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Why I hate myself and how can I stop hating myself?

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Nowadays there exist a lot of people who don’t like themselves, they usually look at others and find them the happiest person in the world. These people inside of themselves say that they don’t like themselves but others more. And gradually, the situation becomes the worst and they started to hate themselves too much that they can even harm themselves. From where does these type of thought come from? If you are also finding the answer for the same question, then no need to worry here are the details solutions of the same. In this article, you are going to know about why you hate yourself, self-hatred symptoms, and how to overcome that?

Why do I hate myself?

Hating yourself is also be known as a self- hatred, which means a strong dislike for yourself, your qualities and all the things related to you. It may be your caste, color, religion, or else. When you had born there was not the existence of such things. At that time you don’t take care of the world. You just remained busy with yourself. But now from where does the feeling comes from? The answer is the environment in which you had grown up, your parents, school, e.t.c. Its all depends on the condition in which you have been grown up. Parent’s or teacher’s positive attitude towards you can result in the development of self-confidence and designed a good self-image within you. But parent’s or teacher’s negative attitude towards you can result in the opposite situation, it may be due to stress. It may be due to regular getting scolded or insulted by others.

In such circumstances, a child can feel that he is nonsense, that’s why he is getting this much hatred by their own. It not only about your parents or teacher, but it is also about your environment and the person connected to you. But it doesn’t mean that you should blame them, it happens with everyone, the main thing is how you take it. It doesn’t only about childhood, it may be your past relationship challenges or your feeling of rejection or sweet-poisoned persons. You have to believe the fact that no one in this world is the same, hence don’t try to compare yourself to others. Always compare yourself to the person you were yesterday. Try to understand people take them positively. First of you should not waste your time in thinking that you hate yourself, start thinking positively. You can also read about How to stop wasting time and utilize it more productive?

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What are the self-hatred symptoms?

Many time it happens that you do not get an idea about, you are suffering from self- hatred. Here are some symptoms that have been found in the person while suffering from the same:-

  1. Addicted to social media:- If you are obsessed with social media, that is whenever you get the time, you started to check at your social media, about the likes and comment you get there. Sometimes when you don’t get any likes, then negative thought started to come within your mind, that nobody likes you, nobody cares for you. But you should remember the fact that you need not any proof to judge yourself.self-hatred symptom
  2. Don’t believe on good compliments:- You started not to believe other good comments for you. You may think that he really does not mean that, just saying for your satisfaction. This is because you yourself don’t believe that you are really a good person. Thus you try to lower your self-confidence more and more. Also when other tries to give bad comments on you, instantly you believe on them that, they are saying right about you, because everybody has this opinion about you. But you should not think like this rather you should think that you re the nest let others think about you as they themselves are. Don’t take the bad comments personally and start to believe in the compliments. Don’t let others control your life. Keep your control with yourselves.
  3. Adjusting yourself:-When you don’t like yourselves then you start to adjust yourself according to others, to create a good impression to get good comments from them. But you should not be depended on others to get good comments and will make you happy. Instead, you should love yourselves and make yourself the best person in your vision. Let others say whatever they wish too, you should be as you want to and no matters what others think about you. If they like you they will be surely get connected with you else don’t care for that. Treat yourself good.
  4. Finding others happier than you:- If you always compare yourself with others and think them as a better and happier person than you. Don’t try to criticize about yourself always, else be grateful for what you have. There are many reasons for you to be happy than one reason to be sad about your life. Be grateful to God that you are still alive, and getting the food, air, and water. Most importantly you have time, to change your life, to change your thinking, and go ahead in your life to the top. So never compare yourself with others, else do self-comparison.finding others happier
  5. Try to make yourself down:- If you always try to make yourself down and believe that you are so unluckiest person in this world and there is nothing for you in this world. You never enjoy life, remain always in the search of sad quotes, sad songs, e.t.c.Your all post shows that you are so sad and your life has no color. You believe that no one loves you, but you should know that all are themselves busy in improving their life and keep themselves away from the negativity. You are the only person who can love you and keep yourself happy. You can also read about What is eloquent and how can I be a more eloquent speaker?
  6. Doubt on your own capability:- If you have a fear that you can’t do anything in your life or you are afraid of making a high goal, then you have low confidence and you need to improve that. To do so you have to set a small, easy and achievable goal.  As it is small and you once you achieve it, you are going to increase your confidence. And gradually you are going to swift your goal toward a higher one. Try to go beyond your comfort zone. Practice overcoming rejection and failure as soon as possible. Gain the experiences and learn the mistake from it.

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How can I stop hating myself?

Self-awareness:- Always be aware of yourselves every time, What you think, what you do, what makes you happy and what makes you sad, then only you are going to find out the reason of your problem that why are you suffering from the self- hatred. Being aware of yourself, you came to know about the thinking process going within you that make you feel hate. You can now change the direction of thinking to positive. Forgive yourself for the mistake done, learn from it and go ahead. As you get the idea now its time to introspect you.

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Keep yourself busy:- Thinking too much about negative as well as positive is dangerous. So no need to waste your time in that fellow thinking. Make a schedule and challenge yourself to complete that. Don’t take a high target. Start with a small one, gradually move to a difficult target. Reward when you achieve the target. Develop a feeling of love for yourself, and take care of yourself, health, and enjoy the work. Keeping yourself busy, keep you in the present moment. If you want to make your past, present and future the beast then you should always be in the present moment. As the past is nothing but gone the present time and the future is coming present time. Hence be happy and make your life best.

Don’t compete with others:- Don’t try to make yourself down by, letting yourself compare with others. else you can compare yourself with you. And gradually try to improve yourself. Be grateful for what you have, you have some different qualities inherited within you than others. Live with positive people, Negative people make the situation more worst. Hence you should start to live with positive people who love themselves and enjoy every moment of their life.

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Conclusion:- In the above article you get to learn about Why you hate yourself and what are the symptoms and how to stop it. Hating yourself is just like a  dangerous disease. It makes you sick from your inside, then lose the confidence, finally, you go to depression and you start thinking to vanish. It can ruin one’s life. Hence you should never let you hate yourself and If you are suffering then follow the above article to get rid of it.

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