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How to reduce stress: Stress management Techniques and Strategies

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In this busy world, everybody faces stress, due to the heavy daily schedule. Stress can make you unhealthy in the long run. So, it is very important to get rid of it. Are you also facing a problem of stress? Does your daily life is getting affected by stress?  These day stress are making human not to work in an efficient way. Maybe you are searching for the solution for how to reduce stress. If so, then no need to worry, you are in the right place. In this article, you are going to learn about what is stress, and its causes and how to reduce stress, different stress management tips.

What is stress?

Stress is a normal body reaction ( physical, mental, or emotional reactions) towards any change in your environment (at your thought or your body level). It may be due to overload work pressure, family, relationship, or financial problem. Stress is just like a disease that started to make you weak from the inside and gradually, it creates a major problem.


What are the causes of stress?

The causes of stress may differ from person to person. For one person the things causing stress may don’t cause to others. For example- Thinking of different person varies from each other and it may happen that you get stress when you see the things not according to you, but others don’t. You can also read about How can I improve myself to make the best version of myself?


What are the symptoms of stress?

Some of the common symptoms of stress are mentioned below:-

  • More sweating than usual without any reason.
  • You may feel back pain or chest pain.
  • cramps or muscle spasms or muscular aches.
  • You may suffer from headaches.
  • It may cause heart disease in the long run.
  • You will be a patient of high blood pressure.
  • Stress for a long time can lower your immunity against diseases
  • Some people may have feel difficulty in sleeping.
  • Sometime you may suffer from stomach upset.

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symptoms of stress

How to reduce stress?

Everybody is afraid of the pressure created at the end of the day. that makes them suffer from a lot of problems. If you are feeling a stressed life, it is very important to reduce it as it can affect your whole body and can decrease your life-span. There are several ways to reduce stress which are discussed below. To get the idea about how to reduce stress. Firstly, you should know what actually is stress management.

reduce your stress

What is Stress management?

Stress management is a technique to manage the stress that lowers the level of a person’s pressure due to daily activity. And also it helps you to regain the motivation and self-confidence to fight with the challenges in your life. Thus, it improves your productivity level at your work. It has many other benefits too, like:-

  • With the help of stress management techniques, you can make yours as well as your colleague’s life better.
  • It helps you to decrease the chances of conflicts with the people in your surroundings. And improves your way of communication and thinking process. You can appraise others for their performances.
  • When you are stress-free, then there are no chances of any unethical issues.
  • It improves your productivity level and hence, you can complete your target on the given deadline, without any further pressure.
  • Thus you can do all your jobs and daily activity smoothly.
  • It also enables you to make more relation and friendship and a strong team-building.

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 Stress management

How to manage stress?

1. Always be positive:-

The first thing you need to improve in yourself to manage your stress is to keep yourself positive always. You should accept the fact that there are a few things (people, events) that are not in control. So, you should never try to control it, it will never change but can create pressure in your mind. For example:- you can’t change other people. They will remain as they are, you can only change yourselves and your thinking process. Always react to the situation positively. Don’t get aggressive instantly. Practice being calm at the time you get angry and understand the situation before reacting. Be a positive thinker, it will give you much pleasure in the same situation that irritates you before. don’t complain always about what you don’t have, be grateful to the things that you are having. This will help you to remain positive and happy.

2. Exercise daily-

To get rid of stress, you should exercise daily. Exercise provides you freshness. It gives you energy and motivation to go forward in your life. Just 30-40 min daily physical activity helps you to be a healthier and happier person. Do meditation, it will help you to keep your mind calm. Exercise makes your body fit and healthy increases immune power. Thus you can fight with the stress easily. If you feel more tired then you should take an oil massage. It will provide you relief from all the stress and pain at the physical level. Else you can try baking with hot water at the place where you feel pain. Whenever you feel stressful, practice deep breathing and focus on the breathe as you inhale or exhale. It helps you to release the stress instantly.

