Guide To Fix 0x802A0002 “Shutdown was Already Called on this object” in Windows 10

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Complete details about Error 0x802A0002

In these days, most of the computer users are using the latest version of Windows Operating System namely Windows 10 with purpose of performing their tasks easily. As it seems Windows 10 is an upcoming version which is designed for offering well-known features but sometimes you get such a strange error message named as 0x802A0002 “Shutdown was Already Called on this object” in Windows 10 when you connect your mouse pointer, keyboard, Flash drive or any type of hardware component to your system. In most cases, this type of undesirable error alert comes in your desktop screen when you try to read the source file and disk details. In addition, there are plenty of frustrating circumstances which are responsible for occurring of error 0x802A0002 and other warning messages such as incompatible or pirated version of application, hardware failure, corrupted driver software, unintentional installation of programs or tools and other vicious malware infection that can make your system files entirely unusable for a long duration.

However, in such situations, if you use troubleshooting of devices and hardware problems, perform SFC scan, System Restore or other manual procedures then it’s quite fine. But in some ways, any of the methods doesn’t work properly then you can replace hardware peripheral like mouse cursor, keyboard, Bluetooth device that can assist you to resolve this annoying issue. In addition, when you perform work on your PC, take as an example, when you connect your smart phones or any device to your computer machine with main motive of transferring of files then instead of transferring process, you will receive such a kind of warning message or alert denotes that your vital system files are not transferred successfully. In these ways, this unwanted warning message can popup on your system screen every time.


“An unexpected error is keeping you from copying the file, if you continue to receive this error, you can use the error code to search for help with this problem.”

“Error 0x802A0002 : Shutdown was already called on this object or the object that owns it.”


What should you do if you receive 0x802A0002 “Shutdown was Already Called on this object” in Windows 10 in your system screen ?

In some rare cases, when you turn on your Windows 10 PC then suddenly you get a stop code on your system. There are the lists of manual procedures that helps you to fix these related errors. Some of the points are mentioned below :

1. Must follow the hardware and other devices Troublshooter

If you are using Troubleshooting method then it’s the perfect and efficient option for fixing error 0x802A0002 and also detects other irrelevant issues. In such ways, the troubleshooter allows you to installation of additional hardware devices through which your system begins running very smooth and get responsive. So, you need to follow these below steps :

Step 1. In first step, power on your Windows 10 system and open taskbar by clicking start button. Then, type cp in the text area. Now, you will see the reports that are related with error issues and then press Enter key to launch Control Panel.

Step 2. When the Control Panel Window is opened successfully then use your upper arrow button to select ‘View by’ option. After that, you will see the two options in which you need to select Large icons.

Step 3. From the all Control Panel categories you have to select Troubleshooting category which can be displayed as a red line.

Step 4. In next step, move your mouse pointer on ‘View all’ that displays the snapshot of Troubleshoot computer problems that includes Programs, Hardware and Sound, network and Internet, System and Security.

Step 5. In last step, you have to locate Hardware and Devices option from the lists of internal hardware devices and then click on it. You need to click on Next option to initiate the procedure. You will see a pop-up message on your system screen. After clicking Next option, you will notice a number of reports that are related with hardware issues. Now, you need to follow the given instructions to run Troubleshooter which are displaying in the computer screen.

2. Try to perform SFC Scan command

In random cases, your computer files are infected due to several worst reasons. The dubious file can create specific error related with ‘0x802A0002 : Shutdown was Already Called on this object in Windows 10’. Right now, in such conditions if you launch “SFC Scan command” then it would be informative option for you. By applying this command method, you can check the lists of damaged system files that are presents in the PC’s specific folder.

  • First of all, click on start button and open Command Prompt Window by pressing both Window logo and R keys together. Follow the commands as shown in the picture below.

  • In next step, in command text area type “sfc / scannow” and wait for a few seconds until the scan process is finished. At last, close the command Prompt Window by selecting cross button and then Restart your System.

3. Update the device driver software

Next option is, you have to Update your device driver application which helps you to fixes strange codes related with Error 0x802A0002. Thus, if you want to stop these unwanted errors and solve these worst problems then you need to upgrade the drive software to the latest version which is best for you. Here, you need to use these following steps to prevent these issues.

  • Firstly, click on Start button and select Device Manager from the lists of drivers installed in your system. Now, you will notice the various drivers running in your Windows PC. Locate which one is in faulty. Move your mouse cursor on Other devices and you need to check where the yellow warning symbol is present on any driver as shown in the below snapshot.

  • After then, right click on faulty or outdated device driver and choose ‘Update driver’ option.



  • In last step, follow the all instructions carefully and wait for a few minutes until the update process is completed.

4. Reinstall the device driver if it not installed properly

If you think this installed driver is totally faulty or useless then don’t waste your time and follow the uninstall instructions to uninstall the software permanently.  Uninstall of driver is a perfect way to fix this undesirable error named as Error 0x802A0002.

If you noticing a warning pop-up on your computer screen then go to ‘Uninstall’ option which is used to delete the outdated or damaged driver. Finally, you need to reboot your Windows PC to complete the re-installation process.


5. Run System Restore

If such above manual methods are not able to solve error 0x802A0002 then no need to panic and you can try ‘system restore’ option. At these times you have to noticed that if any programs have been installed recently, then it is to check if there are any kind of error messages prompting up on your computer screen. In that case, you have to create System Restore point and kindly follow the below steps that are listed in the steps :

  • Select Cortana search and type “System restore” or “rstrui.exe” in short and then hit Enter key.

  • In next wizard, you need to click on Next option. Choose your appropriate Date and time to create Restore point for your system and then click on Next button.

  • In final step, click on Finish option and check if your computer is completely restored at the initial time then the error issues are not persists.

7. Replace the infected Device

There are lots of external removal drives such as USB drive, Pen drive that can create error 0x802A0002 Shutdown was Already Called on this object in Windows 10. In such cases, if your internal components are not in warranty period then you need to purchase a latest model from online. Thus, if you change your corrupted or outdated hardware components to the latest version then it’s the good choice.

6. Run Windows Update

If the above methods are not able to fix 0x802A0002 then you have to check for Windows updates, so it is highly recommended to follow Windows Update with good internet connection.

  • Launch a small Window named as “Windows Settings” by pressing both ‘Win button and I’ keys together. Now, you need to select “Update & Security” from the sections.



  • On the main Windows Update screen, click on “Check for updates”. By click this update button, your computer will display the availability of updates and directly install the additional file on your Windows PC.

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