Explore The Special Secrets of Latest iOS 12.1 Version


Apple has launched the most awaited operating system called iOS version 12.1 and it has brought a subject of excitement among the apple users. All the Apple users eagerly waited for the latest version of the operating system and the wait has been over. iOS 12.1 is the latest update of iOS 12 and this updated version was released in October 2018.

iOS 12 Introduction

So, let’s get back to our subject in which we have promised to reveal all the secrets of iOS version 12. iOS 12 is the major release by the Apple company and it holds the 12th rank among the list and that’s why it is known as iOS 12. It is the successor of iOS 11 and it holds some special features as well. Apple Inc. has improved this version and it has updated the performance, battery as well as the security updates.

iOS 12 Features

iOS 12 has redesigned the look, rebuilt Siri and updated photo app as well. The main difference between the iOS version 12 and iOS version 11 is that the iOS version 12 has put the performance in the center and it has really boosted in this new version. It will give you the best experience in administrating as everything will run in a smooth manner. There was a test conducted on iPhone 6 Plus and it has shown that the apps were launched 40% faster, the camera was working 70% faster and the keyboard of the system was activating 50% faster.

Additionally, there are some updates which were also launched after the successful launching of iOS 12 and they worked as a catalyst in the performance of the operating system. The recent updates have added some extra functionalities within the apps which has just boosted the performance as well as the durability.

iOS 12.1 Introduction

The iOS 12.1 is the latest update of iOS 12 and it was released with the announcement of a 13.3-inch MacBook, a new Mac mini, new iPad Pros with Face ID & USB-C and, Air with Retina Display and Touch ID. iOS 12.1 was released in the company’s special event at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Before releasing the updated version of iOS, Apple has released the user guide of iOS 12.1. The company has worked on making some features more superb and improved. The new feature of iOS 12.1 includes Dual Sim Support, Group FaceTime, Depth Control in Camera Preview and 70 new Emoji addition.

iOS 12.1 Features & Improvements

As we have discussed that iOS has updated its features in its latest version. It has improved the performance, the capability and the durability in iOS 12 and is far more improved than it’s previous iOS 11. So, let’s explore each and every improved feature of iOS 12.

The Group FaceTime Feature

This is a very cool improvement by Apple Inc. in its latest version. This feature is best suited for those who have a big gang because it allows the user to make a conference call with 32 people and all at the same time. This FaceTime Feature is applicable for both the audio as well as video calls. This feature was also introduced in iOS 12 but in 12.1 it has improved itself. In this Group Facetime, you can also add your camera effects to add stickers and filters. With this effects, you can also appear in the chat with Memoji or Animoji.To get added to the group FaceTime, you have to accept the invitation and then it’s your choice whether to get added to the video or audio call and it can be done by Mac, iPhone or iPad devices.

FaceTime is totally based on artificial intelligence as it automatically detects the speakers. The image size during the call is also auto adjustable and it depends on the duration of the speech, volume and, motion. The FaceTime feature allows the user to get automatically added to the call without any disruption and it is called  Ringless Notification. This FaceTime feature is integrated with the Messages App and though one can join the group directly by iMessage Chat. If we talk about the security of this FaceTime feature, then I would like to mention that the chats are encrypted by end-to-end encryption and only participants can view the details.

The Latest Emoji

It is seen that over 70 new emojis has been added to the latest version of iOS 12.1. It has so many funky emojis which include the red hair, curly hair, and bald. The emojis with fruit like faces are also cool and represents so many fruits and foods like mango, cupcake, and leafy greens etc. The emojis also represent animals and the list ranges from mosquito to lion and from dogs to cats. It also has some eye-catchy emojis like gift envelope, moon cake, hiking boots, luggage, and more.

The Depth Control in Camera Feature

This feature has enhanced the performance as well as the special effects. The depth in camera control feature is so cool and it allows for the advanced depth segmentation in the portrait mode. This advanced depth segmentation enables sharper portraits with professional level bokeh. The depth of the field is auto-adjusted in real-time preview and post-capture. It also supports the front-facing true depth camera.

The Dual Sim Feature

 The iOS 12.1 included the dual sim support which is quite a new thing for the users of Apple Mobiles. This dual sim feature supports on the iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XS. The dual sim feature has allowed the iPhone users to use two cellular company’s network and all at the same time.

Analysis of iOS 12.1

The iOS 12.1 was released on 8th October 2018 and has fixed several bugs of its previous version. Several issues have been fixed in the latest version of iOS 12.1 which includes the charging issues, the wi-fi connectivity issues and more. Basically, these issues were raised in the iPhone XS models and this update has patched each and every vulnerabilities and issue. The iOS 12 has sped up the performance and extended the durability whereas the latest release has patched all the issues and vulnerabilities.

So, this was the basic highlights about the improvements in the latest release of iOS.

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