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Complete Solutions To Fix iTunes Error 3014 in iPhone


Hello, I am Tom and I am an iPhone user. Recently when I was trying to update my iOS, I found an iTunes error 3014 which gets appeared on the screen. Though I want to update my phone and that error encountered and everything just stopped. Now, I am in huge trouble as I am not able to update/reset my iPhone. I want to reset my iPhone as soon as possible and if anyone out there with an effective solution then please help me to get rid of this situation. Thanks in advance…

iTunes Error 3014 Overview

iTunes error 3014 appears during the update/reset process of the iPhone. It occurs due to some errors which happened during the reset process. This iTunes error 3014 strikes during the reset/update process and it completely stops the update process that is going on. Usually, this a common kind of error but it creates a lot of trouble for the iPhone users. There are so many reasons behind the occurrence of iTunes Error 3014 and we will discuss it below.

iTunes error 3014

Reasons Behind iTunes Error 3014 

iTunes Error 3014 occurs due to misconfigurations, inappropriate actions, improper settings and more. Below is the complete list of the reasons which causes iTunes Error 3014:

  1. Improper operations on the system
  2. Misconfiguration of the system settings
  3. Virus or malware infection on the computer where iTunes installed
  4. Wrong date & time set in the computer
  5. The iTunes can’t access Apple’s iOS Software Update Server
  6. The other programs overwriting the iTunes programs
  7. Corrupt iTunes related components on the computer
  8. Incomplete/outdated version of iTunes installed on the system

The above are the causes of iTunes Error 3014. Sometimes the installation of outdated iTunes will lead to iTunes Error 3014. Improper operations on the system, virus infection, misconfigured settings, connection lost between the device and the iOS software update server, corrupted iTunes are the root causes of iTunes Error 3014.

Effective Solutions To Remove iTunes Error 3014

There are so many manual and, automatic solutions which help the iPhone users to remove iTunes Error 3014. Here, we have a list of solutions which will be effective in removing the iTunes Error 3014 in order to safeguard the health of the device as well as updating the device.

Solution 1: Check the version of the iTunes and the compatibility

It is user-submitted that when they face iTunes Error 3014, they first check the version of the iTunes and many times the outdated or older version found and that was the reason behind iTunes Error 3014. If you find that your iTunes version is outdated or older, then update your iTunes and retry it.

To do this one on Windows system, you can follow the process: Start Menu> Control Panel> Date & Time> Choose Change date & Time to reset> Choose change time zone to reset.

To do this on the Mac system, you can follow the process: Apple Menu> System Preferences> Date & Time> Choose date & Time to Reset> Choose time zone to reset.

Solution 2: Check the date and time configuration of the computer

In many cases, it was found that the iTunes Error 3014 occurs due to the misconfigured date and time settings of the system. The wrong date and time settings would lead to the confusion zone as well as a bad/negative impact on the communication with the Apple server. So, it is better to check the date and time settings of the system.

Solution 3: Check the security software or TCP/IP firewall setting

If you are using a TCP/IP filtering firewall or any security software installed, then you can follow these procedures to eliminate the iTunes Error 3014.

  1. Either turn off or temporarily remove your security program.
  2. Cross-check that your internet is working properly or not.
  3. If you are not using an Apple’s router, then disconnect from your wired/wireless network and directly connect to the modem through the ethernet.
  4. Restart your computer and modem, once you confirmed that everything is OK then retry to update your iOS device.

Once your modem and internet connection starts working, then again retry to update your iOS device.

Solution 4: Update the operating system of the computer

It is found that updating your operating system works better and it also removes the iTunes Error 3014. The older version of Windows or Mac operating system sometimes not be compatible with the newer versions of iTunes and it leads to iTunes Error 3014.

To update the Windows operating system: Start Button> Control Panel> Windows update> Check for updates> Click install updates button

To update the Mac operating system: App store> Click updates from toolbar> Click on update if available

Solution 5: Reset the hostsfile

Reset the host file of the computer, because sometimes the iTunes Error 3014 appeared because of the altered settings of the host file.

You can reach the host file through- C Drive> Windows> System 32> Drivers> etc> hosts

Here you have to add something in the local host and the details are given below:

For Windows 10: 

#          # source server

#              # x client host

# localhost name resolution is handle within DNS itself.

#       localhost

#       ::1             localhost

For Windows 7:

# For example:


#          # source server

#              # x client host

# localhost name resolution is handle within DNS itself.

#       localhost

#       ::1             localhost

Step: 3-

You must have the administrative privilege in order to edit the hosts file and once you updated the hosts file, just save it. You will be prompted for the password so just put the password there and click on continue to save your updated file.

For Mac Computers:

You may follow these steps to update your hosts file in order to remove iTunes error 3014 from your iOS device.

  1. In the finder, click on the terminal and just open it.
  2. Type”sudo nano /private/etc/hosts”, Press Return.
  3. Enter the password of your Mac system and press Return.
  4. The terminal will display hosts file there.
  5. Navigate to entries in front of and add # symbol in front of the text.
  6. Press CTRL+O and save the file, Press Return. Exit the editor and then restart your Mac OS.

The above is the technique to edit the hosts file of the system in order to remove the iTunes error 3014. So these are the manual techniques by which iTunes error 3014 can be removed, but to complete these techniques you must have to be a geek in the computer.

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