How to Remove Compatibilitycheck.exe Completely in Few Clicks

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Are you completely annoyed with the presence of Compatibilitycheck.exe in the system? Does it misleads your browsing session to the malicious sites? Does it generates floods of annoying pop ups or advertisements on the screen? Are you detect lots of abnormal behavior of the PC? If you are responding positive to all these questions then no need to worry. Follow the instructions which are given in the post below to remove Compatibilitycheck.exe permanently.

Compatibilitycheck.exe is a type of an adware program. It makes our computer system screen full of unwanted pop-up ads. The advertisements may be in the user interface of the software or on a screen presented to the user during the installation process. It comes bundled with other software, mostly potentially unwanted programs (PUP) and freeware. It enters to a user PC very secretly without informing and without approval of user. It does not have any version or vendor information but Compatibilitycheck.exe is digitally signed even though its digital signature can not be verified at a moment. The most important drawback of Compatibilitycheck.exe is that, that it can not be deleted easily because this threat may have stuck to other application also, if you remove one infected file then the next will appear soon, as residing in a directory it has affected the other files also. So it is better to remove Compatibilitycheck.exe completely from the system rather than to remove individual damaged file.

Compatibilitycheck.exe is a malware program that can affect the system very badly. It displays the continuous ads at each page that the user visits. Compatibilitycheck.exe keeps his eyes on user online browsing activities and displays ads according to the user online behavior. Some times if a user is searching for online shopping then it displays the message like discount on the purchased item, free trial, free shipping and many more but actually this type of message is just a fake. If a user is searching for downloading some anti-virus software, in that case it displays messages like free download, easy to install, strong anti-malware protection etc. This messages are generally sent from a cyber-criminals. And if by mistake user comes under this threat, the users all personal information are traced by cyber-criminals and in return they make illegal demands and misuse their personal information for wrong deeds such as generating money, localizes their personal information. The personal information includes your bank account info, credit card info, the user Id and password, the user browsing activities etc. A Compatibilitycheck.exe is designed for the purpose of generating money for their author. Adware is usually seen by the developer as a way to recover development costs that is for the betterment of third party.

How Compatibilitycheck.exe Attacks And Compromises PC?

As we know that Compatibilitycheck.exe displays pop-up ads, if any user by mistake clicks on the displayed ads will redirect user to some other suspicious sites. Actually, it tracks the record of user online activities and displays messages according to their searches. Compatibilitycheck.exe enters to a user PC through some malicious sites, along with the main programs it downloads some malware to the user PC as well, it also enters through the mails marked as Spam or sent from a malicious site. On entering the system, Compatibilitycheck.exe drastically affect the performance of the PC like leads to –

System Slow Down: Once your system gets compromised, you will detect degradation in the running speed of various functions of the system which includes start up, shut down, opening files, playing games, installing application, Internet cnnection etc.

Unwanted Changes: This threat is capable to perform lots of unwanted changes in the default settings of the system including privacy or security settings, DLL files, DNS configurations, Host file system etc.

Displays Floods of Bogus Alerts: During your surfing session, it will fill your screen with unstoppable pop ups and advertisements. Even more, it also displays atrractive discount coupon, promo codes and offers during the shopping session of the users. It claims to save your time and money but it is not trustworthy for the users.

Automatic Redirection: In its presence, users will not be able to surf normally on the web. It will keep redirecting your browsing session to the malicious pages of the third parties. Even more, it may also show warnings when you will try to visit any bookmarked or your favorite sites.

Data Stealing: You will be shocked to know that Compatibilitycheck.exe is capable to keep its eyes on your online activities and steal the sensitive information related to bank account, password, user names, credit card details etc. The worst part is that it can send your collected data to the remote location server which is harmful for your personal identity.

High CPU Utilization: This threat will create its several process in the task manager which is responsible for increasing CPU usage of the system. It will result dangerous for the PC and crashing or freezing of the operating system will become a regular issue.

