the best places to visit in Shimla

The best Places To Visit In Shimla, to see hill station


Holidays are nearby, may you all are planning for a vacation. It is amazing to visit to see the hill station. But where? Here are some of the lists that will help you to decide the best places to visit in Shimla, to see hill station.

1. The Ridge of Shimla

The Ridge road of Shimla is situated in the mid of the city. It is a large open space with full of cultural activities. It is an amazing place to visit in and to ride horses. The best time to visit this place is during summer as at this time, there is a summer festival, which you will enjoy the most. You can also read about The Best Snow Places to visit in India in December to See Snowfall

2. Christ Church

Christ Church is a wonderful place to visit in. It is situated near the ridge of Shimla. It is one of the best places in Ridge, where you must visit once in your life. It was formed by the British in 1857, where the lights are illuminated at night. The sight looks amazing at night. It is a nice place to give you peace and happiness. If you are interested in almighty, you must visit here.

Christ Church

3. Jakhoo Temple

Jakhoo temple is a temple situated at the height of 8, 000 feet. It is situated at the highest peak of Shimla. Here, people worship God Hanuman, because it is the place the lord hanuman rest at the time of searching for Sanjeevni Booti to help Lakshman to revive in the Ramayan. It is a very nice place to refresh yourself with peace. You can also read about 10 Famous Places to Visit in India when Bored of Beaches & Mountains

4. Kufri

The winter sports capital is also another name of Kufri. It is one of the best places to visit in Shimla in winter. It is fully covered with snow and situated at a height of 2662 m from the sea. It is a snow place where you can play with snow and make a snowman. You can also visit here in the summer as well. The beauty of this place remains throughout the year.


5. Narkanda

It is situated at a distance of 65m from Shimla. It is surrounded by ranges of Himalayas. It is a too beautiful place and its beauty enhances in winter, and become a skiing resort in winter. It is an amazing place to visit in which provides you peace and offers you to observe the natural beauty. You can also read about Top best places to visit in the world 2019: vacation spot

6. Naldehra

Naldehra is a village with a little population, situated 22m away from Shimla. It is well known for its beauty, away from the congested city. You will feel peace and cool here. You must visit this place once, it is one of the best places to visit in Shimla.


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