How To Uninstall Trackid.adware From Computer Permanently

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What is Trackid.adware?

Trackid.adware is a malicious program that harms the system user. It is an unwanted program. It is known to be an adware. The main intention behind the development of this program is to make money by advertising or promoting sponsored contents. It is known to be a sever hazardous adware program. It shows many advertisements, banners, links and other sponsored contents which is used to generates good revenue as these are user click paid ads, it means that whenever a user clicks these contents, for every click its developer get paid with some amount. Therefore more and more ads, banners brings more revenue to some crooks. No doubt it is very good program for its developer as its a very successful tool of money making but the user that becomes its victim suffers a lot, it proves to be very harmful to users. It redirects the user to some sponsored sites and increases the web traffic of those sites which improves their site ranking. It also helps some social crooks to seed some other harmful programs and gain control over the system and the stored data.

How Does it distributes inside the Windows system?

As we know that it is a harmful program for any system user, so it gets into the system through evil techniques. It may get into your system if you download any freeware or shareware, as they are the bundles of various nasty programs. Social crooks may send its code making them as the part of any message over any messenger, or as the part of ads and banners etc. Using untrusted links or applications or web sites may give Trackid.adware a chance to enter your system. Sometimes even bribing messages and ads are sent to user and when the user clicks on them, Trackid.adware makes it way into their system. Even installing a program without the custom installation mode gives path for this adware to enter and infect a system.

What are the harmful effects of Trackid.adware?

Trackid.adware has adverse effect on the system. It appears to be useful as the pop-ups and ads may show coupons, best offers and many more which attracts the user but soon user realizes that it is not at all useful for a system user. As it starts building its net inside the system its effects can be easily observed on the system. It fills the system with many ads and pop-ups that annoys user and also distracts them. It make the system slow, Internet speed also decreases, loading of web pages takes more time as compared to earlier. System settings get changed automatically without any knowledge or permission of the user. Data may get corrupted. Programs may start and stop on its own. Screen may turn blank or get blocked. Wallpapers of the system may change or get blank. It may redirect you to some other sites which are of no use to you. Some programs may automatically get installed or removed. Sometimes it even makes the whole system dead, making it of no use.

How to Remove Trackid.adware ?

As Trackid.adware is not a useful program so it could be a foolish act to ignore its presence. Before it leads to any sever damage one must remove it completely and insure their safety. Trackid.adware can be removed easily with the help of manual procedures.

Manual Removal Method For Trackid.adware Removal :

There are many versions of Windows OS that are being used in the world. Every window version get infected by it. For different windows version their is different method to remove this program. Listed below are some method along with the windows version to apply on.

Phase 1. Guide To Uninstall Trackid.adware from Control Panel

For Windows XP Users :

  • Click on start button and choose control panel.
  • After the control panel window appears click on program icons.
  • From the list shown in-front choose Trackid.adware and click uninstall button at the top.

For Windows 7 Users :

  • Go to start menu and select control panel.
  • As the control panel window opens, click on the programs option.
  • From the list of all the installed programs, click on Trackid.adware and select uninstall menu at the top.

For Windows 8 Users :

  • Take the mouse pointer to the right corner of the screen, from the toggle bar appearing choose settings.
  • Now open control panel window.
  • Once the window get opened click on program and features option.
  • From the list appearing in-front select Trackid.adware and click on uninstall button.

Phase 2. How to Remove vicious registry entries from Registry Editor

  • First of all, move your mouse pointer on Start logo button and open Run command Window by pressing Win and R keys together. In ultimate way, you can launch Run command by selecting Start button and and typing ‘Regedit’ in search box and then hitting Enter button.

  • In Registry Editor Window, you need to find out Trackid.adware from the lists of registry entries and then click on Delete button to remove them from your system completely. At last, click on Close or cross button and reboot your Windows PC.


Phase 3. Steps To Get Rid of Trackid.adware From Task Manager

  • First, click on Start button and press Ctrl, Al and Del keys keys simultaneously to launch Task Manager Window.

  • Sometimes, if shortcut options fails to launch the Window then you can follow Run command by pressing Win + R and just typing ‘taskmgr’ in search area.
  • In Task Manager Window, move to process tab and locate malevolent processes that are related with Trackid.adware virus.


  • In next step, right click on this selected process and then select End Process option. Wait for a few seconds until the processes gets removed from Task Manager. Finally, click on Ok button and go to close option to exit the Window.


Phase 4. How To Get Rid of Trackid.adware virus from Web Browsers ?

Deleted Trackid.adware related extensions From Google Chrome

  • Open your Chrome browser using browser icon. Move to tools option and then click on Extensions tab.

  • In the Extension Window, you will see a number of unwanted extensions or plug-ins that are related with Trackid.adware.
  • Select these related plug-ins or toolbar and then click on small recycle bin or delete icon that helps to remove this adware threat from Chrome browser completely.

  • Well, when the extensions gets removed from browsers, you have to Reset Google Chrome by selecting settings option which is present at left side of page.
  • In latest version of Chrome browser, select settings option and move Add on lists. Click Reset button that allows to delete Trackid.adware from your browser.

Eradicate Trackid.adware related Add-ons from Mozilla Firefox

  • First, open your Firefox browser and then select option icon. This option icon looks as three stripes sign.

  • In open help tab, select Troublesome Information from the lists. After, select Refresh Firefox button that presents at the upper side of browser Window.

  • At last, simply move your mouse cursor on ‘Reset Firefox’ which helps to remove all unrelated extensions from Firefox browser and also fixes browsing related issues.

Methods to Reset Internet Explorer to Uninstall Trackid.adware

  • First check, which version of IE browser is installed in the system. Launch your browser and move to Tools button seems as wrench icon. Move to menu tab and click on Internet Options.

  • After sometimes, you will see a small dialog box in which you need to click on Advance tab.

  • To reset Internet Explorer, click on Reset Internet Explorer button and then click on ‘Reset’ tab again.

  • When the settings of browsers gets changed then simply click on Close button and go to Ok option.
  • When these related unwanted plug-ins or add-ons gets deleted from browser then restart your Windows system in safe mode.

Remove Trackid.adware From Opera browser :

  • Open Opera browser and click on menu option. Move your mouse pointer on Extensions option and then select Extension manager. Ultimately, you can easily open Extension manager by pressing Ctrl+Shift+E keys together.

  • You need to find out Trackid.adware related extensions or plug-ins which are placed on extension Window. Click on close button to remove these plug-ins from your browser.

Delete Trackid.adware From Safari browser

  • Open Safari browser and move to preferences option.

  • Click on Extensions tab and choose the unrelated add-ons or plug-ins related with Trackid.adware virus. Once these extensions or other unwanted objects gets removed from the Extension tab.

  • Click on Uninstall Trackid.adware related plug-ins and exit your browser by clicking on close button.

Remove Trackid.adware From Microsoft Edge

Important Note : There is no any option for Add-on or Extension Manager in Microsoft Edge, thus, if you want to detect and sort out any kind of damages caused by Trackid.adware then you need to modify the default homepage and search engine page.

  • First, open your browser and select More option by moving settings option. Click on Start page which is placed under Open with section.
  • Click on View advance settings option and click on address bar with section and then choose Google as a default home page and click on Ok button.

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