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Hello friends! I don’t have any idea about NMI_HARDWARE_FAILURE BSOD Error. From last couple of days, it is appearing in my Windows 10 PC. Due to the alert, I am unable to work normally and it reboots the system at certain time intervals. I am non-technical user and doesn’t have much idea about such problems. I need expert’s recommendation to fix the error completely. If you have any idea about it then please help me. I am eagerly waiting for your response. Thanks a lot in advance.


Windows 10 is a latest version of Windows operating system. It comes with Graphical User Interface which helps the non-technical users to work easily. It supports various advanced features and fastest running speed. Users will get best working experience on the system. Even more, it supports multi-tasking and allows the users to perform different tasks at a time. Apart from all the features, sometimes user detects NMI_HARDWARE_FAILURE BSOD Error on the screen. Recently, many users has noticed such alert which is recognized as Blue Screen of Death error. Due to the error, your desktop will start to freeze and makes the system inaccessible. Users will also find random reboot of the system at certain time intervals which is completely annoying.

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Main Causes Behind NMI_HARDWARE_FAILURE BSOD Error:-

You need to the main reason behind the error is malfunctioning of the hardware components. Additionally, there are several other factors which are responsible for such alerts has been mentioned below:-

Outdated Device Drivers: If you will install outdated or incompatible device driver in the Windows 10 PC then it is possible that you will start to receive annoying BSOD errors.

Virus or Malware Attack: Once your system got attacked with harmful malware then it will damage the system files and thus BSOD errors will become common.

Missing of Important Components: If the important files of the operating system gets deleted or corrupted then it will become difficult to work on the system.

Failure or Hardware or Software: If the connected hardware or installed software becomes faulty then you will find abnormal behavior of the PC and floods of error messages starts to appear on the screen.

Interruption during updating OS: If you have proceed to update the operating system and suddenly the system got terminated due to power sabotage then it might be possible that you will get such annoying errors on the screen.

Consequences of PC after NMI_HARDWARE_FAILURE BSOD Error:-

Due to Blue screen of Death errors, you will find lots of strange activities in the PC in which normal working is quite difficult. Some of the common consequences of the system has been mentioned bellow:-

  • Most of the installed programs or software will stop responding.
  • Floods of error messages will keep appearing on the screen.
  • You will detect unreliable codes or payloads in the registry editor.
  • Active programs will start to freeze automatically.
  • Crashing of the operating system will become a regular issue.
  • Missing of DLL errors may come up on the screen.
  • Automatic reboot of the PC is possible during your important tasks.
  • Problems in installing new application software in the system.
  • Lots of running processes will be seen in Windows Task Manager.


Windows 10 comes with various features which will help you to fix the BSOD errors manually. We recommend you to follow the given steps carefully.

Method 1: Reboot the system in Safe Mode

Users can solve various PC problems by restarting the system in safe mode. To do so, we suggest you to follow the steps which are given below:-

  • Open Run command prompt by pressing Win + R keys together.
  • Now, type msconfig and click on OK button.
  • You will find System Configuration Window will appear on the screen. Click on the Boot tab.
  • You need to search Boot options and check the box with Safe Boot.
  • In the next step, you need to click on the radio button which is before Minimal option and click on OK button.
  • A UAC will appear which will ask you to restart the system. You can save all your files and click on Restart button.
  • After the reboot process, you will not get NMI_HARDWARE_FAILURE BSOD Error on the screen.

Method 2: Update the installed drivers

Using Outdated driver is also a big cause behind the BSOD errors on the screen. If you are also getting the same alerts then you can update the driver by following the given steps:-

  • Tap Windows + S keys together to active the Taskbar search.
  • Type Device Manager and hit Enter key.
  • Here, you will find the list of all the devices. You need to detect the devices with exclamation matk.
  • If you have found such devices then you need to expand it.
  • Right click on the name and select Update Driver option.
  • Now, you should click on Search automatically for updated driver software option to proceed.
  • After the successful updating process, restart the system to get rid of the BSOD errors.

How to Block NMI_HARDWARE_FAILURE BSOD Error Easily?

If you are unable to fix the error manually then we recommend you to make use of Reimage Repair Software. It is an advanced tool which is gaining popularity among the users due to its advanced features. It comes with high level programming algorithms which is capable to perform deep scanning in the system to detect all the issues and fix them completely. It is an advanced software which is considered as one stop solution for various PC problems. It is capable to repair the damaged DLL files, removes the presence of suspicious threats, clean registry entries and increases the running speed of the system functions. The best part part of the tool is that it comes with user-friendly interface which helps the non-technical users to handle it effectively. You can download the trial version of the tool to check its working performance and efficiency. After complete satisfaction, you can purchase the full version of the tool to protect the system from further troubles of future.

Download Free Tool to Fix NMI_HARDWARE_FAILURE BSOD Error and Optimize PC Performance

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