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Does your Windows 10 system gets rebooted during important task? Are you detecting VHD_BOOT_INITIALIZATION_FAILED error on the screen? Have you detected slow down in the system performance? Are you getting troubles in performing any activity on the system? If your response is positive to all these questions then you are advised to follow the given steps. It contains easiest instructions which will help you to fix the error. So, try to follow the instructions carefully.


Windows 10 is one of the fastest and reliable operating system which allows the users to perform various types of activities. It comes with fastest working speed and user-friendly interface which is helpful for non-technical users. However, it has various advantages but still sometimes user detects VHD_BOOT_INITIALIZATION_FAILED error on the screen. You need to know that it is a BSOD error which is capable to restart the PC even without any prior notification. In such a case, all the saved files gets corrupted which is harmful for the users. You may also encounter random freezing or crashing of the operating system when you will try to perform any task. The bug check value of the error is 0x0000012F. Due to the error, you will notice strange behavior of the PC and its running speed will also become sluggish.

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You need to know that blue-screen-of-death error occurs on the screen due to various factors. Some of the important points has been given below:

Malware Infection: It is one of the most common cause behind such BSOD errors on the screen. These threats will secretly invade in the PC and generates error to create troubles for the users.

Software Failure: If you will installed outdated or incompatible software in the system then you may find BSOD error on the screen. Even more, failure of the software is also responsible for such annoying errors.

Missing of DLL File: If the DLL file gets deleted or corrupted accidentally then most of the installed will not respond properly and you may detect error on the screen.

Modification of Registry Entries: Presence of suspicious codes or payloads in the registry editor is responsible for occurrence of NSOD errors on the screen.

Incompatible Hardware: If you will connect incompatible hardware or external device in the system then it will show unstoppable blue-screen-of-death error continuously during your important work.

Misconfiguration of Default Settings: Sometimes, user performs unwanted changes in the system settings unknowingly. It is also a common reason behind unwanted errors.


Users need to know that you will not be able to work normally if VHD_BOOT_INITIALIZATION_FAILED error starts to appear on the screen. Some of the common consequences of the error has been mentioned below:-

  • The installed programs and software will not respond properly.
  • Users will find extremely sluggish speed of the system functions including start up, shut down, opening files, playing games, installing applications, Internet connection etc.
  • Floods of error messages and warning alerts will appear on the screen.
  • Crashing or freezing of the operating system will become a regular issue.
  • System will reboot itself at certain time intervals.
  • Lots of unwanted running processes will be detected in Task Manager.


No need to panic if you are fed up with the BSOD errors on the screen. Users are advised to follow the manual steps which will help the users to fix it permanently. You are suggested to follow the given instructions carefully.

  • Disable automatic restart of Windows 10 PC.
  • Remove the presence of harmful spyware or malware using powerful tool.
  • Update all the device driver which are installed in the system.
  • Perform deep scanning in your PC using SFC scan.
  • Use default Windows Blue Screen Troubleshooter to fix the issue.
  • Update Windows PC to its latest version.
  • Use System Restore Point to revert the system when it was working fine.
  • Remove similar applications from the system.

Point to Remember: Users need to know that these steps are useful which is help you to fix the error but it is complicated, risky and consumes more time than usual. In these steps, you have to remove lots of unwanted files but accidentally if you will select any important file then it can result dangerous for the system. It requires technical knowledge which is not suitable for novice users. If you don’t have much idea about the internal files of the PC then you should avoid following these steps.


If you are unable to perform any task in Windows PC then you are advised to make use of Reimage Repair Software. It is an advanced tool which has been designed by the technical experts. It supports various advanced features and powerful algorithms to perform deep scanning in the system. This tool will detect all the reason behind the error and carries ability to fix them immediately. It is capable to clean the registry entries and repair the damaged DLL files. Even more, this tool will also remove the presence of malicious threats and protect the PC from future attacks. Using this tool, you will be able to enhance the running speed of various functions of the system. It is an all-in-one software which supports user-friendly interface. It will provide step-by-step instructions while scanning process. You can check the working efficiency of the tool by downloading its trial version.

Download Free Tool to Fix VHD_BOOT_INITIALIZATION_FAILED error and Optimize PC Performance

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