How to recover lost data from OnePlus Android Phone in few steps

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Is your all-important data are lost from OnePlus Android Phone? Are you’re by mistake deleted the saved files from the android phone? Do your videos files are get corrupted from the SD card of phone due to the virus attack? If you are facing these type of issues or related with them then you need to recover lost data from OnePlus Android Phone and also we are provided the best recovery tool for this android phone.

Android nowadays takes place an important part of the life where the user is using them for several things. This is a most popular operating system which is supports to all smartphones. The Android users are nowadays are increasing and also their demands are also raised. This Os has also their own platform where they are not limitation they easily download the files, installed the application from the play store, and many more things. The OnePlus Android Phone is also supported Android operating system. This phone is also a famous android phone in the today market and they are also offering the best and several things so the user. But these phone users are also facing the problem of data or media file lost from them and they are searching the way to fix the issue quickly. Read to recover lost data from Vivo Android Phone.

Reasons for data loss from OnePlus Android Phone:

There are a lot of reasons that are responsible for data lost from OnePlus Android Phone. We are giving you a few reasons that responsible for data loss or corruption:

OnePlus Android Phone

  • If the user is improper to utilize their smartphone like improper insert or eject the memory card from the phone then it is caused to the automatic deletion of files from the android phone.
  • If the few cases the user starts the formatting process without removing their SIM card and memory card then in that case, all saved contact details or text messages and also the all stored media files are also get lost from the card.
  • The most common and famous and famous reason for data corruption is a virus attack on the android phone.
  • If the user is browsing the saved images and all other media files from the android phone and they are by mistake push the delete all button then all saved files are lost from the phone they are getting the error message or sometimes showing blank files.

Manual way to recover lost OnePlus Android Phone:

The OnePlus Android Phone users are most of the times has faced the issue of data loss or regain the previous files by following the manual steps. So we are giving the few manual ways to recover the data from the phone.

Restore lost files from via recycling bin:

In OnePlus Android Phone the users are getting the option of recycle bin which has main work is to store the deleted files on them. But they are automatically enabled sot the user needs to enable them and after that, they get the facility from that application. Follow the below steps to recover lost files from OnePlus Android Phone:

Step 1. Go to the setting of that Android phone then after that, you need to check that their file explorer is enabled or not.

Step 2. Now the user needs to check that the recycle bin option is enabled or not? If they are not enabled then enable them.

OnePlus Android Phone

Step 3. Now go the gallery of the android phone and delete the files. Now go gallery where you will get the deleted file option open them you will definitely get all files.

Restore files from Google Drive:

The Google drive also gives the best way to stores the file on them. So open the default browser of the phone then after that you need to search drive. One you will get the result then makes your account on there then after that, the user gets that 15 GB of space where they are easy stores the files on there. Now the Open your gallery of the android phone then after that you need to go to choose the files that need to get the back up of files. Now upload them to Google Drive after completing the loading of files then check that it is showing or not? Now, in future if the user wants restores the files then they are easy restores the files from the Google drive.

OnePlus Android Phone

Tool to recover lost data from OnePlus Android Phone:

OnePlus Android Data Recovery Software is the best tool which helps to the android users to restore all lost data easily. This tool also available for Mac and Windows system users. If the user is want to restore the lost files then they need to download them then after that follow all the steps and recover them. If the user is not want to use the manual steps to fix the issue of losing data then suggest them to download this tool and save their a lot of time. If the user is deleted the all saved contacts and text messages from the phone then download this tool and recover the all text messages and contacts from the phone easily. If the android phone is get infected by the virus then they are using this too, and remove the virus from the phone and also repair the infected files and all data easily.

OnePlus Android Phone

OnePlus Android Data Recovery Software also helps the user to recover all corrupted or deleted files from the SD card of the phone. The users also get that all restore files are having their original date and time and also location due to that user does not need to check the location or files names. So the android users have suggested them download the OnePlus Android Data Recovery Software to recover the lost data from OnePlus Android Phone easily and quick. Download this tool now.

This tool is the support to the below OnePlus Android Phone:

OnePlus 6T
OnePlus 7
OnePlus 3
OnePlus 3T (128GB)
OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition
OnePlus 6 (8GB RAM + 128GB)
OnePlus 5T
OnePlus 6T (8GB RAM + 128GB)
OnePlus 5T (6GB RAM + 64GB)
OnePlus 6T (8GB RAM + 256GB)
OnePlus 5
OnePlus 6 (8GB RAM + 256GB)
OnePlus 4
OnePlus 6
OnePlus 3T
OnePlus X
OnePlus 5 (6GB RAM+64GB)
OnePlus 2
OnePlus One
OnePlus 5T Star Wars Limited Edition

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