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Effective Methods to Remove iPhone/iTunes Error 9 


Hello, I am John and I own an iPhone 6. The mobile phone which I was using works smoothly and the overall administration experience of the mobile were quite cool. I was a regular user of iPhone and I like its features and services which is best suited for the professionals. Though people also treat iPhone as a status symbol but those who know its features are just in love with it. So, everything was OK, but the problems started to raise when I was trying to update my iOS device. I was performing a firmware update and I encounter an error called iTunes Error 9 of iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Error 9. Currently, I am totally unable to update my iOS device because of iTunes Error 9 and if someone with an effective solution then please help me with that situation, thanking You in Advance…

iTunes error 9

What is iTunes Error 9?

iTunes Error 9 is a kind of error code which appears on the screen during updating the firmware. It may also appear when the user tries to restore the iOS device via iTunes. This error is quite common but can create problems for the iPhone/iPod users because it stops the device to get updated. On the Apple Support Page, the iPhone/iTunes error 9 is described as an error which has something to do with the USB connection. It is stated on the official page that this iTunes error 9 occurs due to a problem with the USB connection to your device that is causing it to unexpectedly disconnect when syncing. The iTunes error 9 says that “iPhone has timeout” and after this message, the update process which was going through the iTunes get stopped.

Causes of iTunes Error 9

There are so many factors which trigger the iTunes error 9. As we know that this error appears when the user tries to update his/her iOS device and so let’s talk about the various causes which trigger iTunes error 9. Below we have those reasons which trigger iTunes error 9, so let’s get started.

  1. Security programs acting as a hurdle in accessing the Apple servers.
  2. A firewall can be a reason which is stopping to access the Apple servers.
  3. Network settings corrupted or misconfigured.
  4. jailbroken iPhone could be a reason if you are updating an iPhone
  5. Incompatible device drivers.
  6. Inappropriate action performed on the device

So the above are some of the basic and root causes of iTunes error 9 which gets appeared on the screen. These things stop the firmware update process and that’s why the user must have to give a look at these issues.

Some other relevant symptoms and error messages

  • An Unknown error occurred during syncing your iPhone.
  • The USB device can’t operate as it needs more power.
  • iPhone timed out while syncing.

The above error messages can also be a symptom of iTunes error 9. It is highly recommended to take effective action to get rid of the iTunes error 9 as it can put the whole device to a risk. Below we have some cross-checks which the user must have to perform in order to troubleshoot the iTunes error 9.

iTunes error 9

Solutions to get rid of iTunes error 9

the solutions which we are going to discuss are usually recommended by the Apple Support Team. The iTunes error 9 occurred during the update process and that’s why the user must have to perform the below solutions. These certain do’s will test that the error 9 occurs after these solutions or not.

  1. Cross check the cable connection from the computer to iPhone and vice-versa.
  2. Unplug the connecting cable from your iPhone to the computer and vice-versa and then again reconnect it.
  3. Make sure that the USB is directly connected to the port on the phone.
  4. Close all the virtualization apps like VMWare or Parallels as they might interrupt the computer’s capability to communicate via USB.
  5. Rebooting of the iPhone as well as the computer must be done.
  6. Try to use a different USB cable or port.

The above actions are recommended by the Apple Support Team and if none of the above works, then we have also a set of manual as well as an automatic solution which works in an effective manner. Apart from the manual methodologies, we have an automatic process which can be done by using iPhone Recovery Software.

Some effective solutions to remove iTunes error 9

We will discuss a few user-defined effective solutions which are submitted by those iPhone users who have encountered iTunes error 9. So below are those solutions which are recommended by the users who have also faced the same problem.

  • Use a heat gun and try to heat the battery connector, dock connector, and all the other components of the circuit board in a careful manner. Heat it at 650-degree Celsius or to any level which warms the things up.
  • Try to Reset the Lockdown folder on your Windows or Mac PC.
  • Plug something in the audio jack of iPhone like earbuds or anything which fits.
  • Disable the security programs temporarily because sometimes security programs can also trigger the iTunes error 9.
  • Perform a quick restart of the computer and the iPhone to remove the network inflict.
  • Restore the host file of the computer to default.
  • If the iTunes error 9 appears after fixing your iPhone screen then, disconnect the screen and restore the phone with the disconnected screen.

 It is a huge probability that the iTunes error 9 will be removed after performing these actions. The above is the manual solutions from a user point of view. These users have also encountered the iTunes/iPhone error 9 while updating his/her iPhone. These are an effective solution and will work if both the computer as well as the iPhone is going through any misconfiguration or alteration.

iPhone Recovery Software

iPhone recovery software is a very powerful tool which has the capability to remove all kinds of error which an iPhone faces during restoration/recovery/update. iPhone recovery software is quite effective and beneficial in eliminating all kinds of errors which acts as a hurdle during the update process. Below is the download link of the software which is easy to install and user-friendly.

iPhone recovery Software

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