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Did you want to restore lost files from LG Android Phone? Have your phone is infected by the malware or virus? Does your all saved media files get corrupt from the android phone? Does your memory card is get damaged and all file is lost? If you are suffering from these activities and want to restore lost files from LG Android Phone then read the below article and get the best and easy solution. Download the best recovery tool for this android phone which is especially recommended for you.

The Android phone is the best and totally advanced phone today life which have a lot of features and functions that are very useful. This is OS supports to all type of smartphones except the iOS phones. The LG Android Phone is one of the famous smartphones which is awesomely designed and manufactured by the LG company. This phone also has the same functions that the all android phone is actually having. This LG electronics is the main manufacturer of all LG devices. The full form of LG is life good. There are several products is launched by the LG company like Watch, TV, and many more. This smartphone also allows the user to access the several applications which are easily supported to this phone. The software updates are also given by the LG company due to that the LG Android phone users get a lot of features. Read to recover lost data from Motorola Android Phone

The LG Android Phone is launching several smartphones yearly or after 6 months. The LG company has started the manufacturing from the year 2012 and whose first product is LG Optimus. In the previous year 2018, there are two phones are launched whose names are LG G7 and LG stylus. The Android features are also getting the user in their tablets. The LG Android Phone users are also sometimes troubleshooting from the problem of media file lost or deletion. So, in this article, we are providing a simple way to recover lost files from LG Android Phone and also give the best recovery tool which is fully supported.

Reasons for losing files from LG Android Phone:

There are several reasons are responcible for losing the media file from the LG Android Phone. We have encountered some basic reasons which are responsible for losing the data or files, given below:

LG Android Phone Recovery

  • If the user is getting the software update notification on their android phone and they are updating them then may have maximum chances to loos the data from the android device.
  • The most common or famous issue of losing the file or data from the phone is by mistake delete the all saved files while browsing them.
  • If the user replaces the original battery from the device then it may cause to deletion of stored files from the file manager.
  • If the user attaches their SD card with the other infected devices then it may cause to a corruption of all saved files and data from the phone.
  • The smartphone that are used by the user to get accidentally damaged then it causes to loosing of all stored files.

Manual Steps to restore lost data from LG Android Phone:

The manual way is also the best way to restore the lost data from the LG Android Phone. So we suggest you follow the below ways to retsore loos data or files but be aware that do not miss any steps.

Restore lost file via Recycle Bin:

The recycle bin is the most useful option or function of the Android phone which helps the user to restore all lost data from the LG Android Phone. Follow the below steps:

LG Android Phone Recovery

Step 1. Open your android phone and sure that the internet connection is OFF or not. If the net connection is ON then OFF them.

Step 2. In the galley bar, the user gets the option deleted files. So that option and open them.

Step 3. The user gets that a lot of deleted data into them. So the files that need to open them then choose them and hit on OK button when they are asking you to allow them to retrieve chosen deleted files.

Step 4. Now restart your LG Android Phone and check that all files are restored or not and that is working properly.

Tool to restore lost files from LG Android Phone:

The LG Android Data Recovery software is the best tool to restore lost data from the LG Android Phone. This tool also helps the user to recover deleted files, media files, document files and many more. If the user gets the issue of text messages deletion by mistake or manually from the android phone then that time the user is not worried about the file because this software has rescue program which helps to the user to restore all text messages that are lost from the LG Android Phone with their original data and time. The user is sometimes are getting the error message while opening any video or movie file from the phone.

LG Android Phone Recovery

The LG Android Data Recovery Software is no takes the long process to fix the problem of photo lost from the android phone. In the few cases the user is getting that their Android phone is slow working then that time they are done the factory reset process and all contact details or other media are lost from the phone so, this tool helps to them to restore all files that are loosing from the phone. If the android phone is infected by the virus then in that case if the user is unable to access them then in that case download this software and get rid of the unwanted virus or malware from the LG Android Phone. So, download the LG Android Data Recovery Software and restore the lost files from the LG Android Phone. Download it quickly.

This tool is a support to the following LG Android Phones:

LG V30 Plus
LG Q6 Plus
LG Q Stylus Plus
LG V30s Plus ThinQ
LG V40 ThinQ
LG Q7 Plus
LG Aristo 2
LG V30
LG Signature Edition
LG Nexus 5 (16GB)
LG K7i
LG G7 One
LG Q Stylo 4
LG Q Stylus a


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