Is your all-important is deleted from the Samsung Galaxy J phone? Odes your device is get damaged and they are not saved media files? Are you not able to play any video files and getting the error message on screen? Are you suffering from the problem of the factory reset of the computer? If the user is getting the issues from the computer then the user extremely needs to restore deleted data from the Samsung Galaxy J phone and also we are recommended you the best recovery tool for fix this problem easily which is fully supported by this Android model.

Samsung Galaxy J is one of the best android phones which is well manufactured by the Samsung organization. This technology is used for this mobile network are GSM, HSPA, and LTE only. This phone was released in June 2018. The overall body dimension of this phone are 153.2×76.2×8.6mm and their light weight is 181 grams only due to this the user carries them for long traveling and also it helps them to captures the best shots. The TFT capacitive touchscreen is used in used in this model which has the size of 5.56 inches and also having the resolution of 720×1280 pixels where the user is easily watching the HD videos, movies and also here the user can do a lot facility also. Read to¬†restore corrupted data from Sony Xperia XA2 phone.

Samsung Galaxy J is using the platform on them are Android 8.0 Oreo version which is the latest software of Android OS. The microSD card is used in this phone which expandable up to 400 GB and the internal space is provided them are 16 to 32GB and also 2GB of RAM due this extract large space the user is easily installed the high size of application and also the store large size of videos, high quality of images or HD movies. The 13megaopixels of the camera is allowed to the to the user to take a large size of photos or high definition of videos also and by using the LED flash. But the Samsung Galaxy J users are sometimes facing the issue of data deletion from the computer due to some common reasons.

The reason for data loss from the Samsung Galaxy J phone:

There are several things are responsible for the deletion of or losing the data from the Samsung Galaxy J phone. We are provided some reason for losing the data from this android phone are given below:

Samsung Galaxy J

  • In few, the user is using their phone when it is battery saving mode then that the mobile is not properly working and they’re not in the condition to gives proper out.
  • If the user is getting the SD card is the full message on screen but they continue to store the files on them.
  • If the user removes their memory card from the device then it is ON then it also takes part of image or media file deletion.
  • If the user improperly inserts or removes their SD or SIM card from the android phone then it is also caused to take place of losing the data and they are never get identified by the user.
  • In most of the cases the gettign that their phone is slow working then they are suddenly done the factory reset then it leads to disappearing of all media files from the device.
    If the user is browsing any media or videos from the Android phone and they are by a mistaken tab on delete all button then it is also caused to deletion of all data or media files that are saved in the SD card of the phone.

Restore lost data from the Samsung Galaxy J Phone: Manually

The Samsung Galaxy J users are also want to restore them just by some activity from their phone and they are not interested to download any software to fix this issue. So we are provided some simple and easy way to restores all lost or deleted data from Samsung Galaxy J phone.

Restores from Google Drive:

Google Drive is one of the best and easy way to restore from Google Drive. So, follow the below steps to restore load data from Google Drive:

Samsung Galaxy J Data recovery

Step 1. First of all the android user is need to restart their phone to get easy access their phone.

Step 2. Now go to the setting of the phone.

Step 3. Search the option backup drive from the phone. Hit on that option from the phone. One the user is redirected to the Google Drive account then they are need o logged on there.

Step 4. Now the search the option Upload files. One the user gets the time that option at the top of the page then hit on them then it is redirected to the gallery of the page.

Step 5. Choose the files that the user is wanting to save them for the future. Click on OK button to start up[loading the files on Google Drive.

Step 6. Once getting the message of complete uploading file then hit on OK button and click on the files that are uploaded on there is open or not? If they are showing then the user is not worried about the loosing of files.

Tool to restore deleted data from Samsung Galaxy J Phone:

Samsung Galaxy J Data Recovery

Samsung Android Data Recovery Software to restore all deleted data easily from the Samsung Galaxy J phone. This tool also supports to all another smartphone like Vivo, Nokia, Redmi, Realme, Oppo, and many other smartphones. If the user wants o restores the deleted files from the android then installed this tool in the system and gets start scanning of the phone then a user gets all saved files with their proper date and time or location also. If the user is suffering from the issue of file corruption from the phone due to the virus attack or any other reason then we suggest them to download this tool from the sites and get repairs all corrupted files from the phone.

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