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PC Threats : Threat’s complete profile

  • Name of threat :
  • Type of threat : Browser Hijacker
  • Related add on or extension : My Search
  • Affected Web browsers : It affects numerous versions of web browsers including Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and so others.
  • Risk level : Medium
  • Harmful symptoms : This redirect virus is capable to replace the browser’s home page and new tab page with its own associated domains, generating lots of unrelated web adverts continuously on the PC screen.
  • Infiltration methods : Through freeware installers and unknown links.
  • Detection tools required : To detect the symptoms of, you must try scanner programs.

Get More Information on is considered as one of the nasty and dubious redirect virus which can silnely invade into your system without giving any prior notice. It is a suspicious web page that usually appears in multiple variations of hijacker virus such as, and These related series of browser hijacker virus severely penetrates into the targeted system without any concern and then make unnecessary changes in your web browsers installed on your Windows PC. After sometimes, when is installed on your system, first of all it will directly replace your crucial home page and new tab URL with other dubious and high-risky sites. When virus remains on your system then it begins showing a huge amount of endless web advertisements and embeds unreliable extensions, plug-ins or other unwanted components to your working browsers without giving any information.

These invasive advertisements usually pop-up in numerous forms such as banner ads, in-text links, deals and other unrelated software update notifications. When you click on any of the web advertisements promoted by virus, it automatically redirects your legitimate search queries to certain malevolent domains that are filled with sponsored links. After getting infiltrated inside your working browsers then you will notice your current search engine page is automatically rerouted to ‘hxxp://’ site and then diverted them to related domains. In simple terms, the presence of this hijacker threat decreases the surfing experiences and causes frequent browser crashing and system slow down related problems. related adverts and viruses are extremely irritating and destructive which uses advance tactics to tracks your current surfing history, cookie details, bank account numbers and other confidential information stored on system’s internal memory. Therefore, if you want to secure your system security and privacy, it is recommended you to use virus removal tools to remove from your system as soon as possible.

How virus attacks your Windows system ? is a very nasty and precarious infection which can silently enter into your computer machine with the help of numerous misleading tricks. Some of the points which has been listed below :

  • virus secretly infiltrates inside your system through infected torrents and other freeware components.
  • When you access junk e-mail attachments that usually comes as a micro malware.
  • While sharing vital files or data from one system to another through peer to peer network.
  • When you use virus infected removal drives such as Pen Drives, DVD or other types of external storage media.
  • While clicking on any of the web adverts delivered by virus and visiting threat infected or third party domains.

What are the suspicious activities of virus ? is a really very vicious and pesky PC infection which can make severely changes in your internet browsers and contributes severe damages on your computer machine. When threat gets activated on your Windows PC, it begins performing lots of malevolent activities and payloads. There are the lists of numerous misleading payloads which has been mentioned below :

  • This nasty PC threat can damage your genuine registry files and drop unrelated codes to the Windows registry editor for getting automatic activated on the system.
  • virys can brutally affect your genuine web browsers and creates frequent browser crashing, unreliable browser redirection problems without any
  • is an illegal threat which can corrupt your personal PC files and programs running on your system.
  • This notorious threat can turn off the internet security by deactivating the settings of firewall security and anti virus malware.
  • It is a very frustrating virus which uses keylogger to monitor your browsing activities and capture your every secret online details.
  • is a very suspicious threat which can permit the group of online criminals to secretly access your system. It can make your entire computer more vulnerable and risk your system privacy.


How To Find Eliminate from your system in manual way ?

How To Remove From All Web Browsers ?

From Chrome browser

Find and delete vicious extensions

  • Firstly of all, open your Chrome browser and move to three dot line icon.
  • Click on Tools option from the drop-down lists.
  • In the Extension Window, find out the extensions or plug-ins related with virus.

  • Click on related extensions and then move your mouse pointer on Trash icon. This option is mainly used to delete these malicious plug-ins from your Google Chrome browser.


Steps to Reset Browser Settings

  • Open your browser menu and click on three horizontal line option.
  • Click on Settings option presents in browser menu.
  • Now, you will see a small search box. In the box, type Reset to open Reset Window.
  • Move to the end side of the following page and then click on Reset Settings option. At last, when the all settings are changed then exit the browser Window and restart your web browser.

From Mozilla Firefox

How To Remove unwanted extensions from browser

  • Launch your Firefox browser and then open browser menu.
  • From the browser menu, click on three line icon that presents at the right corner of the system screen.
  • In the Extension Window, click on Add-Ons option.

  • Move to Extension option from the left side and choose all unwanted plug-ins or add-ons that are related with virus.


Methods To Reset Firefox browser settings

  • In the browser Window, move to three lines icon from the upper right side of screen.
  • Click on Help option from the browser menu.
  • Move your mouse pointer on ‘Troubleshooting Information’ option from the drop-down lists.

  • You will see a small ‘Trobleshooting Information’ page where you need to select Refresh Firefox button and the click on Confirm option.

From Internet Explorer

Get Rid of related extensions from Internet Explorer

  • Firstly, launch your IE browser and click on Tools option.
  • Select Manage Add-ons option from drop-down list.
  • After, you will see a small Manage Add-Ons Window where you have to select all add-ons or plug-ins related with and then click on Disable button.

Steps To Reset Internet Explorer Setting

  • First of all, click on Tools option from the browser menu and then move your mouse pointer to Internet Option from following lists.
  • Select Advance tab to see the advance browser settings. After hit the Reset option which presents at the right-side of screen.

  • Check the ‘Delete personal settings‘ box and then click on Reset button.

From Microsoft Edge Browser

It is important to know that Microsoft Edge is the version of Internet browser, so there are no any extensions or add-ons previously installed on the browser. That’s why, it is recommended to follow Reset browser settings in order to eliminate virus from your web browser permanently.

Steps about how to Reset default home page and search engine

  • First, open your MS Edge browser and select More(..) option from the right side of menu and then move to Settings option.

  • Move you mouse pointer on View Advance Settings option.

  • In the Advance settings page, move your mouse pointer on ‘Add New‘ and click on Add a search provider.

  • Click on Add as default option and type Search Engine page in order to reset your browser home page and search engine.

Method 3. How To Terminate Related Processes from Windows Task Manager

  • First of all, check your system is in turn on mode. Use three keys such as Ctrl, Alt and Del keys to open Windows Task manager.

  • After, you will see a small Task Manager Window in which move your mouse pointer on Processes tab.

  • Now, find out all vicious processes and exe related files and then right-click on it and select End task option.

How To get rid of using scanner application ?

There are the numerous manual procedures available in online source which allows you to identify and remove from your system. But in some conditions, these related manual methods requires advance technical skills and techniques, so, here you need to use Scanner application which has highly ability to locate related threats or programs and eliminate them from your system completely. This removal tool is a very secure, effective and proficient which can easily detect any type of hazardous threats and scan your entire system and remove these threats from your system in simple way.

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