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Did you want to know about To-Do List Apps for Windows 10? Is your Windows 10 operating system is not showing the application list? Are you want to work fast in Windows 10 OS? If yes then read the below article to know about To-Do List Apps for Windows 10.

Microsoft has developed the various operating system which supports the normal companies system. The Windows 10 is also the most famous operating system which is also developed by the Microsoft organization. This Os have several application that helps the user to work fast and in a few minutes, they will complete their tasks on them. The To-Do List Apps for Windows 10 is the best way to work fast and it will also help to other activities like making documents or to her thing on the computer. Windows users also track their daily tasks due that they will manage a better time.

The various applications are available in the Windows 10 operating system bu the users need to use the top 13 To-Do list due that are useful for them. Also, other applications are also available in the market online where they buy them and installed in the Windows 10 system. The To-Do List Apps for Windows 10 is given below:


The Wunderlist is also one of the popular application which is used in the Windows 10 operating systems. The users should remember that this application is not undertaking of Windows 10 but it is available at the online store of application. This tool is most useful to booting the Windows system due to that its system is working fast and their processing speed is also upgraded. This tool is a most famous tool from two years and this tool is also applicable to install in the other systems or may be in the Apple systems. The Windows 10 users get the benefit of this application is that it is totally free and it does not take any charge to download this application from the web.

To-Do List Apps for Windows 10

The Wunderlist has also updated their version by adding new features on them to work processing fast and the users may use them for getting the fast browsing speed in Windows 10 system. Some other facilities of this applications are like unlimited task delegation and also uploading a file from personal computer to the web. The peoples are also added the to-dos application to your to-do lists. This application provides some other features to add in the list of Windows are like add notes, dates which are important from user requirement, and many another item list. The user can also get benefits of this application is after work done in the application then they will share with their family members, friends, college friends, and also due dates etc.

From the developer point of view, it is in very simple designed such that the user can not face the problem when operating them. It provides some famous things or most useful activities like adding, checking off items from the list, adding due a due date, adding a reminder, and many more. This tool has a free trial version on the internet and the upgraded version is available at 4.99 dollars per month.


The Todoist is also another application is also available online which is providing the best features from last year. This application also provides the To-Do list to the Windows 10 users. This application is allowed to use to do several activities like managing their tasks by date, can apply color codes, and many other things. This application comes with a free version due to that the user can easy to use them.

To-Do List Apps for Windows 10

It also allows much more activities to the user that makes working fast with less period of time. Some of the famous works like create to-do lists, subtasks, live projects, sub-projects, and dependencies. Some other things that allow them are like attach due dates to tasks, files, notes, prioritize them with color codes, classify them, etc. The user needs to know that this application is compatible with the all major platforms such as Windows, iOS, Windows OSX, Android, as plugins, for most famous browsers like Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, Gmail, Thunderbird, an Outlook. It comes in free version at online and also upgraded version of price 29 dollars per year.

Microsoft OneNote:

The Microsoft OneNote is a launched one and only for the Windows 10 versions. This application is also most popular in all of the lists of apps. This application has some different features from other to-do list application like it offers to do flexibility to create a wide variety of notes types such as lists, make a lot of tables on them, write a number of articles, and many more things related with these tasks. Most of the users are a demand to view the media files in the Windows 10 just using the single application. So, this application is also allowed to user to embed files and videos into notes due to that the video features makes users easy to understand the written words.

To-Do List Apps for Windows 10

The one of the important things is to remember to the Windows user is that it is compatible with Windows, OS X, iOS, and Android. This application is totally free for the user to download them in the Windows 10 system and it is also comfortable with them.


The Windows 10 have the most famous application is provided to the user that they can use then Cortona application which is available at the task base of the Windows 10 system. This is totally upgraded technology which is used as by giving your voice or by typing. Once a user gives them command then ti will display the list and user choose from the list as they want.

To-Do List Apps for Windows 10

The Cortona application is inbuilt application is the Windows 10 system and the important thing is that it is comfortable to work with Android and iOS computers. The applications are totally free for Windows systems due to that the user gets large benefits from them.

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