Dressing tips based on wedding rituals.


What is the wedding?

A wedding is a ceremony in which two peoples are united and their relation is named as marriage. In this ceremony, not only the bride and bridegroom come together and form a relationship but their family too.

In India, the wedding is celebrated as a grand occasion. It is very colorful and very lavish with a lot of pop and show. The rituals of the Indian wedding begin at least a week in advance. The guests come to a place where the wedding held to be a part of the wedding and their functions. The get-together, the dance, and the music all are a part of these functions. And in that wedding function, you have to buy dresses according to the rituals.

1. Ring ceremony:

ring ceremo ny

The rings ceremony is also called an engagement ceremony. This ceremony takes place before the main day of the wedding. This is the first ritual of the wedding ceremony after done by this ceremony, all the wedding rituals are get started. In this ceremony, both the bride and groom exchange their rings to each other in the presence of their family members.

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In the engagement functions, you can wear what you want. Wear something heavy gown, lehenga or saree and the groom must be in the suit for being the smart look. Which gives you the bride look and look different from the guests. In an engagement ceremony, wear the dress according to the function. If the function is celebrated on a large scale you can go for the heavy and the costly one or if it is celebrated on the small scale you can end up with a traditional saree.

2. Haldi ceremony:


The Haldi ceremony is the one in which a paste of  Haldi (which is made for turmeric, rose water or normal water, and the sandalwood powder) is applied on the bride and the groom’s body before their wedding. This ceremony is held at the bride’s place as well as the groom’s place.

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In this ceremony, we have to wear a dress in yellow color according to your  Haldi (because  Haldi is also in yellow color) paste. You have to make a dress code for all. that they have to come to a  Haldi ceremony in yellow attire. And the yellow color is a summer-friendly color. Both the bride and groom also wear yellow kurta with a white churidar  to look more attractive

3. Mehendi ceremony:


A mehendi ceremony is also called henna ceremony. Mehendi ceremony celebrated at a bride’s place. In this ceremony, Mehendi has put in the hands and feet of the bride in a beautiful way especially this ceremony done with the help of an expert.

For mehendi ceremony attire, we have to go for a green color but this is not compulsory you go for other colors also. But henna is green in color and green color is an evergreen for wedding season. Choose something that is bright in color and doesn’t go for the heavy work dress. Choose something light in weight or something gives you the classic look.

4. Sangeet ceremony:

A sangeet ceremony is one of the most important and enjoyable awaited pre-wedding functions held at a bride’s place a day before from the day of the main wedding. It is the ceremony where both the families meet and enjoy the moment to its fullest by singing, dancing, and merrymaking. This ceremony takes place after the Mehendi ceremony. In this ceremony, the groom family also take part and enjoy the sangeet ceremony. And the best part about these gala functions is that there are no strict rules, which means everyone has the freedom to enjoy the wedding to its wholeheartedly.


In sangeet ceremony, wear something heavy work dress including lehenga or heavy suit piece. Try indo-western outfits and choose what kind of dress in which you feel flexible and comfortable because if you feel comfortable then you feel free to dance.

5. Marriage ceremony:

This is the second last function but the most awaited and important day for both the bride and the groom as well as their family too. This is the day where all the guests are come together and give blessings to the couple. The bride along with bridegroom takes seven steps together around the fire and promise to take care of each other under all circumstances.

In this day go for the lehengas are in color maroon, red, and green. You can go for or extra colors but these are the color which never goes out from the trend. For better result, both the bride and groom choose the same color attire for their wedding day.

6. Reception ceremony:

This is the last function of the wedding ceremony, in which all are come to give blessings to the new couple and guests show their love in the form of gifts. Reception is held at the groom’s place where the bride’s family are also invited to give blessings.


In the reception ceremony, you wear what you want to want and fulfill your dreams to wear a traditional and what you want to wear in the reception ceremony.

Here are the dresses one by one with its name to find you can find easily that what you want to wear at the wedding:

  • Go for an indo-western outfit because this is in trend and gives you a different look.
  • Choose a yellow color for Haldi functions it gives you a matching look for your or your relative’s Haldi ceremony.
  • In mehendi ceremony go for a green color because it matches to your henna (henna is also in green color) or you can choose something bright color for your mehndi day.
  • Pick the heaviest lehenga for your wedding day and the groom also go for a heavy sherwani.
  • In the reception ceremony, the groom wears the suit for a smart look.

In this whole article, you will find about what is the main wedding rituals and ideas of what you want to wear on the wedding functions. Get some trendy ideas of wedding dress with pics.

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