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Backup Yahoo Emails to PC (Simple ways)

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Numerous reasons out there that causes to create a reason to have a backup Yahoo emails to PC. Out of many reasons, it might be, if you want to migrate your correspondence to another platform or email client, or you like features of some other email client more than the current one. Few years earlier, around September 2016, Yahoo revealed that around 500 million Yahoo mail accounts were compromised. In that very year, Yahoo again revealed that this time, another hack damaged nearly 1 billion accounts. Such news, creates little fear in users and in a situation like this, one would certainly like to migrate to another more secure email client. Whatever the reason may be, you just need the backup Yahoo emails correspondence.

There are some certain ways through which one can take a backup of Yahoo emails

How can I backup Yahoo emails to PC?

Ways to back up yahoo! Emails

Here, we will discuss the easiest way to export your Yahoo emails. In order to do so, you just need to download the yahoo mails to the location folder. It offers IMAP access option so that you can access your Yahoo emails from a third-party application. There are normally two primary methods are discussed below:

Method 1

Use Microsoft Outlook to Export Yahoo Emails

you should prepare your Yahoo account before adding your outlook desktop with Yahoo email

Steps to prepare your Yahoo account

>For third-party app, generate app password

>>click on account picture in Yahoo mail and then click-on Account info.

>>Select Account Security from the left hand side options. Now select manage app password


It open up a popup window, then select Outlook desktop

image 3
This will then generate an App password which will be later used at the time of adding Outlook desktop client and Yahoo mail account. Copy the password and hit done


Set up Yahoo Email Account in Outlook 2016/Office 365

Now jump in Outlook, go to the File. Click on the Add Account button

image - 5

Click Connect button after Entering your Yahoo email account.

backup yahoo emails

Now, it is the time to enter the earlier generated App password in the Passord section and click on connect
Click done


Please open outlook desktop client and you will see your newly added Yahoo account in the left hand side pane
image 9

Export the Yahoo main Data to your PC

Go to File> Open & Export> Import & Export
Select the second option that export to a file and hit Next


Here select outlook data file (.pst) option and hit Next

Select the folders to export from and hit Next

Now go to the location, where you want to save the exported files or use it as default location (copy the file path for later use and enter finish)
backup yahoo emails

Paste the earlier copied file path in file explorer. You can see the newly exported Yahoo mail data file in .pst format.

Method two: – Automatic Backup and Recovery Method

The previous method to backup Yahoo emails to PC manual and free but quite lengthy and time-consuming. That’s why, it is required for many people to go with some other automatic tool. Those can help, them out to backup yahoo mail to PC without this much effort. You can find numerous tool in market but cann’t trust them all.

Here, you can find a powerful automatic tool to provide backup yahoo emails to PC.

  • Some features of this tool:
  • This tool is very easy to install and easy to use with user-friendly interface.
  • The Yahoo email recovery tool comes with easy user guide in a step by step manner
  • Repair all kind of damaged pst files and create back up of yahoo email files
  • Deep scanning method will help to dig deep to find the lost files
  • The major one is , it is compatible with almost all operating system whether windows or Mac or anything.

To know more in details about the recovery tool and use it to recover or backup yahoo emails to PC, you can go through the link below.

Click here to know more about Windows Data Recovery Professional

This tool is not only capable to recover yahoo mails or pst files but also can do several recovery on windows operating system. It helps to recover other files, folders, hard drive and able to tackle many other situation. So, click to know this tool in details.

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