Disable of Programs: Once the threat gets installed in the system, it will disable the working of most of the installed programs and applications. Even more, it is also possible that updated anti-virus program and Windows Firewall alert will stop responding.

Unknown Files and Folders: This threat is responsible for creating unknown files, folders, shortcuts and icons at various location of the system as well as desktop. Even more, it will download lots of suspicious files and install secretly in the PC. It is almost impossible for the users to delete these files manually.

How Compatibilitycheck.exe Gets Distributed?

Compatibilitycheck.exe does not require administrator permission to invade in the system. There are several distribution channel of the threat which has been given below:-

Visiting malicious sites: It is the most common method for the threat to invade in the PC. When you surf the web and visit unauthorized sites of the hackers then it can secretly penetrate in the system even without consent.

Downloading Free Software: Many users proceed to download free programs from unknown websites without reading the EULA (End Users Licensed Agreements) then lots of additional low quality programs will also invade in the system secretly. It can result dangerous for the system.

Opening Spam Emails: Many user opens the spam emails and download the free attachments. You need to know that Compatibilitycheck.exe is capable to attach itself with the such files to penetrate in the targeted system.

Sharing Files on P2P Networks: This threat is capable to enter in the PC when you will share any files on peer-to-peer networks or even on social networking sites.

Manual Tips to Get Rid of Compatibilitycheck.exe

Step 1 : To uninstall Compatibilitycheck.exe from PC using control panel –

  • Click on Start Menu > Select Control Panel > Click on uninstall a program.

  • Select Compatibilitycheck.exe and all those recently installed programs. Right click on the selected program and choose uninstall.

Step 2 : To delete Compatibilitycheck.exe and other related extensions from Browsers –

Delete Compatibilitycheck.exe add-ons and extensions from IE, chrome and Firefox.

Ways to uninstall Compatibilitycheck.exe from Internet Explorer –

  • Click tools to open menu and select Manage add-ons from the menu.

  • Click on tools and extensions in the left panel and then select and other add-ons and remove it by clicking on disable button.

  • Select Internet option and choose tools again

  • Using advance tab you need to select reset button, a new dialog box will appear. Check delete personal settings and click reset button.

Ways to uninstall Compatibilitycheck.exe from Mozilla Firefox –

  • After opening Firefox browser, user should press CTRL+SHIFT+A all keys at a time to Enter Firefox Extension panel.

  • Select on Compatibilitycheck.exe and other Add-ons and remove them by clicking “Remove” button.

  • Click on Firefox button and move to Help > Click Troubleshooting information.

  • Click on Refresh Firefox button.

Ways to remove Compatibilitycheck.exe from Google Chrome –

  • Click the menu icon, move to more tools and click Extensions.

  • Choose Compatibilitycheck.exe and remove them by clicking the trash icon.

  • Click the menu icon and choose settings.

  • Click show advanced settings.

  • Scroll down the page and click reset settings button.

  • Click on reset button option when the warning pop-ups.

Way to Remove Compatibilitycheck.exe From Microsoft Edge Browsers.

  • Set homepage on edge browser to remove Compatibilitycheck.exe.
  • On address bar click More(…), and then select Settings option.

  • View Advanced Settings for specific page, to set homepage to open with option.

  • To set your own homepage click on custom, then type URL of your own homepage.

Step 3 : How to Remove Compatibilitycheck.exe From Windows OS –

  • Open Run box by hitting windows key and r key together from the keyboard.

  • Type “regedit” to the box and click on OK button.

  • From the registry Editor, Remove Compatibilitycheck.exe

Point to Remember: The aforesaid steps are complex, consumes more time and requires technical knowledge. If you are a non-technical user and does not have much idea about the internal files of the system then you should avoid following these steps. In order to remove Compatibilitycheck.exe completely from the PC, you can choose Automatic Removal Tools.

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