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Steps to recover data from iphone 5S effectively and easily


Hi I am john, I am using iphone 5s from 2 years. A few month ago I suffered data loss problem on my phone namely (iphone 5s). I was worried as because there were important data on my phone, some from office and some of my memories also there what I have lost now. I use mobile phone to keep data because I don’t have PC and mobile is also handy to use. I came out from that problem with a set of way that I will tell you in this topic. Here I have discussed ways for lost data recovering.

First of all let us know the problem start with having some technical specification about the phone.

iphone 5s


iPhone 5s Overview
The iphone 5s is the best phone ever made from the house of apple incorporation. I phone 5s is liked by most people due its superb configuration and beautiful and sleek design. This phone supports GSM/EVDO/CDMA/LTE technology. This phone comes with ios version 7,screen size of 4 inches with 326 PPI and resolution of 640*1136 in pixels which gives a better view .This mobile phone have a decent amount of battery of 14340 mah which last for whole day. It have got 12 MP camera which shoots video of resolution 1080p@30fps and front camera is fitted with 1.2 MP resolution . In case of special sensors it have got many helpful sensors gyroscope, proximity sensor, gravity sensor, accelerometer , compass and it have git fingerprint sensor.

Iphone comes with superior processor A7. This is based on 64 bit architecture which means user can enjoy full 3D games. This device poses a faster CPU processing. This device have motion detecting sensor which helps during navigating maps and keeping a track of workout(like running on treadmill). High resolution touchscreen make user’s interaction faster. Experiencing games and videos on high resolution screen is superb.

What happen when we delete a data
when we delete a piece of data from iphone actually it goes to a state of  non allocated  folder/file/data from allocated ones. When we use space used by non allocated data also then non allocated data vanish automatically.

iphone 5s

Reasons of deletion/loss of data are

  • Improper operations
  • Doing task in your device in an unorganized manner may lead to data loss at that time.
  • Doing several task simultaneously may make the device uncomfortable to processing and may lead to heating of device that may create a data loss . so use your device carefully to avoid such problems.
  • upgrading the OS version
    We will never wish to use any outdated thing whatever it is. This apply in case of software also. So whenever update of any application comes we update it with the newer one. Company also provides updated operating system software also so we upgrade to newer better one operating system. Usually no data loss occur during upgrading the device. But sometime upgrading erases all saved data. To prevent this kind of loss we should take a backup on an external storage device.
  • accidental cause
    Sometime data is get deleted accidentally by us. This is a kind of fault made by us. Accidental error may lead to other problem also.
  • water damage
    on a rainy day our phone or device may get damaged by water. Water damage is serious kind of damage as because it can harm the device’s hardware. Water damage can result in electrical damage may result to short circuit and it can make the device dead.
    Manufacturer provides security but in case water damage no adequate technology have been developed. Water damage can be prevented by using safely.
    Warranty can be voided in case of water damage.
  • factory resetting
    If our device stops responding/working and there is no any way to solve the probl
    em then we remains with only solution of resetting the device. In factory resetting all data of your device gets erased and restarts with features and app as it was being set from the factory . And so it is named as factory resetting.The above-mentioned reasons are major reasons seen till now days . you may have any other reason but don’t worry I am here to help you out.

There are two situations in case of data recovery – one when we have saved a backup of data ,then it will be easier to backup and second we don’t have any backup.

iphone 5s recovery

Recovering data when we have backup
If we have backup then we can restore our lost data by following few steps in our mobile itself.
Just go to setting and then select restore and backup option and follow the instructions to complete the procedure. Make sure your device is charged or connect to a power source to complete the process hassle free. Power failure during taking backup may cause any other serious problem.

Recovering data from icloud backup.

icloud backup crates a copy of information saved on your ios device. Some steps are given below to restore data on any iOS phone with help I cloud backup
1. Power on your ios device.
2. Select setup assistance.
3. Go to setup your device.
4. Click on restore from backup.
5. Choose the backup option from list of backup files.

To make able the icloud to make a copy of data daily you will have to customize your device in setting. To do this go to setting >> icloud >> backup. When we set up icloud we automatically get 5GB storage space. We can use this space to take backup and save there. You will need an active internet connection to save and restore backup every time you do. The storage space may run out you can buy more icloud space or delete saved data.

Recovering data with help of software
Recovering data with help of a software is a last way but also best way in case if we do not have any backup.
There are many software available on internet but Stellar data recovery for iphone software is the best software developed till date, mostly because of its interface to user which have a good graphic quality and posses all basic required section . There are good quantity of FAQ on its website to help you out. This company also provide a decent customer support to the customer.  The customer care executive communicate in decent manner and lovable tone. The company supports a wide variety of languages to help you. You should know about customer support this much because it is a main factor to recognize after purchasing a software and then if you are unable to use it. They guides till last step when you contact them. They will call back just within ten minutes. You can also ask them to call back you at any specific time of your ease as because we are available 24*7.


Here are few details about software which will guide you in taking your decision. Stellar data recovery is a best tool to recover data from iphone devices.

  • It recovers all kind of data .
  • Helps in recovering all kinds of video files and audio files
  • Helps in recovering whatsapp chats, we chat, line, kik messages, tango, viber and also some other famous platforms.
  • It also supports recovering data from itunes backup
  • This software supports all kind of iphones like iphone XS, XS Max, X, XR ,iphone 4,4s,5,5s,5c, 6, 6plus, 6s, 7s,7 , 8
  • Enhanced support upto iOS 12.0.1 .

key features of iPhone recovery software

  • Recovers deleted contacts
  • Recovers lost call history
  • Recovers deleted notes
  • Recovers safari bookmarks
  • Recovers deep scan
  • Recovers supports multiple device
  • wide support and compatibility
  • one solution to many problem

With the above mentioned ways you will be able to recover your lost data of iPhone 5s . You should choose method according to your status of having backup.

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