How to fix WISPTIS.EXE in Windows 10 in just a few steps

Windows 10

Did you want to WISPTIS.EXE in Windows 10 permanently? Does your stored system files get corrupt while working in Windows 10 OS? Is your all important files are stolen from a personal computer? If you are getting these activities while browsing your Windows 10 then you immediately need to fix WISPTIS.EXE in Windows 10 and read the below article you will get the best solution for that.

Windows 10 is the latest version of Windows operating system which was launched on 15th July 2015. This operating system provides a lot of facilities tot he the users like sending emails or receiving the email by using their product Microsoft Outlook and this is also s stand-alone application where the user can use them for searching as a browser as well as making any notes or read any journals. This OS works an application in the computer where the user can work a lot of things. But there are occurrence some error or deletion of files from Windows 10 OS. WISPTIS.EXE is also coming in virus list of Windows 10 OS which creates a lot of misalliance activities that may cause data loss or corruption of user.

What is WISPTIS.EXE in Windows 10:

The WISPTIS.EXE is behaving like a virus sometimes if they are encoded with malicious code. The full form of WISPTIS is “ Windows Ink Services Platform Tablet Input Subsystem”. The WISPTIS.EXE is basically using for writing anything on the system. It works as a pen output on the Windows 10 operating system where the Windows system user uses them for writing any things in the system and it may also use them to write in the Tablet. This is also known to be as a Pen Input device Tool and the most important thing is that it supports Microsoft Office handwriting feature.

The WISPTIS.EXE in Windows 10, it works as a Microsoft Pen and Touchscreen input due that the user can write or draw anything in their Windows Tablet or computer by using this technique. In the Windows 10 system, it is designed as it is active forever for the users when the pen or touch screen feature is OFF in Windows 10 operating system.

Malicious Activity of WISPTIS.EXE in Windows 10:

This tool is most basically use them for writing anything in the Windows 10 system. But this tool is sometimes downloaded by the Windows users and that times several fake or infected WISPTIS.EXE related tools are available online where the user can update or download and installed them. Once ti download then it will not deactivate from the user side.

Maximum users are a demand that or want to know that this a malware or Malwarebytes. So, informing them that this is an malware then after knowing this thing then the user demand that gives tips or ideas to remove this virus or malware. So suggest them is that this is that the Windows user are first to check them that this is genuine or fake then they will start deactivating process. Because developers are put the malicious code in the application toll and the user is want to remove them but they can not be removed manually. So, they choose the option to fix them by task manager scanner process and also other processes are available that they help them to fix this error or remove this virus.

The solution for WISPTIS.EXE in Windows 10:

Some users have the question that the toll is installed in their system is genuine or not? So, first they allow to check them by just following a few steps which are given below:

Step 1. So, first of all, the need to check that any background files or programs are running or not, if it any running then close them. Now, Open the task manager in the machine then wait till completely open. Otherwise, the users are also using the short key like Ctrl +Shift+ Esc by using the keyboard.

Step 2. Now, the user gets the menu list on screen then they need to check them the option WISPTIS.EXE but this process may take time because it may be saved in deep of the open menu list.

Step 3. If the user gets that file name then check that it is that or not? If it is that then right click on that files and find the option Open file location. Choose that option from the menu list then hit on them and wait till opening the location of that file where they are saved in the system. If your location or path of that files showing on screen then hold on that time. The user needs to pay attention to there and check the below mention path if it is that they do not worry about that it is a virus:


If the user gets the location or path is different then be aware of that that one may be harmful virus. If you get the changed path or location then start full scanning process in their Windows 10 system. Follow the below steps:

WISPTIS.EXE in Windows 10

Step 4. Refresh the desktop home screen then go to the taskbar and click on the Windows Security Program and wait till to open the new page.

WISPTIS.EXE in Windows 10

Step 5. If you get the new menu page then choose the option Virus and threat protection which is available at the left side corner of the page and hit on them.

WISPTIS.EXE in Windows 10

Step 6. Now at the below page of that menu page, you will get the Scan option then you need to click on them and again you will get the new options list. Then choose the Full scan option then press the Scan now button which you will get at the lower end of that open page. The user should remember that the overall scanning is complete then restart your personal computer properly and again check them, it is removed permanently.

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