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How can I contact Prime minister of India – Narendra Modi?


In India, everyone wants to contact with the prime minister of India to share their views, problems or grief. Earlier it was difficult to get contact with pm for your opinions and suggestions. But with the help of new technologies, Prime minister Narendra Modi started various digitally as well as offline methods to be connected with him. In this article, you will know about pm India, online and offline methods to contact pm, prime minister of India office email address, letter to prime minister format, pm helpline complaint.

Prime mister of India

The prime minister of India is Narendra Modi ( full name Narendra Damodardas Modi ) since 26 May 2014 till today. In the Lok Sabha election held in 2019, Narendra Modi won the election by 4.79 Lac votes and become second time the prime minister of India. On 30th of may, oath ceremony was held where he had taken the oath to serve the nation. He is the 14th prime minister of India. He had served as a chief minister of Gujrat from the year 2001 to 2014. He is a member of the political party name as BJP (Bhartiya Janta party). He is also known by name, the first prime minister not from the Congress party.

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He is really a great man you defeat the challenges in his life and grows out of it. He proves that success don’t bias peoples by the caste, color, or profession, anyone who works dedicatedly works for it, will surely achieve it. He was born on 17 September 1950. He is 69 years of age in 2019. He is a native of Gujrat. His father’s Name is Damodardas Mulchand Modi and mother’s Name is Smt. Hiraben Damodardas Modi. Before Modi used to help his father in selling tea at a tea stall, later he started his own tea stall. Later, in 1968 he got married to Jashodaben (Whom he is no more affectionate too. She is a teacher). He got his education from BA from Delhi University, Delhi in 1978; PG MA from Gujarat University, Ahmedabad in 1983.

What are the ways to contact Prime minister of India?

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There are various online and offline methods to contact the prime minister of India: – You can contact the PM over the official website of PMO, where you have to register yourselves and then you can convey your messages to it. It is generally handled by the employee staff. ( ). The second method to contact to the pm is to file RTI, visit the RTI page of PMO India. Through the Right to Information Act 2005, you can submit an online as well as an offline form with Rs.10 in the form of in cash or a demand draft in the ‘Section officer, PMO’ favor.
Prime minister of India Fax Numbers:- 11-23019545, 91-11-23016857 (you can also fax the prime minister your suggestions or problems, and if your problem is genuine you will get the reply for the same from any of the medium).
Prime minister of India office email address: –, (you can write the emails on this email id which will reach to the pm, and if your problem is important or relevant you will get the reply from any of the media of pm.)
Prime minister of India Youtube channel: – PMO India ( through the comment section of this channel you can get connected to pm)
Prime minister of India twitter: ( on twitter you can tweet messages and post to get connected with pm). It is one of the best methods to contact Narendra Modi at @narendramodi or @pmoindia at twitter.

Prime minister of India facebook: ( you can write your message or post on facebook to share your opinion and suggestion with pm)
Prime minister of India Instagram:
Prime minister of India Linkedin:https: //
Download Narendra Modi App: Narendra Modi has used the technology to get in touch of the public, and to do so he has developed two apps named as NaMo app or PMO app, which can be used in android phone, Windows, and is, where you can get news update and read blogs of the pm. (

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Prime minister of India Tumbler account:
Prime minister of India Google plus account:
Prime minister of India StumbleUpon account:
Prime minister of India flicker account:
Prime minister of India Office Address:- South Block, Raisina Hill, New Delhi-110011, India (You can write a letter or post at this address.)
Prime minister of India Office Phone Numbers: 11-23012312, 011-23014547
Prime minister of India Official Website:
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What should be the format of letter to address the prime minister?

Here is the format that describes addressing the prime minister. you can also use the same format to address on email or other media. First of all right the correct address of the recipient with ‘The Right Honourable’ and the full name of the Prime Minister on the envelope. You can check the correct address from above. provide the subject and date of the letter Give appropriate salutation to address the Pm, commence the letter with ‘Dear Prime Minister’, for the recent pm, give the details information about the problem in the body of letter so that it will be a courteous opening. End the letter with a good complimentary remark ‘Most respectfully’ and provide the signature below it.  As it is a Formal letter, it should not contain any abbreviations or contracted form as it is a sign of laziness. Hence you must use the full words at every place. Avoid slang language, use formal words, and language in your letter to show respect toward the recipient.  Take care of Capitalization, where needed. Avoid the repetition of the particular noun in the letter, use an appropriate pronoun. Be to the point while writing a letter, avoid the additional sentences that don’t have any purpose with the topic. Double check to avoid typo, check the grammar, and spelling.letter format

Conclusion: – Thus from the above information, you can know that it becomes easy to contact the Prime minister these days. There are many online and offline sources available to contact the pm and give you suggestions and share your problem.

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