Complete Removal of iTunes Error 54 From Your iOS Device

Complete Removal of iTunes Error 54 From Your iOS Device

Complete Removal of iTunes Error 54 From Your iOS Device

Hello, I am Tom and I have an iPhone. Though everything is good with the phone but, an error raises suddenly when I was trying to sync my iPhone device with the iTunes. The error says iTunes Sync Error 54: “The iPhone 7 cannot be synced. An unknown error occurred (-54)”. The pop-up has an OK button and when I clicked on it, I got the same error as encountered before. I want to sync my iOS device with iTunes but because of iTunes error 54, I am unable to do so. If somebody out there with an effective solution then please help me to get rid of this situation. Thanking you in advance…

What is iTunes Error 54?

It is a kind of sync error and is quite common. This iTunes error 54 arises when the user tries to sync his/her iOS device with iTunes. Usually, this error says iTunes Sync Error 54: “The iPhone 7 cannot be synced. An unknown error occurred (-54)”. iTunes error 54 appears on the screen when the user tries to sync the songs, pictures or something on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch with iTunes. The user encounters this iTunes error 54 and it stops the transfer process. Most of the users think that this iTunes error 54 occurs due to the authorization or authentication issues and in that case, you may be the person who is not allowed to modify or move the data and the data you want to sync may be the iTunes folder or files like songs, videos or pictures.

iTunes Sync Error 54

Possible causes of iTunes Error 54

There are so many causes which result in iTunes error 54 and some of them are written below:

  1. The content which you want to transfer may be incompatible with your devices like iPod or iPhone or iPad.
  2. Your iOS device (iPhone/iPad/iPod) may not be updated to the latest operating system.
  3. It may be possible that your iTunes is not updated to the latest version.
  4. It may be possible that the file on your computer/iOS device is locked.
  5. It may be possible that a third party program is stopping the files to transfer.
  6. The content can be bulky and that’s why it can’t be transferred at once.
  7. It may be possible that the iTunes driver is not updated to the latest version.
  8. It can be po9ssible that the software is not compatible.

So, the above is the listing of proper and most probable causes which gives birth to iTunes Error 54 during the syncing process.

Though iTunes error 54 is a very common error which creates a huge problem for its users. Any minor loophole can be a reason for iTunes error 54 and that’s why sometimes it is quite hard to find the main reason for this error. We have a list of some effective solution which we will explore. The solutions are quite effective and recommended by experts as well as the users. So, without wasting any time, let’s get started:

Solution: 1- Update your iTunes/iOS devices to the updated version

As we have discussed that the older version of iOS/iTunes can be a reason for iTunes error 54. It is highly recommended by the experts to update the iOS/iTunes to the latest version. This update process also removes all the loopholes which are associated with the older versions. It could be a reason that the iTunes error 54 is caused due to those bugs which are found in the older versions of iOS/iTunes.

To update iTunes- Open iTunes on the PC and then launch Help Menu >Check For Updates> Download

To update the iOS device- Launch Settings> General> Software Update> Download

iTunes error 54

Solution: 2- Run iTunes as an administrator to remove iTunes error 54

If you are using your computer other than the administrator account then it is possible that some features might goes missing. It is highly recommended to run the iTunes as an administrator in order to access the administrator level privilege.

To run iTunes as an administrator- Locate iTunes on your computer or find it with menu panel> Right click on the iTunes app> select the “Run as an Administrator”

iTunes error 54

Solution: 3- Remove all the pdf files from the process

PDF is not supported in the iOS devices and if you are trying to sync those kinds of files, then it is probable that it is causing the iTunes error 54.

The current book file supported by iDevices is an ebook file format with the extension of .epub. So, it is recommended to convert those PDF files into EPUB files before starting the syncing process.

Solution: 4- Start to sync a small number of files at once

Sometimes syncing a large number of files can cause the error, so it is recommended to sync a small number of files at once. It is also possible that if you want to sync a large number of files, then the process might fail. Thus it is better to sync a small number of files at once in order to smoothen the syncing process.

Solution: 5- Give a look at the third-party security software

It is possible that the security programs are stopping the syncing process. So, it is also recommended to look around the security software’s configuration. It might be possible that some of the security settings are acting as a hurdle in the syncing process.

Solution: 6- Uncheck the read-only option on iTunes folder

The data which you want to sync with the iTunes will be uploaded on the iTunes folder. If the folder option is set to read-only then new data might get fail to write in the folder. So, it is also recommended to give a look at the iTunes folder.

Steps to perform the above action-

For Windows PC- Open C Drive> Users> Username> My Music/Music> iTunes

For Mac OS- Go> Home> Music> iTunes> Right-Click on iTunes> Select Properties> Besides Attributes uncheck the read-only option> Click OK to save the changes

itunes error 54


Apart from these manual techniques, there is a very powerful software which can smoothen the syncing process in an easy manner. The tool is known as iPhone File Transfer Software and it is highly effective in smoothening the syncing process with iTunes. Below is the download button for iPhone File Transfer Software by which one can easily install and complete his/her syncing process.

iPhone File Transfer Software


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