Keep Your Hair Healthy

Keep Your Hair Healthy: 7 Tips To Keep Your Hair Healthy

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Many times it happens you are not satisfied with your hair. Looking at the girl who manages his hair, you may wish to have such kind of hair too. But here a question arises that what to do to get beautiful hair? Here are some tips for you to Keep Your Hair Healthy, Manageable, and Gorgeous.

Never Rub Your Hair When Drying It:-

If you are in the practice of rubbing your hair after the wash then you must stop it. This is because rubbing causes damage to your hair as well as it frizzes up your hair. The right way to dry your hair is to squeeze the water from it. Thus, you can keep your hair healthy.

rubbing hair

Apply Olive Oil to Your Hair:-

If you are fed up with the dryness of your hair then, you must use olive oil once a week. It helps the hair to keep nourish and improves the elasticity of your hair. You can also read about Beauty home remedies tips: Skin, Face, and Hair.

Use the Right Amount of Product:-

Never use more chemicalized products to your hair. All the shampoo, conditioner, or gels are made up of some chemicals. If you use these chemicals a lot on your hair, then one day you may lose your hair. So always use a little amount of the products.

right amount of product

Use a Beer, or onion Rinse:-

Beer helps you to make your hair long and glossy. Hence you can also use it for your hair. The process to rinse your hair with beer is to mix the 2 cups of beer with the lukewarm water and spray the mixture on your dry hair. After 20 min, wash your hair. You can also use onion for your hair to give natural blonde highlights to your hair. Boil yellow onion skin and use the water to rinse your hair when it gets cool.

Protect Your Hair from the Sun and dirt:-

Always style your hair in such a way to keep it protected from the dirt and sun. Both of them damage your hair. Some of the protective hairstyles are to use braids, dreadlocks, and twists. There are many products for your hair that helps you to protect your hair from the sun, like water-resistant products, chlorine. You need to find out them in the store.

Hydrate your hair:-

You can use butter, curd, etc to hydrate your hair. Simply apply these on your hair night before you are to wash your hair. This will help you to keep the moisture lock, while you were washing your hair. Thus, it will help you to keep your hair healthy.

Hydrate your hair

Use a Cold Rinse:-

Always wash your hair with cold water as it will help to strengthen your hair and causes hair cuticles to close up instantly. Thus, your hair becomes much more shiner and reflecting. You can also read about Top 5 skin problems with natural remedies.

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