How Google assistant can help you in managing your smartphone.


In the era of technology, these days artificial intelligence is developing at a high rate. There are much new technology has been developed to make our life easy, comfortable and fast. One of them is Google Assistant, which helps you most in your daily life and saves your, why are you wasting time, If you want to know how you must go through this article. This article better describes the Google Assistant, how to be compatible with it, how it works, turn “Ok Google” on or off, major functions and applications.

What is Google Assistant?

Google Assistant is a new technology based on Artificial intelligence. It is developed by Google, you can access the Google Assistant with pressing long on a home on Android device. It helps you to in other devices like, Google home, your phone, and many more. You can address Google Assistant by your natural voice as it is voice-activated speaker i.e, it can understand your voice. It can search the internet for you, manage your calendar, alarms, and can also do device hardware settings. It can also access to the camera and read visual information, can recognize the objects. You can also ask it for shopping, entertainment and games, songs, e.t.c. Get the trending news by asking Google “ Ok Google, show me trending news”, and it will show it too you. Thus you can easily manage your devices. It saves time.

Google assistant


If your mobile does not support it by default, you can also download it by the Google play store. Google Assistant is too fast than ever using the keyboard for the search. It is just like your assistant, whom you can order, ask questions. Google Assistant is a user-friendly app. You will need the following items:- A phone or Tablet supporting the Android 5.0 Version or higher, Google app 6.13 or more, Google Play services, and, 1.0 GB or more memory can also read about face recognition.

What are the major Functions of Google Assistant?

  1. Set Reminders:- If you want to remember anything, you can share it with Google, and it will remember it for you, and when you ask it what you had said to remember, it will give you an exact response. You can also set a timer for that when you will go to the market. you can manage the to-do-list.
  2. Identify Things:- Google Assistant can also identify the objects for you click on the camera icon, you can use your phone’s camera to pick out objects and it will identify for you. It really gives us amazing services, in very fewer timePlay Songs And watches TV Shows:- You can teach Google Assistant about your favorite songs. And it will provide the same when you are going to demand to. If you ask Google Assistant to play a sad song, or by any preferrable artist, or album, it will find out the list from Google and play it for you.Google assistant
  3. Check the match score:- You can also check the match score with the help of it. Everybody remains enthusiasm and eager to know the match result. Now no need to type so long boring text just ask the Google Assistant for the match score. And you will get fast response from it and the result will appear on your screen.
  4. Send a text message:- Now, it becomes easy to send a text message to anyone from anywhere. No need to type those heavy and long text you can just, speak the message and Google Assistant will type it for you. Even it will send it to the person whom you say to do so. You just have to say “ Ok Google” send a message to mom”.
  5. Play Games:- You can also find out the best games with the help of Google Assistant and choose from that to play. You have just to sat it “Ok Google, I want to play games” and it will respond to you for your preferred choice for the game.Google assistant
  6. Education:- Google Assistant also helps you in education, whatever the problem you have, you can just ask them from it as it will give you answer, if you ask it for, the lecture videos on the given topic, it will get it to find for you and will show you to choose from them.
  7. Oder food:- You can also order food with the help of Google Assistant. Whenever you get hungry you can ask Google Assistant for the nearest restaurant, best services, and on time delivery. It will give you options for that and you can choose a better one and can order the food or visit the restaurant.

How to turn on the Google assistant?

If your google assistant doesn’t recognize your voice you can follow these simple steps for its setting:-
Step:1:- Touch and long press the Home button. Then a new box will appear.
Step:2:- Go to the top right and click on “Explore & Your stuff” option and then click on More, More and then Settings.
Step:3:- select your phone or tablet, in the option given under devices.
Step:4:- Here, Turn on the Google Assistant and then click on Voice model and then modify the voice model.
If these steps are not coming in your phone, then surely you Frhus ware using an old version of Google app. So you can click on “Ok Google” detection and then modify your voice model.


google asistant

How to turn “Ok Google” off?

Step:1:- Either say “Ok Google” or touch and long press the home button.
Step:2:- Go to the top right and click on “More Settings”.
Step:3:- select your phone or tablet, under devices option.
Step:4:- get the Google Assistant turn on from here

Conclusion:- Thus you can conclude that Google Assistant is very helpful to us and it helps us in various ways. It has made our life easy and comfortable. and it helps us to find the solutions of most of the problem easily and saves time doing most of our work in less time. It is a very useful app.

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