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How to sell your product online and grow your business

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In the contemporary world, where everything is going on digital. Many shops lose their sales percentage. customers are moving towards online websites to purchase. Many of the traditional shopkeepers have felt ac drastic changes in their sales ratio. Are you also feeling the same and finding the solution to this problem. You will be a wonder to know that you can also sell your product online and grow your business. Don’t you believe? Yeah, this is possible, you want to know how to sell. In this article, you are going to learn about how to sell your product online methods and techniques involved.

How to sell your product online and grow your business?

Nowadays, the best place for marketing is online websites, as they provide the best services, along with easy return and exchange options. The people prefer them most and have faith in that. The rise in the number of online customers had forced the seller to sell their products online and provide better services. If you want to sell your own products online you must go for the online methods. This is the era of digital India, so, you need to be updated with that to exist in the social. To sell your products online, below are some of the methods and strategies that are discussed. You can have a look. You can also read about How to make money from blogging for beginners – Blogging basics

how to sell online

Sell your products by creating your own website

You can also make your own websites if you wish to sell your products online. Just you need to build a website and designed according to your product or services. Get a domain name to launch the website on the web. You can get the domain name from the Shopify and GoDaddy. They ill charge you some amount for that, it may be between Rs 1,000-7,000 per month. Some of the sites like  Magento, WooCommerce and PrestaShopwil host your website free of cost, term, and condition applied. Along with making your own website, you have to be prepared for the shipping and packaging of the order and provide better services. You need to hire someone to make it done because it will cost you money and time. Get the delivery boy to deliver your products on time.


This is the best method to build your customer base and make your own brand. Having your own website helps you to get the refined customer, who is interested in your products, quality, and services. You will have a great time in the future if your work runs successfully.

create website


But it will take some time to get the customer faith and to increase the sale. It becomes hard in the starting phase to give quality products and services to your customers when they don’t have faith in you. Getting the website traffic to your only website is a tough task and you have to work hard for that.  You have to keep a lot of patience and work hard for success. You can also read about How to be intelligent and smart enough to impress others?


Sell your products on existing website

You can also sell through some existing online shopping sites, like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Shopclues e.t.c. They give you the option to connect yourselves with them and promote your own products on their website to give services to the customers. Since these sites are more popular and it will help you to make you more profits, than your new brands. You have to just create your own seller accounts on these sites and verify your business documents, name of the business, the bank account of your business, and tax-related documents. When you get registered, you have to pay some amount to the website as a commission in return for the sale. It may lie between 3- 25%. Along with the commission amount you have to pay some fixed amount to them as well as shipment charges.

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Now, you can list all your products along with its price to sell.  As your product is sold the company will deduct all the charges of commission, shipment and the fixed amount that you need to pay them. The rest amount will be deposit to your bank account within 7-15 working days. Yes, it will decrease your profit margin but increase your sales. This will help you to increase the traffic, hence it will save your money on advertising and promotion.


There are many benefits to selling your products on famous websites. You can easily get the customer in your starting phase. You don’t need to work for traffic. These sites have a large number of visitors on a daily basis. No need to worry about the advertisement, marketing or promotion.


This method has some demerits too that most of the online shopping websites have easy exchange as well as return policy, so you may get a lot of returns which will reduce the sale percentage. They will charge you for the cancellation and exchange of the products. which will decrease your profit margins. You can also read about How to manage time: Time management Techniques and Strategies

sell on amazon

Sell your products on social media

You can also sell your products through social media websites, like facebook. Face book is not just a chatting place, there is also an option of creating pages, with the help of which you can create a business page for your products and make a sale. It helps you to connect with more number of people. Thus, you can use Facebook as a marketing platform. although you will need an external site link with your page to make a seel through the FB page. Hence, you have to also create a website of your brand for this, method. You can also read about How to read faster and understand the context easily?

Not only on facebook, but you can also sell your products on Instagram too. You can create your own website and you can attach the link of your website in your bio of Instagram. You can add contact us button with your link attached to it on your business page for getting more number of the customer base.


This method really helps you to get a large number of customers and thus you can create the number of the customer base which will help you to develop your business.


In this method, you don’t feel tough to do the business at the starting phase but it will be harder to manage your business as it grows too much alone. Hence you will need team support to get the work done properly. You can also read about How to reduce stress: Stress management Techniques and Strategies

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In the above context, you have got the idea about how to sell your product online and learned various methods. You just need to choose one method that suits you the most and then do as mention. Gain more and more knowledge about the method that you have chosen and start your sell. Always learn Do’s and Don’t before going through any of the methods. Because there are certain predefined rules and regulations when you work online and you need to always follow them. Otherwise, your Account or website will be ceased. So, don’t lead them to do so. Be in discipline and work hard.


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