How to manage time: Time management Techniques and Strategies

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In this industrious world, everybody is busy in their own busy schedule. Although they are unable to complete all the works, still they are unhappy with the time is given to them. Most of the people complain that the time given to them is not enough and they have no time for anything else than they are doing. Are you also facing the same problem? Don’t you have enough time to complete your work? Do you want to learn time management skills? If so, then here you can learn about it. In this article, you are going to learn about how to manage time, its importance.

What is Time management?

Time management is a process to manage your time through planning and arranging your tasks. It doesn’t require hard work neither it is an inborn skill. You can acquire this skill by learning the mentioned steps and following it in your daily life. It helps you to increase your productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency. Everybody has 24 hours time and to properly utilize it, you have to manage it efficiently. Good time management helps you to achieve your goal on time. learning time management is not the expense of time, instead, it is an investment.

Time management Techniques and Strategies

You all know that Time is more than “Money” and to manage the time. It is very important to save it. As once it lost you will never get it. Before learning time management skill you should learn about the importance of time management. Knowing the reason for your work makes your work much more interesting. Once, you will get the idea that why time management is important, then you will be eager to know the process for the same.

What are the benefits of Time management?

1. To reduce stress:-

Time management helps you to get relief from the stress. the main purpose of time management is to reduce stress and live life in a better way. When you follow your fixed time managed schedule without any procrastination, then you will be able to complete all your works on time successfully. You will get enough time to relax and enjoy if you will manage your time. When you have fixed time for everything then you start to enjoy your work and this leads to no stress in your mind. Stress spoils all your schedule and makes you unproductive.

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2. Increases focus:-

When you manage your time, you start to complete your works on time which will help you to be stressfree and then you started to focus on your goal. This will increase your focus and then you can easily grab your success as you do hard work for it. people are always in the desire of living a successful and managed life without any stress. If you are also in need of it. Then you must do time management. It will give you an organized life, with pleasure and success.

3. Reduce procrastination:-

Many times it happens that after you have done all the planning you start to procrastinate the works. Procrastination means to leave the task for the next day. when you manage the time, you should always remember that procrastinating the work can lead to stress in the long run. Hence always complete the task within the time limit. So, you need to be fully dedicated and committed to it.


4. Increase self-confidence:-

Self-confidence is an important factor for any well-being. It helps you to achieve anything in your life. You can create self-confidence within yourself with the help of time management. Time management doesn’t waste your time rather it provides you some extra time. When you complete your works on time, it gives you satisfaction and you start to feel self-confidence. When you can achieve anything with the help of time management.

5. Make your Goal closer:-

with the help of time management, you can achieve your goal must faster than without the time management.

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6. Increase your productivity:-

Time management keeps you organized and helps you to increase your productivity. productivity is inversely proportional to the procrastination. As the level of your procrastination decreases, your productivity starts to increase.

7. Get enough time for other works:-

Time management gives you enough time for the other works as well as for your enjoyment and hobbies. You may be busy these days, don’t have enough time. But if you look closely at your daily schedule that where you most of the time is getting wasted on. It may be on social media or any other. You have to find it out and start to utilize it more productively.

8. Be healthy:-

Health is an investment, not an expense. Giving your time to your health will give you a great return. Many times people say that they don’t have time to exercise or look at their health. But time management can give you enough time to take care of your health.

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How to manage time?

What is the difference between a successful man and a common man, if God has given 24 hours to both of them? The main difference is that you can see at all the successful people in the world they had managed their time and work according to it. then have fixed their priority and they never try to procrastinate them. This is the difference between successful people and a common man. Hence if you want to be a successful person, then start to do smart work instead of hard work. Time management is the secret to be successful in your life. Below are the steps to learn the Time management skill, you can follow them to make your life better:-

1. Set your goal:-

First of all, you need to set up a smart goal, that what exactly you want from life and from yourself. As you get the idea about your desire, then get it noted in a diary along with the time boundaries and the process through which you are going to achieve it. Now you are clear about your goal and what to do at every step. You must keep these things in mind at the time of making your goal, that your goal should be SMART. Where,

S= Specific:- Your goal should be clearly defined, and mentioned.

