Tips To Find Missing Photos on iPhone After Upgrading to iOS 8

Tips To Find Missing Photos on iPhone After Upgrading to iOS 8

Tips To Find Missing Photos on iPhone After Upgrading to iOS 8

Hello everyone, I bought a new model iPhone device that was released a few days ago. This Apple device works very well, but when I try to update my iPhone to the latest version, I suddenly found that all the necessary recent photos and videos disappeared. I have no idea why my personal image files are hidden and missing on my device. So, please, recommend me the best and most effective solution that helps me recover deleted photos from my iPhone and iPad.

In today’s internet world, number of users are using multiple series of iPhone and iPad devices for playing games, clicking quality pictures and other multiple activities. But in some conditions, some users have complained that when they try to upgrade your iPhone or other associated Apple devices then their all important pictures, videos and other files are suddenly missing from their devices. In such ways, when you download Photo app or other third party tool unfortunately this related app is not capable to find your all missing pictures and videos on your iPhone or iPad devices. So, no need to get panic and do not feel confuse because here are the lists of manual procedures which helps to restore all missing pictures or other digital media files. Moreover, in iOS 8 device, a huge collections of pictures and videos are suddenly changed. In iOS 7, you are able to view your albums in Album Tab and files in Camera Roll.

Common reasons explaining that why some pictures and videos gets disappeared from iPhone or iPad ?

Here are the lists of reasons which describes that why huge collections of photos gets disappeared from my iPhone or iPad. Have a look at points which has been listed below :

  • While upgrading iPhone device to iOS 10 or latest version.
  • When you attempt to restore the deleted photos, videos using unrecognized backup.
  • When you delete or remove your your valuable files using wrong buttons or without checking file’s entire content.
  • If you are log-in or sign-in individual iCloud account or other online cloud storage service, you may detect your all files are missing and lost. Sometimes, the iCloud Sync is deactivated.
  • When you try to hide your personal photos with the help of unknown photo hidden app.

Methods to restore missing or disappeared pictures and videos from iPhone or iPad ?

Here, we are discussing about why a certain amount of photos or other digital media files gets hide and disappeared from iPhone. Now, to resolve iPhone photo missing issues you have to follow the simple solutions which has been mentioned below :

Method 1. Restore Pictures from iPhone by Rebooting iPhone or related iDevices

First of all, you need to reboot your iPhone. Well, once your iDevice gets successfully restarted, install Photo restoration app and run it on your system. Follow all instructions and browse the photos which you want to get back on the device. This is one of the most simple procedure which allows you to retrieve your missing photos and also fixes the iPhone disappeared photos.

Method 2. Resolve Photo disappeared issues from iPhone by signing in another iCloud account

In some ways, when your all photos are missing from iphone, you must sure that your iPhone is logging in wrong or invalid iCloud account. After that, move to Settings option and check the user name and e-mail address. To fix the photo disappeared issues, you need to logged out or signing out the invalid iCloud account. At last, you should logged in the valid or right iCloud account that will easily get back your all missing pictures from iPhone.

Method 3. Fix iPhone photo missing problems by enabling iCloud Photos

In some cases, you may see that the iPhone photos get disappeared from iPhone or iPad if any error occurs in iCloud Photo Sync. After, you may notice that “My Photo Stream” is suddenly disabled. Then, you must check and sure that iCloud Photo feature is turn on or disable mode.

If you want to turn on My Photo Steam app or iCloud Photo Library then follow the steps which has been mentioned below:

  • First of all, move to Settings option and select the photo name and then click on iCloud.
  • Click on enable iCloud Photo Library or turn on My Photo Stream feature.
  • In next step, you have to connect your iPhone connected to Wi-Fi feature.
  • If you enable or turn on iCloid Photo Library, you may notice that you will see that “My Photo Stream” album will hide and disappear from the device.
  • Now, you will notice that your numerous image files presents on My Photo Stream will be directly transmitted to All Photos album with other Camera Roll Pictures. You must note that sometimes the Camera Roll album may be automatically replaced by all pictures.

Method 4. Resolve iPhone missing photo issues by deleting recent Album

In iOS 8 device, you may see an built-in album named as “Recently Deleted” in Photos application on your iPhone or iPad device. This album instantly retrieve the all missing photos which are recently hide or deleted for a certain duration. You must know that these files are not permanently disappeared from the iDevices.

Method 5. Fix and restore missing photos from iPhone by Unhiding Pictures

In some situations, if you have hidden your certain amount of photos or other files on your iPhone or iPad then you will see these related files are simply available in the Hidden album folder. Here are the lists of steps explains that how to unhide your pictures. First of all, open your Photo application and move to Albums tab. Click on Unhide Album. Now, choose the missing photos and then click on upper arrow icon and then select Unhide.


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