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How to stop wasting time and utilize it more productive?

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Yesterday I got a mail asking me about how one can stop wasting time and utilize it more productive? It has been observed that many people suffer from the same problem on a daily basis. At the end of the day, they wonder that they have done nothing productive today still the time passes out. Where does the time go? Are they wasting their time. Most of them even don’t know that they are wasting time and some knows still wasting due to lack of knowledge about how to manage the time and make it productive. If you are also facing this problem, then no need to worry. You are at the right place. In this article, you are going to know about stop wasting time and utilize it more productive,how to stop wasting time on social media ?

Why stop waste time?

Before doing anything you should clear your “why”, the purpose of doing that. A strong reason keeps you motivated in your work for a long time. This is the reason why do you waste time?  Because you don’t have a clear purpose for your life. As you all know that wasting time is bad, as we all are getting only 24 hours with a limited time to live on this earth, one day you all have to die. So, why to waste this time. Get them utilized. God has gifted a fixed time of 24 hours in a day to everyone in which someone becomes successful and someone remains at the same place where they were. For example, Look at Bill Gates, he has 24 hours in a day, a rickshaw puller also has the same time, but is the difference between these two? Although the time they have is the same, and both the person works hard but the main difference between them is how they utilize their time and the platform on which they work. Thus it has been proved that to be successful, personal time management plays a great role. And to live life to the fullest one should have the time management skill.

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How to stop wasting time?

Analyze the reason:- Firstly, observe the day and find out the reason that where are you wasting your time. Note down all the works you are doing at every moment of your day. Make a form to fill and get the idea of where you spend your time daily. The structure of form should be like, at the one column hours in a day is mentioned and in the right side of the time, the whatever the work you do at that time, you have to write it down. Then, it will be easy for you to analyze them. Be honest with yourself while you follow these steps. Mark them as productive, if it will provide some benefits to you and mark unproductive if it is just a useless work. Be maintained with the productive one and Research the steps to avoid the unproductive one. You can utilize your time with the study or else, whatever brings you towards your success.

Make a daily schedule:- Gradually, try to less all the unproductive work and add productive one at its place. Set up your goal and find out all the steps to be followed to achieve them and add them in your daily schedule as a productive one. Try to stay off the internet, as they are the biggest source of distraction for most of the people. Many time you procrastinate the work to use the internet or social media. It will require a lot of will power to do so if you are really wasting your 4-5 hours on the internet. Keep your email inbox closed, to avoid the notification while you work. Try to check and respond to your emails in 15-20 mins. If your work is on the electronic device and needs a net, then try some applications to avoid notification from other unusable apps. Always try to do all of your work on one device, because each time you move between the devices can spoil your lot of time and requires your energy to refocus on the work. Create a form to fill and manage your time daily. The structure of form should be like, at the one column hours in a day is mentioned is mention and in the right side of the time, the work you need to do in that time should be mention. As you get your work done tick them out. IT will provide you the confidence to achieve your targets.

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Focus at one work at a time:- Avoid multitasking. It will just use your energy and take some time to regain focus when you switch your mind between the tasks. It is just a wastage of energy and time also. Neither of your work will be efficiently done when you switch on the other task. Don’t procrastinate the work. Don’t leave the work incomplete do it until it gets over. Assign priorities to your task and complete them accordingly. Right now you should start from the easy task to build up your confidence and momentum, then you can go through the difficult one.


Give yourself time:- To change anything, it requires some time because the habit you want to change is inherited within you a long ago and it will also require some time to get rid of them. Have patience and believe in yourself, It will surely happen. sudden changes in your daily routine can make pressure in your mind. Have some break to get rid of the stress. Listen to music, or practice your hobby, whenever you feel the pressure. Start the changing process taking one habit into consideration at a time. and when you get after a week or two you can add on more changes in your daily routine. You can also read about How can I improve myself to make the best version of me?

Use a timer:- While you start the work, analyses the exact time the work will require. According to that time set a timer, and take it as a challenge to finish the work before time. This will helps you to increase the performance and speed of the work. Just take it as a game, don’t take the pressure. it is one of the best methods to work with.


