How to create a YouTube channel and make money online?

How to create a YouTube channel and make money online?

How to create a YouTube channel and make money online?

Today in the digital world, where there is a large scope of the digital marketing field. Everyone wants to earn digitally Peoples are paying high to complete the digital courses and learn to earn. With the growing demand for YouTube, you may also want to make your own YouTube channel and earn from there. Most of the YouTubers are earning high, and if people earning money from YouTube inspires you, then you should definitely go for making your own YouTube channel. In this article, you are going to learn how to create a YouTube channel and how to monetize your YouTube channel.

These are a few steps on how to create a YouTube channel and to add content on it.

How to create a YouTube channel?

Many of you were searching for how to create a YouTube channel on the internet. The first step to knowing “ how to create a YouTube channel” is to create your own YouTube channel. Know your why? A strong reason that keeps you motivated. It becomes very easy if you follow the simple steps. A YouTube account can be created with the help of a Gmail account. Hence you must have a Gmail account or else you should create it as soon as possible. And having a Gmail account will also help you to access other Google products, such as Gmail and Drive. Steps to create a YouTube channel are:-
Step 1:- Open the YouTube site and click on the dropdown menu present on the left side of the YouTube page.
Step 2:- Tap on “My Channel” option.

How to create a YouTube channel
Step 3:- A drop box will appear with your name on it, in which you have to fill your information and click on “create channel”.

How to create a YouTube channelDon’t forget to add some keywords to your channel. It will help the public to find your channel easily. There are also some options available on the Advanced section of your Channel Settings. Your keywords must be according to your content. You will be required Camera, Tripod, Microphone and Lightning while making the videos. First of all, make a plan, organize the resources, and implement the plan, get feedback, improve it, and repeat the cycle. Thus, you had learned how to create a YouTube channel. Now, its time to create it.

Adding the content to your YouTube channel

After learning how to create a YouTube channel, the next steps are to add the content i.e, add video on it. Content is the most important part of any YouTube channel, the better your content is the luckier you are. Your content must be according to your niche audience and you must have an interest in the topic. Why should the public likes your content? You should add some extra to your content so that the audience prefers your content. Your content should be of high quality, short and understandable so that it definitely attracts the attention of the public.

How to create a YouTube channel

Some examples to take the decision for good content are:- If you have the hidden talent of singing from the heart, then you must not waste the time, peoples are interested in listening to a good song that entertains them, or If you have good command in any of the subjects and you can teach it, you can go for educational videos, or else you can choose fashion, cooking videos, comedy, life hacks, etc. Or you can search for the trend on google. Research the competition in the market Be consistent with your daily uploading of the videos so that the audience will find you reliable and you can hold them up for a long time. And it will increase your likes and subscriber of the videos on your YouTube channel. And then only you will have good traffic on your channel. Practice as much as you can, Practise makes a man perfect.

How to create a YouTube channel

But to increase the traffic, your content should have the high-quality of worth sharing. Use the high quality of the camera and do the best editing by good software and techniques. Videos must be tagged with keywords and give it an eye-attracting description, that should better describe the content, it will help to bring people to your video when they search for it. Your content must not be copyrighted otherwise you will not get monetization and will not earn from it. You can also read about to create a youtube channel

How to gain an audience and Monetize your video?

To earn from YouTube, you must have 4,000 watch hours in 12 months and 1000 subscribers, and the audience must have to watch the ads present in your videos. The ads will only appear after getting monetization. More the number of audience, more will your publicity and it will help you to get monetization easily and early on. Have faith in your content, always provide correct information. Research hard to get good content for your video. Get more audience by sharing your videos on other social media platforms like, to increase your likes and subscribers. Always respond as soon as possible to your viewers in the comment section, this will make your audience friendly and they will have trust in you. Steps to get monetization:-
Step 1:- Open your channel on YouTube
Step 2:- Tap on the “Video Manager” option present at the top to create a youtube channel
Step 3:- Tap on the channel and “Enable” on the monetization option. You can also earn on YouTube by affiliate to create a youtube channel

Conclusion:- With the few simple steps you can create your own youtube video. It is the best platform to express your hobbies to the world and be famous in low investment. If your idea is extraordinary you can create something amazing, and you will be standing out of the crowd. Give daily target to yourself, it is most important if you want to develop a successful channel. Today you learned how to create a YouTube channel and how to add content on it and get monetize it. You can also design the channel to give your channel a formal look, using Canva or Picmonkey. Wish you a happy and successful youtube journey.


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