Simple Ways To Decrease Pinned Icons Size on Windows 8.1 Taskbar

Windows 8

These days, many computer users are using the newest version of Windows 8 operating system. As usual, when you are attempting to install Windows 8 OS on your laptop or PC then you notices a couple of pinned size icons that are located on the taskbar space. These icons enables Windows users to access their favorite folders, websites that are running and accessible. You need to follow the post which will help you to decrease Pinned Icons size on Windows 8 or 8.1 Taskbar. Some of the steps are listed below :

Methods To Decrease Pinned Size Icons on Windows 8.1 OS

There are the several ways that allows you to decrease Pinned Icons Size on Windows 8 Taskbar, follow the steps :

  • First of all, turn on your Windows 8 PC and just right-click on Taskbar .
  • Move your mouse pointer on Properties.

  • You will see a small Window named as Taskbar and Navigation Properties that contains three different options including Lock the taskbar, Auto-hide the taskbar and Use small taskbar buttons. Put a tick mark on first and third checkbox and then select on Show Windows Store apps on the taskbar.

  • After selecting this option, move your mouse curse on Apply button and then hit on Ok option to proceed the process.
  • Well, once you choose Apply option then it will make your taskbar buttons very smoothly and pinned icons very small.

By following these above ways you can easily decrease the sizes of Pinned Icons on Windows 8 PC taskbar.


Methods to pin Windows 8 or 8.1 apps

Here, if you are attempting to pinning Windows 8 apps then it’s very simple task for you. Follow the given steps :

  • Firstly, you need to make sure that your system is turned on. Now, find or search the app which you want to pin. To pin, move your mouse pointer on unusable area on the computer screen and just right-click on it. After, a empty bar will appear in which you need to move your mouse pointer on All apps icon listed at the right-side of screen.

  • Click on All apps icon. After clicking, it will show the lists of apps that are available on your Windows computer.

  • Now, choose the app which you want to pin on empty space, right-click on it. Select the app and press and hold it continuously and wait for few seconds till the apps are dragged in downward position.
  • Select or tap on Pin button and then you will notice the selected app will automatically pinned to the Start screen. In such cases, if you wish to Unpin the app then click on Unpin option. This will start the unpin the selected app and check if it is present on the start screen.

Simple Guidelines to pin Desktop applications

Here are the lists of step by step guidelines that enables you to pin Desktop applications.

  • In first step, you need to switch on your system and search the desktop application which you want to pin on Start screen. You can easily short the application and place it on your start interface.

  • In manual way, open the drive and browse the location where the applications are installed. Click on main executable file.

  • If you follow the search option then you can easily find the application which is installed. Select the search box in File Explorer.

  • Well, when you located the Desktop program and right click on it and hold it for a few seconds. In such ways, if you want to see the application which is listed as a pinned application then you can jump to the Start screen.

Methods to pin folders and libraries

If you are trying Pinning folders & libraries to the Start screen, it is very simple and easy task. This method is just similar to the process you pin Desktop applications. Follow the steps :

  • Turn on your Windows 8 PC and choose the folder and library section which you want to pin to start screen. Right-click on selected folder and press or hold on it continuously.

  • Click on Pin option that allows you to Pin your selected folders and libraries to Start interface.

How to use Small Icons on Windows 8 Taskbar

Likewise Windows 7 or other OS platforms, there are numerous small icons presents on Windows 8 Taskbar. These icons are totally different from Windows 7 and Windows 10 PC. Here are the basic steps through which you can freely use the small icons on Windows Taskbar. Have a look at the points :

  • In first step, move your mouse cursor on empty area of taskbar and right-click on it. Select Properties from the drop-down lists.
  • In the taskbar and properties Windows, put a true sign on first and third Use small icons. Wait for a few minutes.

Method to pin network locations

If you have followed the above steps carefully then pinning a network location is very simple activity. Follow the steps that are mentioned below :

  • First of all, select the network location which you want to pin, use File Explorer option that can allow you to pin network location to Start screen. It is important to know that the network location may be a shared folder primary system.

  • After, use your mouse pointer to right-click on the selected network location. Click on Pin to Start from the main menu.





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