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how to recover deleted/lost/corrupted data of iphone 4s


iphone 4s is a great device which is offered by Apple. Its user has complaint sometime problem of data loss (pictures, videos ,contacts, whatsApp message, chats, multimedia message, kik messages etc.) .Which often happens with everyone like sometime you delete it by mistake or any other human error etc. Sometimes file got corrupted while operating with them. You will be worried as because there may be some important data on your phone, some from office and some of your memories also there what you have lost now. In case of mine, I use mobile phone to keep data because I don’t have PC and mobile is also handy to use. We can take it anywhere without any problem. In fact it have become a part of our life. iphone 4s comes with a large amount of memory so this also makes it helpful in storing large data also.

iphone 4s overview

iphone 4s is a state of art smart phone developed by Apple corporation. iphone 4s has got amazing features like , internal memory of size 8GB, a large display of size 3.5 inches of resolution 640*960 pixels, displays crystal clear high quality images, gives a new dimension for viewing photos and High Definition(HD) videos. Camera with power of 8 Mega Pixels of this mobile phone gives stunning picture quality. Clarity of picture resembles to the pictures shoot from a professional DSLR camera. Rear camera can record full HD videos of resolution 1920*1080p @ 30 frame per second(fps). iphone 4s’s front camera gives a crystal clear image with 0.3 MP, allows to perform video chat. iphone 4s comes with advanced A5 chip processor which gives it super fast operating speed. Operating system of this phone is iOS 8, provides an unmatchable experience. It offers a new range of possibilities and capabilities to its users. In case of connectivity this device has got Bluetooth of version 4.0 can transfer data with bluetooth enabled device at much faster speed. 3.5mm Audio jack allow the user to play their favorite music on other large music device (like boombox, DJ etc.). Wi-fi gives you ability to surf the internet at never experienced speed. With USB connectivity feature iphone 4s can be connected with computer directly. It supports WCDMA, EDGE and 3G network. Capacitive touch screen gives amazing operating experience. It have a list of sensor namely Three-axis Gyro sensor, proximity sensor, digital compass, Light sensor, accelerometer. Supports mp3, WAV audio formats and video of M4V, H.264, MOV, MP4, AVI, MPEG-4, AAC-LC formats

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Reasons behind data loss

There are many reasons behind losing your data from your iphone 4s. For some reasons human are responsible and some reasons are associated with mobile phone itself. Following mistakes made by human can lead to data loss of iphone 4S :-

  • sometime some important data get deleted ,while deleting some unusual data from our phone, we can avoid this by paying attention while operating mobile phone.
  • Passing command one after one when device is not responding to the commands lead to hanging of device and may further lead to loss of data.
  • Removing memory card at sudden while mobile phone is using it may lead to loss of data and may lead to corruption of memory card.
  • Sometime when mobile phone does not respond properly then we remove its battery to protect the phone, this situation may lead to corruption of mobile’s data and sometime It also damage Phone’s operating system also.
  • Inserting or ejecting memory card improperly can damage both phone and memory card physically, which can lead to permanent loss of data. As because damaged memory card cannot be read by any device.
  • Visiting malicious website can invite virus infection to your device that may turn to be a strong reason to FACTORY RESET your device.

Following situation in your device can lead to deletion, corruption or loss of data

  • If your phone is hanging continuously may cause a serious damage to your device and data also
  • Virus infection can erase your data, issues caused by virus depends on their type. Some Malware can steal your personal data.
  • Improper installation of apps may cause a data loss from that app. And may infect other apps of the device.

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Recovering data

From icloud backup

one can restore his data from icloud backup by following steps go to setting >> choose setup assistance>> select the backup option and and proceed for the backup after that follow instruction of your mobile. Icloud can create backup and update daily automatically. To allow the icloud to make a copy of data daily. Make change in setting of your mobile. To do this go to setting >> icloud >> backup. By doing this your device will update the backup at icloud storage automatically.

From itunes backup

Restoring data from itunes backup is one of safest way to restore your mobile and recover your lost data. To recover data from itunes backup you have to perform similar task like going to setting>>select the backup and setup assistance>> and after that choose the backup mode as itunes backup.

iphone recovery

In case of no backup

having no any kind of backup either in device or on any online backup storage area mentioned above, leaves you for the last way of recovering data that is with help of iphone recovery software.

Recovering data with iphone recovery software

If any kind of data get deleted, and having no backup then recovering data with iphone recovery software is last way. Data can be recovered in three easy steps, Starts with SCAN then PREVIEW and at last RECOVER. Download the software from given link.

Important features of iPhone recovery software

  • you can recover contacts
  • Last call history can be recovered
  • Uncompleted notes can be retrieved
  • Safari bookmarks can also be recovered
  • All iphone models are supported
  • Good support from customer care
  • Can recover kik messages
  • WhatsApp chats can be recovered
  • Compatible to all memory card
  • Able to solve many problems of your device

Above mentioned ways will help you in getting back your deleted data from iphone 4s mobile phone. Steps above are most effective and it is tried also. Before starting any procedure of recovering  iphone 4s make sure that your mobile should have good amount of battery.

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