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Hello everyone, my Windows 7 gets suddenly affected with .micro file extension virus. It is so frustrating file-locking malware which does not allows me to access my photos, PDF documents or other files saved on the internal memory. When I power on my computer after a few days, I just noticed a lot of fake error messages that threaten me to pay a huge amount of ransom payment in order to unlock the files. I have no idea about how this ransomware virus enter into my system. I don’t want to lose my personal PC files. Please recommend me the effective solutions to recover my all files and protects my system from virus attacks.

What is .micro file extension ?

.micro file extension is identified as a kind of vicious ransomware threat which can severely attack the numerous versions of Windows operating systems. The team of suspicious authors and third party vendors have distributed this virus as an unrelated e-mails that contains lots of fake attachments. But you should be cautious while downloading related attachments because it can contribute severe damages and other serious troubles after downloading. It is known as another variant of file- encrypting malware which has main function to scans your system’s internal drive to locate numerous types of files. Well, when .micro file extension gets activated inside your targeted system, it begins encoding your word documents, excel files, ppt slides and certain kinds of files which are saved on computer’s hard drive. In such conditions, you will see that most of the file formats such as .xls, .ppt, .jpeg, .docx, .png, .mp3, .png, .pdf,.indd, .tiff, .pptm, .eps and other formats of audio files.

As a result, .micro file extension deploys a combination of encryption algorithm namely AES-256-bit and RSA-4096 algorithm to blocks your all files and make entirely useless and unreadable them for a long duration. In addition, when you try to open any type of files which are added with .micro extension or .ttt or .xxx extension then first of all your system does not identify the format of file and just drop an unknown text file on the desktop main background. After, when you double-click on this text file then .micro file extension virus will display the several instructions on the system screen. These related messages asks you to pay a certain amount of bitcoin or buy a decryption key for decrypting all files. But suddenly you will notice that the price of bitcoin is more than $400 when you attempt to buy a bitcoin. In such ways, it is not possible to get back the files because the price of bitcoin is very high. So, you should not believe these messages .micro file extension is mainly designed to spread cunning threats and make illegal benefits for cyber criminals. Therefore, if you unable to detect any type of symptoms caused by .micro file extension virus, you must remove it with malware scanner tools as soon as possible.

How .micro file extension invades inside your Windows PC ?

  • When you visit fake, high-risky or unauthorized websites.
  • While downloading movies, videos or any tools from unrelated web pages.
  • While accessing spam e-mails that consists lots of unknown attachments or files.
  • Through the bundles of shareware or other third party programs.
  • When you insert virus infected Pen Drives, DVD or any kind of external removal drives.

What are the malicious activities of .micro file extension ?

.micro file extension is a vicious PC infection which can easily invade inside your Windows system and harm your important files, folders or programs. As soon as it is installed on your system then it will execute a number of malicious activities and processes in the PC background. There are the lists of misleading activities which has been listed below :

  • It can severely penetrate into your Windows systems and take over its crucial settings.
  • .micro file extension virus can damage your legitimate registry files and drops the suspicious codes to registry editor for automatic activated without any concern.
  • This harmful threat can corrupt your working web browsers and causes unwanted browser redirect and frequent browsing crashing issues.
  • This hazardous infection can connect your system to third party server and distributes numerous illegal threats or viruses on your computer machine.
  • It is a dreadful encryption malware which can block your all important PC files and then make them inaccessible for a long time.
  • It is such a dangerous virus which may creates junk files to consumes the space of CPU usage and slow down the processing speed of your system without any consent.
  • .micro file extension virus can make your system more vulnerable for other mischievous infections and also generates the fake pop-up messages or alerts on your computer screen.
  • This notorious PC infection can turn off the settings of firewall security and genuine security programs installed on your system.
  • .micro file extension infection may use advance trick to monitor your web surfing sessions and capture your current surfing history, cookie details or other secret information.
  • It is a noxious and perilous threat which can harm your system privacy by transferring your all confidential details to cyber hackers.


Simple Instructions on How To find and Delete .micro file extension from your Windows System

Phase 1 : Remove .micro file extension in Safe Mode using Command Prompt

  • In first step, disconnect the network connection in your system and then click on restart option and wait for a few seconds until the system begins restarting.
  • Well, when the system is in restart mode then keep pressing F8 key continuously until you notice the Windows Advance Options Menu on the screen.

  • Select Safe Mode with Command Prompt from Advance Boot Options.

  • After, when the Command Prompt screen appears on the computer screen then type ‘rstrui.exe’ and hit Enter from keyboard.


  • You must follow the all commands which appears on the screen and restore your system in current date.


Phase 2. Steps To Delete .micro file extension using MSConfig command in Safe Mode

  • Turn off your Windows OS and click on restart option again.
  • When your system is in booting process then keep pressing F8 key regularly to open ‘Windows Advance Options Menu’.

  • Now, use your left arrow keys to select Safe Mode option and then Hit on Enter key from keyboard.

  • If your system becomes active, click on Start menu and type ‘msconfig’ in the text box.

  • It will open the application and then go to the Startup tab and then search files saved under ‘%AppData% or %Temp% folders’. See the sample below :

C:\Windows\System32\rundll32.exe C:\Users\username\appdata\local\temp\regepqzf.dll,H1N1

  • In the program Window, deactivate all the vicious entries that are related to .micro file extension and then click on Save button to make changes in system.
  • Once these entries gets remove, reboot your system in safe mode.

Phase 3. Eliminate malevolent processes that are related to .micro file extension virus

  • First turn on your PC and press Alt, Ctrl and Del buttons simultaneously.

  • After pressing three keys, you will see the Task Manager Window on the screen.
  • Find out .micro file extension related process or other unknown executive files presents under Process tab.

  • Click on this process and move to End Process Now button which allows to blocks the running process.

Phase 4. Get Rid of .micro file extension Virus from Registry Entry

  • First of all, use Windows logo and R buttons together to open Run command prompt.

  • In the command box, type “regedit” and then click on Ok button.

  • Now, locate .micro file extension related registry files and move to Delete button to remove it from your Registry Editor completely.


Phase 5. Uninstall .micro file extension from Windows Control Panel

  • Power on your system and go to Start button Win logo button on the keyboard.
  • Now, select Control Panel which presents at the right-side panels.
  • It will open a small Control Panel Window on the screen. Select Add or Remove Programs from the category lists.
  • Click on .micro file extension related programs and then right-click on it and select Uninstall option.
  • At last, when this ransomware program get removed from Control Panel then close the Window and restart your system.

Solution to delete .micro file extension using .micro file extension removal tool and prevent encryption of files or data

If your system is affected with .micro file extension virus and not able to access any type of files stored on internal memory then you need to install .micro file extension removal tool on your Windows system. It is a safe, secure and risk-free virus removal application which is highly capable to decrypt your all files which are locked with ‘.micro extension’ or ‘.ttt; extension and also removes its related unreliable temporary files. It usually works as a powerful anti-malware program which locates and eradicates the suspicious files associated with this nasty ransomware virus. This tool is available in both trial and full license version.

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