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Hello, I am John and I am using an iPhone. The overall administration experience was quite cool as it is quite smooth to handle. I was using the device for a long time and recently I have updated my device to the latest version of iOS. As the process completed, a terrible experience was there for me. I have found that my iOS device has been locked down displaying an iOS cryptic error 53 on the screen. After that my device was worthless and everything was just ruined. I have tried so many techniques and methods in order to get rid of this iOS error 53 but was unsuccessful in doing that. If anybody has any effective and working tip, then please help me to get rid of this situation because I am unable to do anything. Thanks a ton in advance…

iOS Cryptic Error 53

iOS Cryptic Error 53 Overview

iOS Cryptic Error 53 is a kind of iOS error which can lock down your iOS device making it worthless. Apple Inc. is continuously doing to make their devices completely error-free but this iOS Cryptic Error 53 is destroying every effort. This iOS Cryptic Error 53 is a kind of mysterious error which bricks the iPhones without even giving an alert message.

iOS Cryptic Error 53 or iTunes Error 53 appears just after you try to update your iOS device. This iTunes Error 53 appears when the device fails a security test. Usually, this test was designed and developed to check whether Touch ID works properly or not. It is tested when the device is about to leave the factory and it is not intended to affect the user and their iOS device. Apple always sticks to the point that this test is a kind of security feature which is associated with the iOS 9 operating system to keep the data and the device secure. However, the iOS users are not convinced with this point because this feature of Apple has ruined the entire experience of handling the iPhones.

Elements Which Trigger iOS Cryptic Error 53

The iOS Cryptic Error 53 is an error code displayed by iTunes and that’s why it is also known as iTunes Error 53. This error appeared to those users who restores an iPhone which has an unidentified or unexpected Touch ID or any other component which is related to fingerprint recognition feature. This is a kind of Apple’s tactics through which they push the iOS users to use the original touch ID from Apple. This is done in order to block the Touch ID from the unauthorized party so that the users only use the original Touch ID and other sensors related to the fingerprint feature.

iOS Cryptic Error 53 recovery

If the iOS device of the user has a touch ID and iOS checks that the touch ID is matching the components of the device or not and this will be done during the restore process. When the unidentified touch ID found, then the checking process fails which triggers iOS Cryptic Error 53.

Apple claims that they do this process in order to find out the malicious Touch ID sensor. The malicious Touch ID can potentially harm the device by providing unauthorized access to the device. But again the users are not convinced with this fact. So now let’s move on to the next segment and know what to do if stuck in this kind of situation.

Things To Do When iOS Cryptic Error 53 Appeared

Here is a list of cross-checks which you must have to do when you encountered with this cryptic error.

  • If the iTunes is open on your Mac or Windows PC, then just quit it.
  • Unplug the iOS device from the computer which is connected via USB.
  • Keep that thing for sure that you are using the latest version of iTunes.
  • Make sure that your device is connected with a good USB cable.
  • Open iTunes and Select your device from there.
  •  Click on the Update button in the iTunes menu for updating the iTunes. this process will reinstall iOS and restore your iOS.
  • If you aren’t able to find out the Apple Logo Screen, then force restart your iOS device and then again push your device to restore.
  • Start the Restore process and if you have encountered the iOS Cryptic Error 53 on the screen then you can again force restart your device.

However, Apple Support can help you with it but it is mandatory here to remove your Touch ID before proceeding. If after the restart of the device, you again have started the restore process and this time you are encountered with any other error apart from iOS Cryptic Error 53, then you don’t have to worry because the other errors can be overcome but this iOS Cryptic Error 53 sucks.

Effective Solution To Get Rid Of iOS Cryptic Error 53

The above-mentioned processes are quite complex, time-consuming and lengthy. There is a very less chance to get over with iTunes error 53 or cryptic error 53 via these manual methods. Apart from it, one must have to be skillful in order to follow the processes and instructions and it can’t be done by a normal user.

To overcome all these situations and errors, we have a pro-tip which will remove iOS Cryptic Error 53 in some easy and effective clicks. The iPhone Recovery Software is a superb tool which can remove all kind of iTunes and iPhone error in some effective clicks. The iPhone Recovery Software is highly advanced and is capable of safeguarding the entire iOS device by getting rid of all kinds of errors, loopholes, infections, threats, and vulnerabilities.

The Pro-Tip: iPhone Recovery Software

Here we have some of the highlights of iPhone Recovery Software by which you can have a clear picture of this tool in mind.

  • A most powerful tool when it comes to removal of iTunes and iPhone errors and infections.
  • iPhone Recovery Software has a superb graphical user interface which is quite easy and convenient for the users.
  • Can recover all kinds of iOS devices.
  • Recover all kinds of iOS devices from infections and errors in some effective clicks.
  • The step-by-step mechanism which guides the user to follow the complete process in an easy manner.
  • iPhone Recovery Software is comprised of so many superb features and specifications which ranges from deep scanning to complete recovery.

Below we have the link of this most powerful tool from where you can download and purchase the tool and can also know more about the tool and its features.

iPhone recovery software

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