How to Fix Media Creation Tool error 0x80004005 – 0XA001A in Windows 10

Windows 10

Hi, I am Jack. Today I am getting error 0x80004005 – 0XA001A in my Windows 10 system. When I try to install my Windows 10 Fall creators update by using the Media Creation Tool and updating process is not completed. Please help me to fix error 0x80004005 – 0XA001A such that I will continue to my installing process.

Media Creation Tool is developed by the Microsoft organization which is generally supported in the Windows 10 system. This tool allows a user to perform a fresh Windows install and the updating process is done for fixing its problem. The user needs to download the ISO file on their personal computer, this file contains combinations of all Windows files and user need to copy them into the USB or DVD devices. A user needs to wait for completing the process of downloading. After completion of the downloading process in the external drive then plug the drive into the personal computer and run the setup .exe file from the root folder.

The Microsoft 10 users are installing the Windows Fall creator update just by using the media creation file then they will start downloading into the external devices. But when after reaching the 50 %completion of downloading then it will start displaying a below message:

There was a problem running this tool

We’re not sure what happened, but were unable to run this tool on your PC. If you continue experiencing problems, reference the error code when contacting customer support. Error code: 0x80004005 – 0xA001A

Steps to Fix error 0x80004005 – 0XA001A in the Windows 10 system:

Run Setupprep:

The Setupprep is also another tool that a user uses them to installing or downloading the Windows 10 operating system. This tool is a part of Media Creation Tool which designed to keep ready the installation process or upgrading of Windows 10 OS. Users are suggested them need to download the Windows 10 Update which is the copy of Windows installation before following the below steps. Kept them in the folder as

C:\$Windows.~BT\Sources\folder in the installation media. The steps are given below for Setupprep:

Step 1. The user needs to first restart your computer in the proper way then after that refresh the desktop and remember that no any application needs to run. Now, hit the join key “Win and R” shortcut key jointly. These are done to open the Run dialog.

Step 2. Now, the new menu window will appear on screen then user need type the file name that saved at the files after completion of downloading ISO file. The file name is C:\$Windows.~BT\\Sources, choose them and press hit OK button to continue to its process. The Ok button proceeds to launch the next menu.

Step 3. A user needs to keep in mind is that the folder path is may be different from so keep check properly. Again the new menu window is displaying, choose the Setuprep.exe file and double-click on them proceed to setup file. This installing process may take several time to complete them. Once completing the installation process, the user needs to restart their Windows 10 personal computer then after a few minutes then start rebooting process. The user has the problem of incomplete the downloading process or corruption of download file then that time this tool is helpful to solve error 0x80004005 – 0XA001A. If the user not getting the download file then try to again download it.

error 0x80004005 – 0XA001A

Remove the content of the Downloading folder:

Maximum time the storage of the directory contains a lot of downloaded file into them such they will create a disturbance to installing the Fresh Media Creation file So, the user needs to clean the download directory of the system to perform the reinstall the operating system again. The below steps for removing the content of Downloading folder:

Step 1. press joint key “Windows + E” hotkeys at a time and this is to do launch the File Explorer.

Step 2. Now, the user needs to go to the menu bar and hit the view button. After doing this process marks all checkbox that is against the Hidden items in such a way that to view the valid files. Now, the user needs to navigate the following path :


Step 3. The user needs to keep in mind that C: delivers the main distribution of disk derive where Windows operating system is installed. Now, the user gets the Download folder, open that folder and select the all file which are under the Download folder just by using the Ctrl + A shortcut keys and then after that click on the deletion button. After doing this process the user deletes the all useless download file from the download folder.

Step 4. After done the deletion process, a user needs to log out to their system and start reinstalling Windows Media Creation Tool. Open the tool just by using the double click on them and move forward to the setup file (.exe) of the tool to access its wizard.

Step 5. If the UAC prompt appears on screen then the user need to click on the Yes button to proceed to authorize the access then after done this process then hit on Accept button to proceed to the next step. Again the new menu window appears on screen the user activates the checkbox “Create installation media using USB flash drive, DVD, or ISO file for another Personal Computer”. Then again click on OK to proceed to next step.

Step 6. Now again the new menu window appears on screen then that time user needs to focus on options that appear on the screen. The user needs to select the storage device which uses for store them. Select the “USB Flash Drive” which is used to store the file on the removable media. User remembers that if they select another path then it will create the problem of completing the downloading process.

Step 7. Now, finally, click on the Next button proceed to the Windows 10 OS files. The user needs boot from the drive and this will most helpful to remove or fix the error 0x80004005 – 0XA001A completely.

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