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Hello, I am Michael and recently I upgraded my Windows 7 PC to Windows 8. The Microsoft has really enhanced the user-interface in this new OS and the system administration experience is also quite superb. The specs, as well as the features of the Windows 8, is quite cool and I was enjoying this PC. But, recently I started facing some boot issues with my Windows 8 Operating System. I encountered a problem in which my system was unable to reboot. This boot failure issue of Windows 8 is hampering my work as the OS slowly loads or shows random errors on the screen. I have tried so many techniques, but this error came again and hamper my overall system administration experience. If anyone out there with an effective methodology in order to remove the boot failure and issues of Windows 8, then help me. Thanks in advance…

Windows 8 Startup & Boot Issues

The Windows 8 operating system uses a new hybrid boot feature which is responsible for improving the boot times of the operating system. When the Windows 8 user shuts down the system, the system has not been actually shut down and it is because the Windows 8 will hibernate. This mechanism stores a state with the drivers, services and the other software to load in the memory. This mechanism will improve the boot time as when you again start your computer, it will not need to reinitialize all hardware, drivers, services, and software. This will simply load the state from the hard-drive and continues the booting process.

So, hope you all have understood the complete booting process of the Windows 8. Microsoft has tried to enhance the overall experience of the users in this Windows 8 operating system but as we all know that every coin has two faces. The features and the specs of the Windows 8 PC have also invited some boot failures and startup issues problems in Windows 8 PC. These startup issues and boot failure in Windows 8 has hampered the overall system administration experience of the users.

The hybrid boot feature of Windows 8 was added in order to smoothen the booting process of the system but, it became the reason for some problems and issues. The older machines with buggy and slow drivers don’t like this feature of Windows 8. The older computers refuse to hibernate in a proper manner and this all is caused by the older version of hardware and the drivers which somehow doesn’t support this hybrid boot feature.

Reasons for the startup and booting issues in the Windows 8

There are so many reasons which cause the startup failure in Windows 8. So, let’s highlight each and every bullet points which are the major cause of Windows 8 Booting Issues.

  • The computer hardware is not supporting the hibernate process.
  • The drivers are not getting compatible with the hybrid boot feature.
  • Improper operations on the computer
  • Alteration of the registry hives may also be a reason.
  • Misconfiguration of the system files and directories can be a reason.
  • Boot sector virus and infections can also be a reason for startup issues in Windows 8.

Symptoms of startup/booting issues in Windows 8

There are some symptoms which are associated with startup and boot issues of Windows 8. Below are some of the bullet points so let’s explore.

  • Error messages will pop-up on the screen like “Windows couldn’t load correctly
  • The system will fail to boot and pops-up error message like “Windows couldn’t start correctly
  • Slow performance of the Operating System
  • The system administration experience will be hampered
  • The system will fail to restart and pops-up error message like “Windows couldn’t restart correctly”
  • The appearance of Blue Screen of Death and a sudden shutdown after it.

Effective Methods To Resolve Windows 8 Boot Failure

Here, we will talk about almost all kinds of manual as well as automatic methodologies which will help you in recovering your entire Windows 8 PC from boot failure issues. the manual methodologies are lengthy, time-consuming, and complex and it needs an advanced level computer knowledge in order to perform the operation, However, we will also talk about a pro-tip which is neither time-consuming and nor it needs an advance knowledge in order to complete the process. The pro-tip is an automatic technique which will be done with the help of a powerful software called Reimage Repair Software. The Reimage Repair Software is capable of removing all kinds of booting issues of Windows 8 in some easy and efficient clicks.

1- Disable the fast startup/hybrid boot feature

If you are facing the boot problems during the startup, then it is recommended to disable the advance boot feature of the Windows 8 operating system. This new technology hybrid boot feature of Windows 8 will slow down the performance of your computer system and you will have to do this in order to fix boot-level problems and issues.

hybrid boot feature windows 8

To do this, you have to follow the below procedure:

  1. Press Windows Key, type “power Settings” at the Start screen
  2. Select the Settings category and click Change What The Power Buttons Do
  3. Launch the appropriate Control Panel
  4. Click Change Settings That Are Currently Unavailable
  5. Bypass the UAC Prompt and uncheck the Turn on Fast Startup (Recommended) Option under shutdown settings
  6. Click on the Save Changes Button

This whole procedure will now push your system to the complete shutdown and then full startup. After this process, the system will take longer, but hopefully, the boot failure issues in the Windows 8 will now have vanished.

The process is manual and it needs time, as well as the user, must have advanced knowledge about the computers in order to perform the operation. The above-mentioned process will disable the hybrid boot feature in Windows 8 which will overcome the sluggish and failed start of the Windows.

2- The Pro-Tip: Reimage Repair Software

The manual process as we all know is time-consuming and to overcome this issue, we have a pro-tip which will help the user in removing the boot failure issue of Windows 8. The Reimage Repair Software is an automated tool which will remove the startup issues of Windows 8 in some easy and effective clicks. As we have discussed that there are plenty of reasons which triggers the boot failure in Windows 8 and Reimage Repair Software will repair and fix all that too. Reimage Repair Software is also capable of eliminating all kinds of threats, errors, and vulnerabilities. Below, is the download link of this powerful tool which will help you in removing all kinds of issues and safeguard your entire system.

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Reimage Repair Software

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