Tips and Tricks to avoid social media apps addiction


More than half of the population are engaged with their smartphones nowadays. It’s good to see that the world become smart. Every work is done on a smartphone. We don’t have to travel, we don’t need a heavy gadget to carry from one place to another. But we all know that every good work comes with a demerit too. Half of the teenagers have ruined their lives because of the smartphone. They don’t focus on their studies.

Teenagers and most parents who don’t have any work but they engage with their smartphones. They addicted to social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, hike, snapchat, and many more social media apps. This is not a habit of using social media this is called an addiction to using smartphones.

Many people don’t want to use social media but they can’t stop themselves by using it. Many of them finding a solution to stop using social media. For this, you can read this full article. It may help you. You can’t stop using at once. It may take time to get rid of this habit. You have to engage yourself on another work. If you also want to control your habit of using social media app you can read this full article.

Here are some precautions to stop using social media:

1. Give yourself a time limit:

Decide a time when you have to use social media browsing. Avoid using untimely, make you sincere. Check your id only twice or thrice per day. Give you a time limit.

2. Set a timer:

If you don’t know how your time passes when you’re on the internet. You can set a timer on your app to avoid notifications and it helps you to remember that you pass your time limit.

3. To avoid scrolling on Instagram:

Adults or other people spent more than 11 hrs. of their time on social media. But the question is this that what they can do on social media apps? Half of the time they waste their time on scrolling. To avoid this you can go on coffee with your friend. Delete your useless photo. Go to bed early. Read magazine and complete your study.

4. Notification attracts you:

If you don’t ignore your notification sound, you can make your phone silent. Or you want to study or you have to do any important work put your phone on ”do not disturb” and in airplane mode. To avoid notifications.

But after doing this activity you will miss your important call or messages. You can also block notifications of a particular app.

5. Delete the apps:

you can also delete an app to avoid social media. But in most cases, this step is not successful because we don’t have control in our-self. We re-install the app again. but if you have faith in your self you can delete the app permanently.

6. Delete your account:

After uninstalling social media apps. If you can’t control yourself, you can just deactivate or delete your account permanently from the social media app and just think about how much time you wasted on this per day.

7. Social media is good or bad:

Everything has its both aspects, we can’t say that it is a bad thing but if someone gets addicted to this it plays a bad role. if you see from a good way, social media is a good thing because it helps you to connect from people. you also keep updated with the news that comes on your social networking pages.

7. Instead of using social media:

Instead of using these apps you can spend your time in your hobby. Give some time for yourself. Finding a new hobby on yourself. s0pent you time with your favorite one. Go on a date or plan an outing with your family. For going out on a vacation with your family you can also here for better ideas to plan your vacation.

8. Types of famous social media apps:

  • WhatsApp: WhatsApp is a type of app in which we can connect with our family and friends with the help of a contact number.

  • Twitter: Twitter is a platform where we can tweet tweet anything. most of the politicians and celebrities also visit Twitter every day and they are also used to tweet theirs.

  • Snapchat: In snapchat, we are used to talking with the people and snapchat is also used to click pics with many given filters. in this app, you have to message your friend daily because to make a streak.

  • Instagram: Instagram is a place where we can see each other’s pic by following someone. in this app, you also start your own online business.

  • Facebook: Facebook is a very old social networking site and it is a populated site every third person is in the world is on Facebook. In this app, we can be updated with everything like our friends special day like their birthday and anniversary.

  • Tik Tok: Tik Tok is a place where we can make our video with a popular voice such as dialogues and songs. where we can see each others trending video or by following each other.

  • Quora: In Quora, we can ask question answers by typing on the Quora page by creating your id on Quora.

  • Hike: Hike is mostly used for stickers and because of the famous function option ”Chat Hide”. 

These are some tips that how you can prevent your habit by using social media apps and control on the time that you are spending on it.

From this whole article, we can make some ideas that how you can control using social media apps and it will also help you to know various types of famous social media apps with their features and why we are using it. If you don’t have any work to do, you can read this article for having a better knowledge of this.

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