Effective Ways to open Device manager in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1

Windows 8

Short overview about Device Manager in Windows 8 OS

Now-a-days, Windows 8 and 8.1 OS is featured with an in-built device manager programs. It is a key component which is used for all type of applications, games and other tools. To access the Device Manager, you need to make sure that which type of driver software is installed on your Windows 8 PC. In such ways, firstly you need to choose the authentic driver software and then install it on your system. Let’s know about Device Manager, it is often work as an effective management tool or application which is mainly created for detecting device full status, upgrading driver programs, deactivating driver software and so others. Check if the application is installed in your system successfully then you need to update it on weekly or monthly basis. In certain cases, you can scan it with using full licensed version antivirus software and many changes in the system default settings. In Windows 8 PC, here is a specific menu namely Power Menu(Win&x) through which you can easily open the configurations of device manager and management tool. In Windows 8 OS, you will notice a number of shortcut presents on the Taskbar area that includes Control Panel, The PC, Charm Search, Device and Printers, System, File Explorer and many others.


In certain cases, there are a couple of reasons you need to access Device Manager in your Windows 8 operating system. When you attempt to use it on your system then suddenly it begins troubleshooting a lot of annoying issues that are related with your hardware component. After sometimes, you encounters a lot of error codes or messages that severely appears on your system screen. Some security experts have reported that Device Manager is not listed as a regular programs or tools, that’s why, it is very difficult to know about in which it is found. The Control Panel is one of the efficient and uncomplicated method that can enable you to launch Device Manager on your Windows 8 system. In addition, most of the users are accessing Device Manager by launching control panel. Likewise Windows 7, Vista or other versions of Windows operating system, the device manager is present inside control panel. If you want to change on Charm search or search anything for device manager program. With using the tools remains inside control panel, you can easily modify, manager and customize your operating system’s interface. Here are the three effective guidelines that allows you to launch device manager from the control panel Window. Look at the points mentioned below :

Best and Simple Methods To open Device Manager on Windows 8 and 8.1

Method 1. With using Power Menu (WinX)

  • First of all, you have to check that your system is turn on mode, move your mouse pointer on Start logo and right-click on it.

  • Now, select Device Manager from the lists of programs. Then, click on Device Manager option and wait for a few seconds.

Method 2. Through Charm Search

  • Switch on your Windows 8 PC and just tap on Windows button or press W key by using keyboard.
  • Now, you will see a special small search screen known as Charm Search. Type device manager in search area and select Device Manager that appears under different device driver lists.

Method 3. Through The PC

  • In first step, power on your system and just double click by using your mouse pointer. After a few minutes, you will notice a Window namely ‘The PC’ on Desktop background.

  • Select Computer option and then click on Manage option.

Method 4. Through Taskbar

  • To access Taskbar, follow the steps that are listed below :
  • Find the Windows Explore icon on Windows 8 PC and click on it. This icon appears in Taskbar area.
  • After, select Computer presents on Menu Bar and follow all ways indicated in above points.
  • Move your mouse cursor on Manage option.

An Ultimate Option to Access Device Manager on Windows 8 PC

Many users are using the latest version of Windows 8 system. Here is an ultimate option through which you can access the control panel with using an ultimate process. You need to follow on the numerous reasons that helps to open device manager with using control panel.

Method 1. Directly from Control Panel

  • Turn on your Windows PC and access Control Panel.
  • Find Device Manager and select it.


Method 2.  Indirectly from Control Panel

  • Go to all control panel items. Move your mouse pointer on Device and Printers option.

  • After that, you will see the Devices and Printers Windows and right click on empty space on this Window.



  • Select Device Manager from the drop-down lists and follow the all instructions.

Through Command Prompt

In some cases, you need to access device manager with using command prompt which is an ultimate option. There are the several tips through which you can freely access Device Manager by following command prompt, look at the points :

  • Use Win logo and R keys simultaneously if you want to turn on command Prompt Window.

  • Now, follow the commands that are displayed at the main screen. Then, type ‘mmc devmgmt.msc‘ and hit on Enter key. Copy the selected command and paste in the required position.

  • Well, once the command line is pasted then simply hit on Enter key to proceed the process.

Further, if you are using device manager on your Windows 8 or its latest version then you need to create a shortcut of selected file on your desktop background. In order to create a shortcut on desktop, open Device Manager and then right-click on it. Wait for a few minutes until the device manager Window is opened, click on Create shortcut option that helps to creates shortcut of selected files on your desktop.

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