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Are your all-important data are lost from Gionee Android Phone? Are you not able to access the saved media from the SD card of android phone? Have you by mistakenly deleted the saved images and document files from the smartphone? Did you want to recover lost data from Gionee Android Phone? If yes then read the below article you will get the best and easy solution for this android phone. We are recommended you the best recovery tool specialty for this android model download it.

Today the peoples are searching the best and fast technology which gives them and best faculties in cheap rate. So, we suggest them to user use the Android technology because it is a very vast and fast operating system which is developed by Google. This OS updates their version after one or two week due to tha6t5 they provide a lot of features and facilities to the users to use their phone fast and also save their time. This OS easily supports to the all other famous and popular smartphones like Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Realme, Oppo, Vivo and many other smartphones except the iOS phones. Gionee Android Phone is the most popular Android phone which is manufactured by the Gionee company and this phone provides the same features that the other smartphones are providing. This android phone has also own platform where the Gionee phone users get to update their software and also the user is get installed the application that they want from the most famous Google application which is GoolePlaystore. But Gionee Android Phone users are sometimes troubleshooting from the issue of data lost due to some common reasons. Read to recover lost data from Google Pixel Android Phone.

Causes of data lost from Gionee Android Phone:

Gionee Android Phone

The Gionee Android Phone users are increasing day to day and their users are using phone for different purposes like record videos, movies, take shots, download files, and many more things related to them. But these all things get loose by the user when they are improper using their phone. We are encountered some common reasons that are responsible for the data lost from Gionee Android Phone are given below:

  • If the user connects their smartphone via USB cable which is already infected by the harmful virus or malware then that virus easily alters into the system and also cause to a corruption of system files and stored media files also.
  • If the user issuing their smartphone improperly then it may cause to deletion of files. Due to this reason the user is not get verified what reason that the saved media files are lost.
  • Sometimes the user is using their Android phone to browsing the images and videos files and for other purposes but at the middle of them if the phone is slow working then they are suddenly done the factory reset process and due to this the user gets loose their all saved data and media files.
  • If the user is sharing their media files and other data from the phone and they suddenly stop the sharing process by the tab on cancel button then all media files have maximum chances of losing data from the SD or memory card.
  • If the user is using their smartphone to capture or take shots from the camera and they are suddenly drop down their phone to water or from top surface and then the maximum of the lost smartphone or their saved data.

Manual ways to recover lost data from Gionee Android Phone:

The maximum android users are demanding the way to fix the issue of data lost from the Gionee Android Phone. So we are providing them the best and easy way to recover lost images and quickly.

Recover from Google Drive:

Gionee Android Phone

Google Drive is the best and wonderful option that may help you to store the media files there. It has provides the 15 GB of RAM to stores the media on there. The space that is provided by Google Drive is sufficient for them to store data but the user needs to have an account on there. So follow the below steps to recover data from Google Drive platform:

Step 1. First of all the user is need to create a account on Google on there. So Go to the Google setting and search the option Backup and drive.

Step 2. Now, if the user is once redirect to their reregistration page then fill details on there and logged on there.

Step 3. If the user is logged on there then they are need to choose the option upload and tab on there.

Step 4. Now if the use is click on upload button they are redirect to the gallery of an android phone then choose the media files that they are want to safe then for future purposes.

Step 5. One you chooses the files then after that, you need to tab on the upload button and wait till completion of uploading the files.

Step 6. The user should remember that they are not tab on the cancel button while uploading the file son Google Drive.

Step 7. Once the user is get the message of uploading the files then they are need to cheek that they are showing or not? If they are showing then they are not worry about the loosing data from the android phone.

Tool to recover lost data from Gionee Android Phone:

Gionee Android Phone

Gionee Data Recovery Software is one of the best and popular data recovery software which is helps you the user to recover lost data from the Gionee Android Phone. This is also help to repairs the files that are damaged or loosing from the android phone. Some times the android users are deleted their contacts and text messages from their phone so in that time we are suggest them to download this software and installed on their both Windows and Mac OS and start recovering process. So, download the Gionee Data Recovery Software to recover lost data from Gionee Android Phone. Download this tool now.

This tool supports to below Gionee Android Phone models:

Gionee A1 Lite
Gionee M7 Power
Gionee P7 Max
Gionee A1 Plus
Gionee S10 Lite
Gionee F205
Gionee X1
Gionee F103 Pro
Gionee A1
Gionee S6 Pro 64GB
Gionee X1s
Gionee S6s
Gionee S Plus
Gionee Pioneer P5L 16GB
Gionee S11 Lite
Gionee P5W
Gionee S6 Pro
Gionee M7 Mini
Gionee S11
Gionee M5 Lite
Gionee Elife E8
Gionee P7
Gionee F103
Gionee M5 Plus
Gionee Long L800
Gionee Elife S6
Gionee P5 Mini
Gionee Elife E3
Gionee Elife S5.1
Gionee Elife S7
Gionee P2S
Gionee Pioneer P4
Gionee Marathon M3
Gionee Elife S5.5
Gionee Elife E7
Gionee Pioneer P5 Mini

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