulsory for you to learn it. Learn more and more essential English idioms to sound like a native speaker. You can also read more about How to stop wasting time and utilize it more productive?

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Use technology:-

Use technology for your daily English improvement. Like phone, laptop for using social media like youtube, Google, e.t.c. to get productive use of it. It is an easy and cheap method to learn English. Technology is a blessing for us, so takes the benefits of it rather wasting the time here and there.

Work for clarity:-

Although, You know the English very well, and you have a lot of confidence to speak in public, But if your voice is n0ot clear then it ruins the whole situation. So, make sure that your voice and pronunciation is clear to others, else practice to improve it. You can also record your sound using the voice recorder and listen to it, analyze your tone, pitch, and clarity. Get feedback from others to get the points to improve and finally work on it. practice more and more.

 Use some slang:-

Native speakers usually use some slangs to make their communication short and impressive. Some common slang like Wanna (want to), Gonna (going to), Hang out (spend time together) are used often. Thus you can also develop your informal language too like a native speaker.

At last practice, practice, practice:-

Nothing can be achieved or improved without practice. Practise can only make you a person that you want to be. Be consistent in practice. You must have seen water falling on rock consistently can break the rock in two pieces. Thus working on the same skill consistently can surely improve you.  You can also read about How can I improve myself to make the best version of me?


Conclusion:- From the above passage, you may conclude that anybody can speak fluent English. It is easy to achieve this goal if you follow all these simple steps. Speaking English has become now a matter of pride. In the above article, you had learned about how can you start speaking English fluently like a native speakerIt shows your personality to be of high profile, helps you to get a job easily, makes you feel confident and helps you in the communication. There are simple steps to be followed to achieve that. Just make a note where you lack the same and make a procedure to improve that and follow them. Thus you can start speaking English fluently like a native speaker.

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