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What are the ways to reduce sleeping hours?

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These days everybody is facing the problem of oversleeping, due to which they can’t complete their work. Students want to increase their time to study more. employee wants to increase their time to work more. But there is a problem that, God had gifted us with 24 hours only. If you have a busy schedule that  are fixed from morning to evening. But you want some extra time to your other works. To increase the time you have only one option left that, cut down your sleeping hours and utilize that time for the works. But How? If you are also searching for a  solution to such a problem, then you are in the right place. In this article, You are going to know about the sleep, different ways to reduce sleep time to, 6 hours, what are the foods that help you to avoid sleep.

What is sleep?

Sleep is a state of body and mind in which both of them goes to rest and make us feel fresh after getting up. It is necessary for our body to perform the next day well. During sleep, the body goes in rest and start work to repair all the cell, muscles, organs,e.t.c. Good chemicals started to release which helps to strengthen the immune system and secretes growth hormone. it also helps to heal the wounds much faster. Hence it is suggested to take bed rest when you get highly injured. Sleep is a very important factor in our daily schedule. Without proper sleep, you will feel lethargic all day, that will spoil all day. So you must take proper sleep of 6 hours to remain fit and healthy.

What is sleep

How to reduce sleep time to 6 hours?

To decrease the time of sleep you should first prepare your mind and body for that. without mentally and physically preparation sleeping less can make the condition much more worst.

How to reduce sleep time to 6 hour

  • Have a balanced meal and exercise to make your mind and body fit and healthy and to get a night of healthy sleep. Get adequate sleep at night and you have to implement the fact that you shouldn’t sleep at the day time to improve the quality of sleep at night
  • Keep all the distractive items away from the bed. Maintain the hygiene of your bed and bedroom and should be friendly to you. RHe bedroom environment has a great role in sleeping. Always clean your mattress and pillow before going to the bed. They should be comfortable, firm and supportive. Have a cool temperature in your room. 60-67°F (15.5 to 19.4°C) is assumed to be the best temperature for sleeping. there should be no noise while you are sleeping, so use a white noise machine to avoid the noise.

comfortable bed

  • Set a fixed time to get up from the bed as your body has a circadian rhythm which manages your sleep-wake cycle. Hence Set your alarm at the same time, even on the weekend, to maintain the momentum. Otherwise, it would e too difficult to back on the routine. It is very difficult to instantly decrease the sleep time, it can weaken your health and body and makes you feel lethargic. hence try to gradually decrease the time to earlier. In the first week, go to sleep after 15 min of your usual time and wake up before 15 min of your usual time. Thus it will take only 4 weeks, i.e. 1 month to decrease by 1 hour, and you can continue the process to your desired hours.
  • To get success in anything you need to to have a lot of patience. At the first 2-3 weeks, it will be very difficult to do the same, you need high willpower and patience to continue that. If you fill fatigue, then improve your eating habit and exercise to fight with it. So don’t lose patience go ahead. Keep yourself motivated toward your target.
  • Never use the electronics gadgets before going to bed as the blue light emitting from them affects your sleep cycle and makes it difficult for you to fall asleep. Drink more water before sleep to keep you hydrated and help you to awake easily. Expose yourself for the sunny morning sunshine. Spend more time out, in the ground in daytime.

Never use the electronics gadgets before going to bed

You should also mention that, Doctor says, a minimum of six-hour sleep is needed for the proper functioning of the body. The sleep of fewer than six hours can cause major health issues like, Increase in hunger, loss of short term memory,  changes in weight, blurred vision,e.t.c. It can lead to sleep deprivation, which can decrease the ability of functioning of body and mind and you started to feel fatigued. Hence you must not decrease your sleep time less than 6. So don’t try to reduce the sleep time to 4 hours or less. Although the body of every person varies from each other, different people have different requirement of sleep, Some need 6 hours, or som needs 8 hours. So observe your body first and then decide how much to reduce.

Are 4 hours of sleep enough for a student:– Some students study late at night and get only 4 hours of sleep to get a better result. But they should note that it can make the ill-functioning of the memory, restlessness, bad mood, e.t.c. It can destroy your sleep cycle, you will feel fatigued all day.

How to avoid sleep at night?

How to avoid sleep at night

Sometimes you really need to avoid the sleep, for that you should take a nap,  to recharge your energy. Get up and take around to make you awake. Drinking caffeine can help you to remain awake in the night. It is generally found in products like tea, coffee, energy drink, chocolate, e.t.c. Have a portion of healthy food, that is of low calorie with high nutrition. They will provide you constant energy and maintains your energy throughout the day.

Avoid alcohol, drugs, and smoking, it will make you feel the intoxication and you will feel sleepy. Also avoid oily, junk food as they give you sudden high energy and then at the same time loses your energy and you starts to feel tired and sleepy.

What to eat to have a high quality of sleep?

You should take healthy and balanced foods to avoid sleep. Try to complete your dinner from 7:30- 8:00 pm. To have a good sleep you can eat almonds ( contains many nutrients), turkey( high in protein), kiwi( low in calorie with high nutrition), milk (best source of all nuteition.), fatty fish, walnuts, Chamomile Tea( reduces inflammation), proteinous food before sleep to have a high quality of sleep.

What to eat to have a high quality of sleep

Avoid a few things:- Alcohol and drugs disturb your sleep cycle, although they help you to sleep faster but degrade the quality of sleep and you will feel the need of more sleep at the time of getting up. To reduce the time of sleep, it must be of high quality and hence you should take care of the food what you eat.

You can take coffee in the morning but stay away from it as it contains caffeine in the late afternoon as it stays in your body for 8 hours and keeps you awake till then.

As you already know smoking is dangerous and leads to many types of health problems. If you smoke cigarettes, take some steps to stop it as soon as possible as it contains nicotine, which destroys the body and the immune power.

Avoid spicy, oily, junk food, they affect your health as well as the sleep cycle. As these foods slower the metabolism rate and make you have less quality of sleep.

avoid oily food

Exercise to reduce sleep:- Exercise is an important factor that plays a great role in building your body stamina and keeping your mind fresh. You can do aerobics in the morning like jogging, running, swimming, weightlifting, push-ups, sit-ups, plank, e.t.c. You may also include exercise in the afternoon so that your sleep at night gets improved more. You can also read about how to motivate yourself to workout.

Exercise to reduce sleep


Conclusion:- In the above article you had learned about the different ways and tips to reduce sleep hour and get extra time for your important works. And also you are now aware of the healthy diet and exercises to reduce sleep hour. In this busy schedule life, everyone needs more time to accomplish the targets, so may this article helped you. In the above passage, you saw that there are a few steps to be followed to get a high quality sleep in less time. you should eat healthily and exercise daily to keep yourself fit and healthy. Increase your will power to follow the same and have patience. Eat the food of low calorie with high nutrition, dry fruits, milk, e.t.c. Do exercises regularly to be active, healthy and to get high quality of sleep in less time.

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