Exercise daily

3. Get support from close friends:-

If, it seems that you are very deep inside the stress that you haven’t enough power to get over it. Then you should take support from your close one to help you to overcome it. Take a break of your daily routine, spend some time outside with your friends with whom you enjoy. Develop a habit of introspection, to get the idea about who you are are what you want from life, what is your goal and your capability. Introspection helps you to be stronger and powerful than before. Surround yourself with positive people, who live their lives to the fullest. This will help you to get motivation and helps you to change your way of living towards success.

4. Time management:-

Most of the time, pressure is created due to poor time management and procrastination. So learn the efficient way to manage your time. Have some time in your daily schedule for your hobby, and interest which you enjoy the most. Set your limits of works at which you can be stress-free and say no to the work which creates pressure.

Fix your sleep schedule to get enough sleep. According to doctors, 6-8 hours of sleep is compulsory for a healthy human. At the time you sleep your body gets to repair all the cells, so you have to sleep enough. Also, maintain a schedule for your diet. Get a healthy and nutritious balanced diet daily. Always keep yourself organized, in terms of time, things or workload. Follow the process of planning things to do. Then organize the resources needed for the plan. Get the steps that you are going to follow to achieve that and take strict action accordingly. You can also read about How to manage time: Time management Techniques and Strategies

Time management

5. Avoid intoxicated items:-

Using intoxicated items like, alcohol, drugs, to reduce your stress can create a more dangerous situation. These types of the product provide you a temporary solution and give you a long term pain. If you cane to be addicted too these, they can destroy your life, decreases your life span. You can also read about the tips to avoid the intoxicated items if you are addicted. It may take time to remove the bad habit, you have to keep patience. And slowly try to decrease the quantity. Read more and more about the harm caused by the intoxicated items to make your brain aware of it. You can also read about How can I overcome the fear of failure and achieve success?

6. Relax your mind:-

Stress generally affects your mind, so you need to relax it. To get it to relax you may read books. Reading helps you in both to make your mind calm as well as gives you knowledge. Laugh more and more, it helps you to reduce the stress. It can prevent you from many types of illnesses. It is a great tool that can change your mood and your vision towards life changes. You start to take everything positively. So, never forget to laugh in your busy schedule. Give some time to yourselves to introspect and look at the direction of the thought process. after knowing you will understand the reason behind your stress. Yes, it is your thought process. You all are the creature of what you think. you will become the person as you think. Hence it’s your duty to give a right direction to your thought process. You all are full of energy and just wasting your energy in destructive and unproductive work. Let this energy to be used in productive words.

Relax your mind

7. Get the solution:-

At the time you are feeling stressful, find out the exact reason and solution instead of avoiding it. Many times you may feel that listening to music or drinking alcohol makes you stress-free, but these are not a permanent solution. They work for a few times and again you move to the same situation. To get rid of stress permanently, you need to find out the exact reason that is causing stress. And after you get the reason, now you can search for the solution. It may be due to any hectic work pressure, or your thinking process, or you may don’t enjoy your work. You should always choose your profession according to your interests. So that you can enjoy the work and achieve great success in that. Be a solution-oriented, successful people are solution-oriented they don’t complain about the problem instead they find out the solution of them.

8. Have control over your commitments:-

Everything is possible if you are committed and never try to broke it. All the steps mentioned above are garbage if you are not committed to following it strictly. Don’t over commit the things that you can’t complete. Know your capability and commit accordingly. Make a To-do-list that you have to follow and a To-don’t-list that you never had to do like:- you never had to do the things that give you stress in the long run i.e, procrastination, keeping things unorganized, e.t.c. if you can’t take care of your commitment and yourself, then nobody is going to do it for you. Hence it is your responsibility that you take care of your commitment and work according to it.



In the above article, you have learned about what is stress, and its causes and how to reduce stress, different stress management tips. You should do daily physical activity to enhance your health. In the above passage, you had seen how stress is affecting your life. Hence a major step against it should be taken as soon as possible. There are a lot of causes that can give you stress and it can destroy you and your productivity. So it is necessary to get rid of it. Above some steps are mentioned that will definitely help you for the same. have patience, be positive, and get a healthy diet. Do regular exercise and get enough sleep. Learn to manage time and avoid procrastination to remain stress-free always. thus you had seen that if you will be stress- free then you can achieve anything in your life. Thus, live life to the fullest as much as possible as you can.

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