Simple Steps to Fix VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE BSOD Error

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I am using Windows 10 operating system. Every thing was going fine but since yesterday, I am getting VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE BSOD Error. I tried to play on my PC and it failed. Since then, I am extremely annoyed with the error. I don’t know the reason behind it but it is creating lots of troubles for me. I have tried hard to fix VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE BSOD Error manually but ended up with failure. Could you please help me to protect my system from its worst impacts? I am eagerly waiting for your response. Thanks a lot in advance.

Brief Information about VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE BSOD Error:-

Windows 10 is one of the powerful operating system which is extremely popular among the users. It has been developed by Microsoft Corporation which enhances the online experience and helps the users to perform different tasks at fastest speed. Even more, you can also watch movies and play video files in your leisure time. But sometimes, user detects VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE BSOD Error when they attempt to play the videos. You need to know that it happens due to the problem in igdkmd64.sys or nvlddmkm.sys files. It indicates that you are using incompatible device driver in the system and it is attributed from Intel Integrated Graphics. It is also possible that this error will affect the working of Graphics Card Driver and your screen will be filled with error messages. The bug check value of the error os 0x00000116. In such a scenario, you will not be able to watch videos or movies on the PC.

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Main Cause Behind VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE BSOD Error:

You should know that such alert also occurs due to resetting of the display driver. There are many other reasons which are responsible for the BSOD error. The main points has been given below:-

  • When you can install new hardware and its driver conflicts with different put in drivers.
  • Misconfiguration of the system files.
  • Presence of harmful malware or spyware within the laptop.
  • Damage of written record entries thanks to the presence of suspicious codes or payloads.
  • Corruption of magnetic disk drive is additionally a reason behind such errors.
  • Incorrect allocation of the memory in Windows 10 laptop.
  • Changing the system settings manually with incorrect data.
  • Corruption of Header files.
  • Damage of RAM also can cause VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE BSOD Error on the screen.
  • Installing obsolete or incompatible software system within the system.

What are the common symptoms of the system once VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE BSOD Error?

BSOD alerts like VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE BSOD Error is totally annoying for the users. thanks to the errors, you’ll notice abnormal behavior of the system during which operating is sort of tough. The common consequences of the laptop once the error are mentioned below:-

  • Active programs can begin to crash and generates VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE BSOD Error on the screen.
  • The running speed of assorted functions like kick off, shut down, gap files, taking part in games, putting in applications etc can degrade bit by bit.
  • Updated anti-virus or different security tools won’t respond properly.
  • Crashing or physical change of the software package can become an everyday issue.
  • You will find unwanted codes or payloads within the written record editor.
  • Error messages can occur at the time of putting in new programs within the laptop.
  • Lots of faux processes are detected within the Windows Task Manager.

Steps to Fix VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE BSOD Error Manually:-

If you are getting such BSOD errors on your screen then we strictly recommend you to fix it with the help of manual steps which are given below:-

Method 1: Disable Automatic Reboot Feature:-

Automatic reboot of the system is the main cause of VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE BSOD Error. So, we advise you to disable the feature which will help you to fix the error completely. So, follow the steps which are given below:-

  • Open the Desktop screen.
  • Right click on the scree and choose Properties option.
  • In the left pane, you will detect Advanced System Settings option. Click on it.
  • Under the Startup and Recovery section, you need to click on Settings option.
  • In the next Window, you need to click on System Failure and uncheck Automatically Restart option.
  • Finally, click on OK button.

Method 2: Troubleshoot Blue Screen in Windows 10

  • In the left bottom corner of the desktop, click on Windows logo and choose Gear cog.
  • The Settings Window will appear on the screen. Go to Update & Security option.
  • From the left pane, you need to click on Troubleshoot option.
  • Click on Blue Screen option and then click on Run the Troubleshooter option.

Method 3: Perform Deep Scanning in Windows 10

Sometimes, presence of malicious threats also causes VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE BSOD Error on the screen. So, we recommend you to perform full scanning in the system with powerful anti-virus software. If it detects any threat then quarantine them immediately to protect the system from further troubles.

Important Point for Non-technical Users: You need to know that manual steps are complex, time-taking and does not provide guarantee to fix VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE BSOD Error completely. If you will perform any mistake in following these steps then it will result dangerous for the system performance. Thus, if you don’t have much technical knowledge about the PC then you should avoid following the aforesaid steps.

How to Fix VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE BSOD Error Automatically?

If you discover the same steps difficult and long then no ought to worry. you’ll use alternate technique i.e. use Reimage Repair software system. It’s a strong tool that has been designed by the technical specialists. It’s ability to perform complete scan within the system victimisation its powerful algorithms and mechanisms. This tool can fix all the problems like VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE BSOD Error quickly in few clicks. except for this, it’s conjointly capable to reinforce the running speed of the system, take away entries and processes likewise as fix DLL errors. thanks to its easy interface, even non-technical users are ready to tool effectively. you’ll check its operating potency by downloading the trial version of the software system. So, download it quickly while not creating any delay.

Download Free Tool to Fix VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE BSOD Error and Optimize PC Performance

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