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From last two days, i am detecting SYSTEM_PTE_MISUSE BSOD Error in my Windows 10 PC. I don’t know the reason behind the error but it keeps rebooting my system at certain time intervals. I am extremely annoyed with the alerts and looking for the best solution to resolve it permanently. In fact, i have tried hard to fix it manually but ended up with failure. Please help me to troubleshoot SYSTEM_PTE_MISUSE BSOD Error quickly. All the suggestions will be strongly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Windows 10 is one of the most popular operating system which has been developed by the Microsoft Corporation. It supports various advanced features and provides best working experience to the users. You can perform different types of activities at fastest speed. However, the worst thing happens when user starts to detect SYSTEM_PTE_MISUSE BSOD Error on the screen. The bug check value of the error is 0x000000DA. You need to know that this error mainly occurs due to using inappropriate method in Page Table Entry (PTE). Users ned to aware that it is a BSOD error which occurs on the screen and restart the system at certain time intervals. It is also responsible for lots of strange activities in the PC and its running speed may also start to degrade gradually. It is completely annoying alert which can leads the PC to destructive situation if ignore for long time.

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Reasons Behind SYSTEM_PTE_MISUSE BSOD Error:-

The main reason responsible for the BSOD error is problem in device driver. Additionally, there are several factors which are also the cause behind such issues. The main points has been mentioned below:-

Virus Infection:- It is one of the common reason behind such type of errors on the screen. This threat will damage the driver and thus it will start to show error messages.

Modification in the Registry Entries: Windows Registry Editor is an important component of PC. If its entries gets modified with fake codes or payloads and become inaccessible then you will not be able to work normally on the system.

Outdated or Damaged Device Drivers: If you are using outdated, corrupted or incompatible drive for any device then it will results to flood of annoying BSOD errors on the screen.

Clash Between Similar Applications: If two or more applications are using the same driver at a time then this conflict will create unwanted error messages on the screen.

Failure of Hardware: You may also get such BSOD errors when there is any issue in the connected hardware. If the device is not working then you may face errors while working on the system.

Junk Files: Accumulation of the junk files in the start drive can also results to SYSTEM_PTE_MISUSE BSOD Error on the Windows 10 screen.

Aftermaths of SYSTEM_PTE_MISUSE BSOD Error:-

Once the BSOD error will start to appear on the screen, you will find lots of harmful activities in the system. Some of the common consequences of the PC has been mentioned below:-

  • Most of the installed programs will stop responding and generate warning alerts.
  • The running speed of the basic functions of PC as well as Internet connection will become extremely sluggish.
  • Saved files or data will be damaged and become inaccessible.
  • Problem in installing new or updating the disabled programs.
  • Changes in the default settings is possible.
  • CPU usage will be increased due to fake processes in the Task Manager.
  • Automatic reboot of the PC will become quite common.
  • Crashing or freezing of the operating system is possible at certain time intervals.
  • Floods of error messages or warning alerts will appear on the screen.

Prevention tips to Avoid SYSTEM_PTE_MISUSE BSOD Error in Future:-

The BSOD errors are extremely annoying which will not allow you to conduct any task normally. But if you will take some precautions then you will be able to reduce the chances of such issues. The common prevention tips has been given below:-

Perform Regular Scanning: Users are advised to conduct deep scanning in the system using an updated anti-virus at regular intervals. It will help you to protect the system from worst impacts of malicious threats.

Install Updated Drivers: Before installing any device driver in the PC, you should always ensure that it is compatible and updated version.

Download from Reliable Sites: Sometimes user visits unauthorized sites and download the free software or drivers unknowingly. You should know that these files are infected which can affect the system performance severely.

Enable Windows Firewall Alert: You should always enable Windows Firewall which is capable to block the unauthorized incoming connection from the third parties and protect the system from hazards.

Do not open Spam emails: Many users opens the spam emails and download the attachment send by the unknown person. You should know that it is harmful and you need to avoid clicking on such links.

Fix SYSTEM_PTE_MISUSE BSOD Error Automatically?

If your important tasks are getting pending due to BSOD errors and wants to fix it immediately then we recommend you to make use of Reimage Repair Software. It is one of the best tool which comes with powerful scanning and high level mechanisms. It has ability to conduct deep scanning in the system and fixes the damaged driver to block the error permanently. Even more, it will help you to enhance the running speed of various functions of the system such as startup, shut down, opening files, playing games, installing applications, Internet connection etc. Users will also be able to repair the damaged and restore the permanently deleted DLL files. What’s more, you does not need to buy another tool for cleaning the registry entries or removing the presence of suspicious threats. This effective tool will protect your PC from all types of troubles in few clicks. So, you can check its working efficiency by downloading the trial version of the software.

Download Free Tool to Fix SYSTEM_PTE_MISUSE BSOD Error and Optimize PC Performance

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