Features of iOS – Emojis, Carplay, Group FaceTime, QR code Reader


Brief Knowledge About Apple iOS 12 Phone

Apple users get excited about the coming version and eagerly come to wait for the use of iOS 12 features on the gadget. This version is more likely will define with the best experience of the new iPhone and iPad that is getting more release in last of 2018. It is once reported that will beginning iOS 12 that is going to include for the redesigned look and get modified with the Photos app and the rebuilt as well. For the later version, they mostly focus with more stability and the digital balance gets some of the fascinating additions.

Apple uses to say that iOS 12 will get an ability to perform any task faster than the iOS 11. However, see some of the features that come with the latest version of iOS.

Some iOS Features and Improvements


The most amazing iOS 12 features that would be Memoji that will get created by the animated emoji. It is not super cool that will use in the front—facing a 3D camera. To get the more realistic, you are able to customize the skin tone, facial structure, and the other accessories. It will allow you to choose the better options easily.

  • New Animoji – In this new version, Apple use to add the Tyrannosaurus, tiger, koala, and ghost.
  • Long Animoji video – Apple has used to increase the limit of the given length of Animoji video from the 10 to 30 seconds.
  • Stick the tongue out – In the latest iOS 12, the Animoji that will imitate for the tongue sticking the activity that depends upon to keep it.
  • New effects and filters – it will able to share the Memoji in the message box, and also you can send the favorite stickers and new filters to the similar of the chat.

Group FaceTime

If you have the big group to easily hang out that use to love this feature. With this features, you can able to make the conference call at least 32 people at the same given time. This is only applicable for both the audio and the video call. You will also get the chat with the number of people that will there on the tile of the screen. While starts to speak, the tile of the person that will be enlarged automatically. For the opposite, it will still remain too shrunk for those who easily not talk. It will again use for the Memoji to make some of the fun with the boring conversation.

Sorted Notification

If you use to love the organized, iOS 12 that has been the good feature for the person. Normally, we easily get the notifications from all the given apps in the identical place. Now, everything will easily show in the given sorted list. You will able to see the Notifications in 3 divided groups such as App, Topic etc. You can easily able to swipe the old notification in the group.

Use to Search Photos

You can also use to search the stock of the photos on iOS 12 in the given categories for the people and their scenes. It will able to include the new features named for you that will able to shows the memories and gives suggestions for sharing the photos and so on. It uses to accumulate every photo with the full resolutions in the iCloud of the photo library. Whenever the friends send iOS 12 that will start for searching the similar photos in the given library instantly that use to send it back.

News App

In iOS 12 News app use to get the new look and the appearance. Apple itself picks the top of the stories for the given users and presents in the personalized feed that will get in the stories from the trusted sources. It will have the browser for the channels and the topic that will easily show. Therefore, you will easily get the jump for the favorite channel quickly.


The stocks apps will also get modify than the earlier. It will able to show the stock performance for the whole day and use to add the price for every one hour. You want to read the article that simply use to tap on the title and will get for leaving the app. Now, this application is able to work on iPad in iOS 12.

Apple Books

In the iOS 12, Apple uses to upgrade the ebook app. You will get the Apple Books instead of iBooks. It will also experience you with the new look in the addition of a new name. Apple books can also preview for helping to start from the left off.

QR code Reader

QR code was also available in iOS 11, you will also get rather of the renovated in iOS 12. For the pointing the camera exactly, the simple point on the QR code and the app will get automatically highlight once get identified. It will also get user-friendly, that will able to add the QR code in the reader of the control center.

Do not disturb for the Suppress the Addition to Phone

  • Do not disturb during bedtime – you can feel annoying to get notifications while sleep time. In iOS 12, you will not experience this nasty notification. You can easily turn off while going to sleep and turn on the morning.
  • Screen time – iOS 12 also comes with the weekly report that use to include the usage of an application. You can also use to spend for per application that will notify with the received from other of them.
  • Set App limit – If you want to set the limits of the specific app, that is possible in iOS 12. Sometimes that needs to make some of the restrictions for the kids that cannot use some of the specific apps such as movies, games for long. You can use the extension and also set the limit of an app user. It will use to apply for the Apple phone to set the limit of showing the restrictions as well.

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