How to stop wasting time on Social media?

Most of the people are spending too much time on social media these days. They want to study or complete their works, but they get attracted to social media. This is just a wastage of all your productive energy in unproductive work. this starts with a small desire, that let’s check the messages, or else on social media just for five minutes. As you go there, too many links distract you, you start to follow them and when you see at the clock it has been 2hours past and was not aware. This all makes your confidence down to continue back to your routine, and thus you lose the game before you start. Hence, social media is a useful as well as the biggest distraction, affecting many lives. You can also read about What are the ways to reduce sleeping hours?

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Firstly promise yourself that you don’t want to waste your time and you are going to follow the steps at any cost. To stop wasting time on social media, you need to follow these steps:-

  • step: 1:-Find out how much time you are wasting on the internet. After the analyzation, gradually try to decrease your time.
  • step: 2:– Fix your time to use social media:- Decide the time you should give to the social media, as a refreshment or for the job purpose. This will set up your mind that there is a time limitation so, do the main work fastly, instead of following one links to another. And also decide a tech-free time, when you are not going to use social media. Prioritize the work and get them done.
  • step: 3:Set a timer:- According to the decided time set a timer because at the time one uses social media, the full focus goes into that. And when you see the time suddenly, you get that you had wasted a lot of time. So, you should set up the timer before using social media.
  • step: 4:- Go to social media:- Now you can start.
  • step: 5:- Close them as the time-up:- Instantly close it as the timer bell rings.
  • step: 6:- Keep the notification turned off after time is over so that you didn’t get distracted at the time of working.

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How to avoid procrastination and distraction?

To avoid procrastination and distraction, you should first learn about the reason why you procrastinate or get distracted.

Reason of procrastination:– The procrastination is the process of keeping your works pending for the next time without any appropriate reason. For example, you are given to complete your school homework that is a tough topic and you said that you will do it after 5 minutes and started to waste your time on watching T.Vor chatting. It means that you are procrastinating your work.  This happens because our brain doesn’t want to take the pain, it always prefers for the pleasure and it tries to avoid the pain of the burden while you work.

Avoid procrastination:- If you try to avoid procrastination using your will power, it will make the give a more burden to your mind and you will, at last, get fed up of that and back to normal. The only way to do so is to make your task enjoyable, that your brain likes the most, that should not create any kind of burden on you. And reward yourself after the completion of the work. then your brain will be ready to complete the work as fast as can and achieve the reward faster. The process involved in the work is not a difficult part, the main difficulty is the start. Once you get the work started, then you come into the flow. Other ways to avoid procrastination is that, say your brain to just do the work for 5min and this will decrease your pressure and motivate you that you have to work only for five minutes. After five minutes, if you get interested in the work then continue, else take 2 min break. and start again. Schedule your work according to the priority and get it done priority wise. You can also read about how to keep yourself motivated.


Reason for distraction:- Distraction happens because of low concentration( ability to pay heed) on your work.  Distraction may be of two types, external and internal. External distraction is those which are related to our surroundings. The common causes of external distraction are a phone, the Internet, social media, e.t.c and sometimes people also. Internal distraction is that which are due to self. These may include, hunger, illness, fatigue, e.t.c.

Avoid distraction:- To get rid of the distraction, you have to practice to concentrate. Do meditation daily and practice calming mantra to quiet your mind. You can turn off all the background noise, or play white noise. Keep your surrounding in an organized way, to avoid the distraction. Avoid multitasking, do one work at a time. Multi-tasking can decrease your concentration level and waste your time. At the time of working, let your mobile phone switched off. Keep the notification turned off at the time of work so that you didn’t get distracted. You can also read about How can you train your brain to stop overthinking?


Conclusion:- From the above article you can conclude that the wastage of time is the biggest wastage than anything others. You had learned that how important is the time in your life,  how can you save them and utilize in the more productive works. The main reason why you waste time is procrastination and distraction, and it has been discussed above how to get rid out of these. only you need to be the focus and follow the steps. Have patience. It will take times. Thus you can stop wasting time.

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