M=Measurable:- It should be measured in terms of quantity, or money or time.

A= Achievable:- It should be achievable if you work hard for it.

R= Realistic:- It should be real, i.e. exist in the real world.

T= Time-bound:- A time limit should be fixed within which you are going to achieve it.


2. Prioritize your work:-

After you have made your goal, its time to prioritize your works. That which one is more important and which one is not. Prioritization helps you to decide where to focus at the point of time and where not to focus on.

3. Learn to say “No”:-

Many time it happens that when you had a goal and you are to strictly follow it, then various kind of distractions comes near you and tries to distract your focus. For example, you have decided to study or an hour and your friend came to your home and told you to let’s go to play, you can also study that later. at this time there starts to be a fight inside you that you should go to play or study and finally, you may go for the play. But at this time you should calm and think which is your first priority, play or study and learn to say “no” to another one. You can’t fulfill everyone’s dreams. So, work on your priority basis. Don’t allow the distraction to drag you down. Be strong enough and take the correct decisions.

Learn how to say no note illustration

4. Get enough sleep:-

Your body gets a repair when you get to sleep. So, you need enough sleep. The doctor says a normal human body needs sleep of 6-8 hours per day. Getting enough sleep makes you healthy and active. You will feel fresh the next morning. If you sleep more than the given time limit, you can also read about What are the ways to reduce sleeping hours?

5. Make your habit to complete your works on time:-

Don’t ever try to procrastinate your work. Always complete your work a6t the given time limit. Practice more and more to make it as your habit to complete all of your tasks at the given time. You can think that if you started to complete all of your works within the given time limit, then magic will be happening in your life and you can achieve anything in your life by setting up your goal, making a plan and daily to-do-list and taking action on it. Thus you can be successful faster than ever you will without any time management.


6. Do daily exercise and take a healthy diet:-

Doing all the things at the proper time and with full of enthusiasm needs you to be healthy and fit enough so that you can work actively.  If you are not fit then you can’t continue to work on your schedule for a long time. Hence you need to do daily exercise and get a healthy and nutritious diet to keep your body, mind, and soul healthy. And thus, your body and mind will also support you in your mission. You can also read about What are the ways to motivate yourself to exercise?

7. Take enough breaks in between:-

Always take enough breaks in between your tasks to recharge yourself. Working continuously can make you tired and decrease your efficiency in the next task, hence you should always take some breaks in between the task.

8. Pay full attention to the given work:-

Always pay full attention to one work at a time. Make your To-do list and pay your full focus to complete it within the time limit. don’t try to do multitasking. Multitasking waste your time and decreases your productivity level. Keep your things always organized to save time and avoid the wastage of time in finding the things at the time of work. Try to utilize your time at the time you wait for your bus or some person, or at the time of travel. You may read the book when you travel from the metro. Commit yourself “No distractions, No excuses, No procrastination”.  And keep your commitment always alive. And finally, You must enjoy your work. Without enjoyment, it will not make any difference. You can also read about How can you train your brain to stop overthinking?

pay attention

Common time management mistakes:-

  1. No To-do-list neither have To-don’t-list.

  2. Wasting time in gossiping

  3. Being reactive instead of proactive
  4. Begin with ‘end’ in mind.
  5. No Goals of your life.

  6. Too much Procrastination

  7. Continuous work, without break.

  8. Unable to tackle with distraction.

  9. Trying to do Multitasking

  10. No prioritization of task

  11. Trying to be “busy” in an unorganized way

  12. Not having n effective plan.


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From the above article, you can conclude that time management is a very useful technique in our daily life and it helps you in various ways. It helps you to increase your productivity and helps you to reduce procrastination. It also provides you enough time for your hobbies and interest. Above are the steps to ve followed to have good time management. so, its time to follow and make it happen.

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