How to Fix AsusTPcenter.exe Bad image in Windows 10 Completely

Windows 10

Many computer users are facing lots of undesirable errors when they attempt to install any reliable program or tool on the Windows 10 PC. Let’s discuss about AsusTPcenter.exe error, it is one of the serious or frustrating issue that you noticed every time at the time of installing programs. Well, when this unwanted error pop-up on your system screen, you are not able to launch any program which is installed on your Windows OS machine. As another screenshot of program, the AsusTPcenter.exe is a part of another program component of ASUS Smart Gesture.

The primary functionality of this software element is to generate the separate ASUS Touchpad Center but in some cases it their is something wrong running in PC. This is so frustrating error that can deactivate the function of running applications and other default functionalities of your Windows computer. In unpleasant situations, when you receive AsusTPcenter.exe Bad image then no need to get panic because there are numerous miscellaneous solutions that enables you to resolve these errors. Here you have to perform system file checker, detect DISM and clean out the unreliable files that might assist you to get rid of this malevolent bug. In the given blog post, we will discuss about numerous steps that helps you to eradicate this Asus touchpad problem.

Simple & Perfect solution to remove Fix AsusTPcenter.exe Bad image in Windows 10 errors

Here are the lists of ultimate ways which helps Windows users to resolve Fix AsusTPcenter.exe Bad image in Windows 10, figure out the following steps :

Create the backup of computer files

The AsusTPcenter.exe is an annoying error which can harm your numerous system files that are stored on PC’s internal hard drive. If you attempt to change the configuration of system then it causes the bunch of unwanted issues. So, it is highly recommended you to create an extra backup of all necessary files o data. Follow the steps :

Step 1. Turn on your Windows 10 PC and Press Windows logo and I keys simultaneously to launch Windows settings program.

Step 2. You will see the main screen of program. Now, you have to locate and click on Update & Security from the category lists.

Step 3. In this category, click on Backup option which is present at the left-side of the main page.

Step 4. Now, you will notice a special plus(+) button on the right-side of the Window. Use your left arrow key to select this button namely ‘Add a drive’. Click on More options appears below the drive option. As soon as move your mouse pointer on this drive option, you will see the drop-down lists . After, you need to select Backup from the lists of running programs.

Step 5. In last step, click on the ‘Backup now’ button to initiate the backing up process.


Run System File Checker (SFC) :

SFC is abbreviated for System File Checker which is a kind of in-built application which is capable to find the presence of unreliable programs runs on the system. With the help of this in-built program, you scan these faulty PC files and other unnecessary programs. Wait for a few seconds till the progress of scanning is finish. The use of in-built program is one of the primary solution which allows you to detect AsusTPcenter.exe Bad image in Windows 10 PC.

Detect and perform DISM tool

Step 1. First of all, you have to launch Run command prompt by pressing Window logo and I keys in shortcut. In the text area, you need to type CMD and hit on Enter key.

Step 2. After, you need to open elevated command prompt dialog box by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Enter keys simultaneously. Well, once the cmd Window is opened successfully, type the command like sfc/scannow and press on Enter key that begins the scanning process.

Step 3. After typing the command, you will see the scanning process on the screen. This process will recognize the damaged or erased files stored on system’s memory. It may take a few minutes to complete the entire scan. Once the scan process is over, it displays the full details of lost or missing files. DSIM contains three different commands such as ScanHealth, CheckHealth and RestoreHealth. The lists of three commands are used to rectify the Windows bad Image related issues. These related commands helps you to repair the Windows Setup and Windows PE.

  1. In initial process, type ‘CMD’ on Cortana search option. Aftre, you notices the Best match shows Command Prompt and just do right-click on it. Then, click on Run as administrator from the lists of programs that promp up on your system screen.
  2. After, click onYes option presents under the UAC dialog box.
  3. To process the CheckHealth command, just copy-pas or type this text in the text area. Then, hit on the Enter button.


DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth

When the scan process is in running then follow this below syntax to begins a ScanHealth process.

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth

At last, if you want to identify the Image troubles in Windows 10 system, simply select third scan namely RestoreHealth. You can use ultimate step, follow copy/paste or type the text in command line and press on Enter key.

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

Further, wait for a few minutes till the command gets finished, it may take at least 9-10 minutes to complete the entire process. When the scan process is over, without making any delay just Reboot Windows 10 system and check that AsusTPcenter.exe Bad image issue found or not.

Try to Re-install Touchpad Driver

In some adverse cases, the in-built drive such as Touchpad Driver is suddenly out-of-dated. Once this driver software gets pirated or corrupted, you need to re-install the driver software in Windows 10 PC. Even when your driver software or application is updated and still you notices the yellow sign means any errors, you must re- install it which is the perfect solution for you. To re-install the software, lookouts the steps :

  • Turn on your Windows 10 PC and click on Start button. After clicking Start option, right-click on it and select Device Manager that may take a few seconds to open.
  • In next step, you will see the lists of pointing devices presents at the left-side of the Window. Just search the driver software and do right-click on it. If the internet speed is good then then the driver software is successfully installed without taking any extra time.


  • Once the driver programs are uninstalled from your system then just restart the computer. After login the system, click on reinstall the driver that might take a few seconds to setup. At last, you need to make sure that the AsusTPcenter.exe Bad image issue persists inside the system.

Delete unwanted System Junk files with using Cleaner tool

The last solution is clean out the Junk files from system. As we all know that the Windows computer automatically identifies the unreliable files or components that may present under the every side of activity that you carry out. Thus, if you detects any of the errors related with AsusTPcenter.exe Bad image issue, you need to use Disk Cleanup tool to remove the junk files from your system quickly. Follow the steps :

  • In first step, type ‘cleanmgr’ on Cortana box and press Enter key to launch ‘DiskCleanup’ tool or application. After, choose the type of computer drive or partition and hit Ok button to begins cleaning.

  • You can see the below snapshot that consists the lists of Program files, temporary files and many others. Now, put a tick mark on these program files that are not good for your system, click on Clean up system files button and select OK button.

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