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Did you want to Stop Robocalls on Android Permanently? Are you getting the fake calls on the Android phone continuously? Are you much frustrate unknown call from the company? Are you want to relief from marketing calls? If you are facing these problems and want to Stop Robocalls on Android Permanently then read the below article and you will get the complete solution of this issue.

Today maximum peoples are using the Android and the using rate of the Android phone is increasing daily. A lot of applications and software downloads the by the user and also up0date their android phone daily and get the best facility from the application sites. But the user is also frustrating from the fake call from untrusted telemarketing callers. They are continuous calling to the Android user and the callers are convenience the android users to dial the number that they want. All calls that are come in the Android phone are from telemarketers and political personnel and calls are part of their campaigns. These calls are also used for the accessed for announcements and addressing people. This spam call is covert into the personalized voice messages such that they will make the call as real person simulation.

Robocalls are using the computer-oriented automatic dialer which is automatically to the Android user and they start much irritating them. The output voice that is come from Robocall is pre-recorded voice text that which just like as originated from robot. The Android user is advised them to download the adequate application which keeps tracking that calls in users android phone and the user will notify them that the call is coming from spammers.

Ways to Stop Robocalls on Android Permanently :

The below steps are most of the users to Stop Robocalls on Android Permanently and makes the user aware about that calls:

Steps 1. The basic rule to avoid calls:

If the android users are getting many calls from spammers with that same number then suggest them to save that number which is come from a spammer and remember that saved number name when they calling you. The Robocalls are much annoying to the user they have blocked them then it will automatically unblock-us and again start calling your users. Maximum spammers are use recorded call from the users and save them in their system and when they required that voice then will use for an illegal purpose. Once these calls are received by the user then it will start again calling to the user and they will start irritating to the users and those who did not receive their call then they will not call them again. So, the best way to did not receive the call from Robocalls and ignore them otherwise once you received their call then it starts calling you again and again. So, the best way to save that number and regret that calls.

Step 2. Installing spam blocking applications on Android:

Another way to step that call so suggests them to install the blocking which is easily available in the Play Store application. Search the best one for blocking that spam calla, check their reviews and decide them if it is useful then start installing them and complete the overall process of registration of your contact number and also allow the notification of that application. The spam blocking apps are first to identify that call and after that, they will block them. Also, Users suggest them to install Truecaller application which is the best application for detecting that calls. The Truecaller have both paid service or unpaid service so as they after read the overall term and condition they decide to choose the service and get relief from spam calls or Robocalls. The other application is also available in the Play Store are Hiya and Mr. number are most of the time useful for detecting that spam calls.

Step 3. Register with National Do not call registries:

The user is also using the Do not call process to block that calls. “Do not call” is first used by the Canadian peoples which are launched by the Canadian Republic which is giving the facility of Telecommunication commission and Television Radio broadcasting. This way is not only blocking the spam call but also they will provide the other facilities so that users are getting attract with them.

Similarly, other applications like NDNS India is also the best application which allows to blocking the calla from the Robocalls. The working of this application is blocking or not allow to telemarketer to call in your cell phone, Home contact numbers, Fax or VoIP numbers.

The below process for register your number to DND vis the falling ways are much easy :

Stop Robocalls on Android Permanently

Step 4. Block the spam callers manually:

If the user is getting the call from Robocaller continuously then they will allow saving that number or use , the method of blocking manually from the setting of their phone call such that they will never reach to you when they want to do calling process.

Step 5. Contact representatives to have your number removed from the marketing database:

Another to stops the calls from the telemarketer then you must to remove the number from their database such that once your number has removed that place they will never contact with you. So, when they will call then saved number o otherwise contact top their companies customer care number and once they received you call then you need to request them to remove your contact from your database. Also, request them please call me because I am much irritating from your calls.

After completing the requesting to the customer care then you need to check or them in a day that you are getting a call or not from your android phone. If you did not get the call from the spammer then your number is removed their database and in future, you never get the call from telemarketers.

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