What is Face recognition, importance and its applications?


The face is the most important part of human life, it gives us identity in the society, without face no one can be recognized. It is a really great creativity of God that every face is different from each other. Also, God has given us a great brain to resemble the differences. But what about the computer. How does it recognize the variety of faces present in the world? You may wonder how does Facebook recognizes the person from every new photo posted on it. To solve this dilemma, this article describes what actually a facial recognition is, how important it is for the society, how does it works and present uses of face recognition.

What is face recognition?

Face recognition is a technique or a method to recognize the face of the human in the Biometric software. Faces may be in the form of pictures or videos. Human has the tendency to recognize the other humans face, same as that computer also has the ability to distinguish between the human faces. This is known as Facial Recognition. Every person has a unique face. So, it can be used for security purposes. It is the best option as the face of a person can be captured from the distance, no need to interact with the person. It may be described as Biometric artificial intelligence which has the capability to recognize a human through its facial pattern analysis. Face recognition is very helpful these days.



Importance of face recognition

It helps in Laws to identify the criminal from devices during any police case. These day Law enforcement agencies are widely using this system, they collect mugshot for the criminals and compare them with the database at the village level, state level, and national level. And then it recognizes the given picture to the other database of CCTV, traffic cameras, and other photos of him. It also helps us in detecting the fraud Documents (Driving license, Passports and Visas). China has developed a new technology of using face recognition at ATM and Banks for the transactions. In some countries, Face recognition is also used to detect Fraud Voters or duplicate voting. Some organization also uses this technology to take attendance of the employees according to the stored database.


Demerits:- It has some demerits too. since it is a computer, don’t have its own brain. It can only work according to the feed data, there is a possibility of mistakes.  The facial recognition may misidentify the person. It is better to not recognize the face of a guilty person than to misidentify the innocent person if you are using a facial recognition system for identification of a guilty person. Indian law system also says that a criminal is better to live free than to punish an innocent at his place. Our law gives its best to get clear cut information and then only it gives punishment to a guilty person. It is right to express your own viewpoint on the topic. At present, there are no laws to protect individuals facial data.

Face recognition

How does Face Recognition Works

In humans, there are six areas in the brain’s temporary lobe known as “face patches”. Human brains have a neuron, which recognizes the faces and stores the data in memory. Facial recognition is just a software which recognizes the face, it is a biometric system that maps facial features from the photos or videos. Details like the distance between the eyes, the shape of the eye, the chin of a person’s face can be calculated with the help of facial recognition system which uses computer algorithms to get the facial features in the form of mathematical representation and stores the data as a faceprint. Then it is compared to the store data in the computer database. Some facial recognition system has also the tendency to calculate the percentage of the face matched with the given data.

face recognition


Some practical application of facial recognition

Some apps use face recognition software to recognize the faces. These apps work by calculating the data with the help of face contours or nodal points. The nodal point is endpoints which are used to measure the variables in the face of a human. The biometric software identifies the 80 Nodal points on a human face, length, and breadth of the nose. The depth of the eyes and the shape of bones and many more. there are some apps by which supports face recognition software, they help you can get others app lock, you can also lock the home screen.

Face recognition in Facebook:-

face recognition

Facial recognition software is also used by Facebook to tag peoples in photographic posts. After long research in the field of artificial intelligence, A Facial Recognition system has been developed known as “ Deep face”, which recognize the face in the photos posted on Facebook. Thus the data of the tagged person’s facial characteristics gets stored in the Facebook software. Again when you post the new photos of the same person, Facebook software may recognize him and suggest you. Even the top shopping sites like Amazon, Mastercard and Alibaba have started a special feature of selfie pay, which uses facial recognition.

Conclusion:- Facial recognition is really an amazing technology develops so far. Above you had noticed how it helps us in our day to day life. This area has been developing too much that now facial recognition software is also used in smartphones, for the screen lock. this helps us to keep our soft copy safe in the mobile and protect from the unknown source. These days it is being in use widely at different industries and technology. It is one of the technology spreading widely, as you can see today biometric system is also used for detecting the citizens of the country and also helps to purchase a sim card. Thus here, you can conclude that face recognition has made our life comfortable. This software also captures the faces of person who tries to open your lock, you can now easily detect who had tried that.

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