How to properly pack a suitcase

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Are you in need of packing a suitcase? There are several situations which bring you to pack your suitcase. It is important to do this properly so that you can easily carry that without any mess while picking something out at any time. It means, moving ahead in an article, you will come to know how to properly pack a suitcase or how do you pack a suitcase so clothes don’t wrinkle?

Actually this seems a simple task but not that much simple. If you pack your suitcase in a hurry and suddenly you need something that is under all the other stuff. In that case, you have to just pick all other things out to get one particular thing. So, it is important to set priority first.

Packing is a science with rules that travelers learn the hard way over thousands of miles on the road. Going by a proper strategy can be the major difference between a harried vacation with countless detours to local drugstores and a streamlined one with everything you need in the way under your fingertips. Here is our tricky or can say a shortcut to know how to properly pack a suitcase. Some basic needs that you have to understand like how to find the best suitcase, minimize your load, pack what you exactly need on a beach trip, business trip and cut down on wrinkles.


Some Packing tips on how to correctly pack a suitcase? You need to follow these basic tips to pack efficiently and effectively for any trip.

You have the bigger suitcase, the more you will put into it:

The most simple way to avoid bringing too many things is to buy a hard-sided suitcase, no more than 22 inches tall (So you can carry it easily) with a structured shell so you can’t squeeze in any extras.

Do the clothing countdown:-

In the way to learn how to properly pack a suitcase, this is a mantra to help to limit yourself. Use 5,4,3,2,1 rule for a weeklong trip. Limit yourself to no more than five sets of socks and underwear, four tops, three bottoms, two pairs of shoes and one hat. The list must be within your needs. Take a swimsuit and exercise gear or a suit jacket and dress if you will need them.

Write it down what you think you will need and then edit harshly:

Think twice about everything you are putting into your bag. Do go with “just in case I need it” type mentality. If and when you need it you can buy it. This is just a few days matters.

Think Tetris:

The best way to fit everything into one bag, you need to use every inch of space. Like you can easily adjust your footwear with shocks. The put your shoes together heel to toe at the bottom of the suitcase in a plastic shopping bag to avoid any kind of dirt for clothes. How exactly you will arrange everything in your suitcase is all about your personal choice. But here are some popular strategies:

Roll your clothes:-

this helps to maximize space and minimize wrinkles

Use packing cubes:-

These smaller bags keep your clothes compact and your outfit ordered.

Try bundled technique:-

carefully wrap each piece of clothing around a central core where underwear and t-shirts at the center and blazers and dresses as the outer layer.

Keep liquids in Easy reach:-

shop and other frequently used items are always placed on top of the suitcase. This is basic funda of how to properly pack a suitcase.

Never Unpack your toiletries:-

Always use a separate toiletry kit for traveling. Keeping a set of bathroom products already packed also ensures that you are not going to forget anything behind.

These are the basic strategies for how to correctly pack a suitcase for any travel. But, it is always up to you and known to you that what you need, how you do and how do you pack a suitcase for travel.

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