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Hello there, my Windows system gets suddenly infected with a nasty ransomware named as CTB Locker Critoni Ransomware. It is such a dubious file locking virus that does not allows to access my important files, folders stored on my PC’s internal hard disk. After a few minutes, I just found the unexpected warning alerts that asks me to pay a certain amount of money in order to unlock the files. Anyone recommend me how to decrypt my all personal files without paying any money and get rid of CTB Locker Critoni Ransomware virus completely? Thanks in advance !

Brief Overview on CTB Locker Critoni Ransomware

CTB Locker Critoni Ransomware is classified as one of the dreadful computer virus which comes under the ransomware threat. It is named as a Curve-Tor-Bitcoin Locker or CTB-Locker file encryptor virus which mainly uses the Tor browser with sole motive to complicate its own network activity with Command and Control server. It is newly found crypto-malware which has main function to encrypts your personal pictures, video files, musics as well as downloaded files that are stored on system’s internal drive or disk. CTB Locker Critoni Ransomware virus can put your entire system is in destructive situation and alter the end name of every single file with strange extension name. Here, the new and worst feature about this crypto-malware is, it can deploy different variants of file extensions to encode the files and also uses sophisticated algorithm to take over the crucial settings of your web browsers installed in your system. In addition, CTB Locker Critoni Ransomware can corrupt and destroy your legitimate working browsers that are running in your Windows system including Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera and many others.

After successful infiltrating inside your system, you may detect that your personal word document, image file or other power point file is suddenly renamed with the four weird extensions such as .ctbl, .ctb, .ctb2 and .adid2k. In the long presence of CTB Locker Critoni Ransomware virus, you will not able to open or decrypt any kind of file by removing the extension or using any third party tools. After that, if you move your mouse cursor on such encoded document or image files then suddenly this nasty file locking malware will leave a random note on your desktop’s main screen. You will see this random note is saved as an unrecognized text and html format. In such ways, if you double-click on this text file in order to open then the virus will generate a number of error messages related with CTB Locker Critoni Ransomware virus on the system screen. These messages or notifications convinces you to pay a certain amount of money because your your types of system files are encrypted and blocked. What’s more annoying, it demands the 0.2 Bitcoins in order to unlock the all files which are encrypted by this nasty file-locking threat. Now, when you attempt to pay the money to the authors of CTB Locker Critoni Ransomware then you will see their is no any decryption ky or tool through which you cannot decrypt and unlock your files with ease.

Moreover, the developers of CTB Locker Critoni Ransomware virus are distributed its related programs inside your targeted system with main purpose to earn illicit commission and promote sponsored web pop-up ads on the system screen. It is such a noxious and cunning encryption malware which can brutally alter your internet security and also take over the default settings of your computer without any type of user’s concern. CTB Locker Critoni Ransomware is designed in such a misleading manner that can cause numerous system related issues such as frequent system crashing, browsing crashing, redirecting the search terms to other suspicious domains, deactivates the functions of genuine security applications and creates hard drive malfunction related problems. Therefore, if you don’t want to face any type of damages caused by CTB Locker Critoni Ransomware virus, you need to get rid of it from your system using virus scanner tools.

How CTB Locker Critoni Ransomware invades into your Windows computer ?

  • This crypto-virus can easily infiltrate into your system through peer to peer sharing networks and exploit kits.
  • This ransomware threat may spread inside your system through junk e-mails containing unreliable attachments.
  • CTB Locker Critoni Ransomware virus can secretly intrude in your system when you click on fake pop-ups or unknown update links.
  • It may enter into your targeted system with the help of virus affected external removal drives such as pen drive, USB drive, DVD-drive and so others.
  • It can silently penetrate into your system when you download spam files or programs from unrecognized online sources.

What are the hazardous consequences performed by CTB Locker Critoni Ransomware virus ?

  • CTB Locker Critoni Ransomware is a very frustrating threat which can easily infiltrate into your computer through junk e-mails and other severe tricks.
  • This newly detected file-locking virus may use the Tor network connectivity to communicate with the remote command and control server.
  • This nasty malware may generate a lot of fake messages or alerts on the main screen and demands a huge amount of ransom money for decrypting the files.
  • It can diminish the entire surfing activity and transfer your all confidential surfing details to cyber crooks without any information.
  • It may disable the functions of firewall security and anti-malware applications installed in your system.
    CTB Locker Critoni Ransomware virus may invite more harmful threats or programs by creating backdoor pathway.
  • This malicious threat can slow down the processing speed of your system by consuming the large part of system resources and internal memory.
  • This precarious virus can affect your all working browsers and lead your all search queries to certain malevolent and high-risky websites.
  • This dubious threat can easily damage your all important system files and encodes their last name with its associated extension and make them entirely unusable.
  • CTB Locker Critoni Ransomware is such an illegal PC infection that can insert invalid code to genuine Window registry editor for getting automatic activated on the system.

Guide on how to delete CTB Locker Critoni Ransomware from the Windows system (manual removal)

In some nasty conditions, CTB Locker Critoni Ransomware threat can bypass your legitimate antivirus applications and firewall security. Then, as Windows users, you can not be able to install any programs or perform any task on your system due to existence of this file-locking virus. In such ways, you need to take the manual steps in order to get rid of this ransomware virus from the system. Let’s discuss about the manual instructions which has been mentioned below :

Method 1. Delete CTB Locker Critoni Ransomware In Safe Mode with Command Prompt

  • In first step, close all running programs and disconnect your system with network connection.
  • Click on Restart button and use F8 key for multiple times until the system does not restart properly.

  • After restarting, you will notice “Windows Advance Options Menu” on your system screen.

  • Move your mouse cursor on “Safe Mode with command Prompt” and then Hit Enter button from the keyboard.

  • You must log on your system with Administrator account for full advantages.

  • After sometime, you will see a small Command Prompt box where you need type ‘rstrui.exe’ and then press Enter key.

  • At last, you must follow the all instructions appeared on the main screen and then must to do system restore.

Method 2. How To find and uninstall CTB Locker Critoni Ransomware using MSConfig in Safe Mode

  • First of all, log off your Windows PC and click on restart option.
  • When your system is in booting mode then press F8 key continuously and open “Windows Advance Options Menu”.

  • After, you need to use your left arrow keys to locate and select “Safe Mode” option and then Hit Enter button.

  • Next, in the start menu, type “msconfig” in small search box and launch the program.

  • Move to Startup tab and search the files from %AppData% or %Temp% folders using rundll32.exe.
    Look out the example below :

C:\Windows\System32\rundll32.exe C:\Users\username\appdata\local\temp\regepqzf.dll,H1N1

  • Now, you must delete all the unwanted entries related with CTB Locker Critoni Ransomware and make the changes in the application.
  • At last, reboot your system in normal way.

Method 4. How to terminate Suspicious Process Related to CTB Locker Critoni Ransomware virus

  • To open, press Alt+Ctrl and Del buttons simultaneously.

  • After pressing the keys, you must select Task Manager from the lists.
  • Move to Process Tab and find out CTB Locker Critoni Ransomware from the processes.

  • Click on End Process button in order to terminate the all processes related to this ransomware virus.

Method 4. Uninstall CTB Locker Critoni Ransomware From Registry Editor

  • First of all, open Run command prompt box by pressing Windows and R keys together.

  • Now, type “regedit” in the search box and move to OK button to launch Registry Editor Window.

  • In this Window, click on CTB Locker Critoni Ransomware related entries. After, move to Delete button and restart your Windows PC in safe mode.

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