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Are you suffering from data lost from Vivo Android Phone? Have you reset the android phone and all media files are lost? Does your android is showing error message while opening any movie files? Have you faced the issue of text message deletion from the phone? Are you want to recover all lost contact details from the phone? If you are getting these issues then you need to recover lost data from Vivo Android Phone and also download the best recovery tool for this android phone which is especially recommended for you.

Today smartphone is taking the part of the user’s life where they are always them for very few minutes for playing games, watching movies, take help to go anywhere, and many more things which are related with them. The android is also supported to all smartphone and gives them a lot of features on the,m and facilities such that the user gets benefits from them. We are providing you some list smartphone company list where this OS easily supports them like Sony, Samsung, Nokia, Lenovo, Mi, Oppo, Realme, and many more devices. This OS also supports the Vivo Android Phone. This is android is also has the same features and facilitates that the other smartphones are actually having but this phone is a different look from the other android phone. It also has own platform where the user gets benefits from them. But Vivo Android Phone users are sometimes facing the issue of data lost due to some common reasons. Read to recover corrupt data from Oppo Android Phone.

Reasons for data lost from Vivo Android Phone:

Vivo Android Phone

  • If the user is browsing their file in their stored media from their phone and they are suddenly tabbed on the delete all button then all saved files are getting lost.
  • In the few cases, the user gets connect their phone with the computer with the help of data cable and they start transferring and they accidentally click on the cancel button then has some chances of deletion of saved files.
  • Sometimes the user is reset their phone then, in that case, the all saved contacts and text messages are also get lost from the android phone.
  • The users are also in few cases the user is captured images and videos from the phone and they are connecting them to the other device to watch then in that case the device is infected by the virus then the virus is easily enter into the Android phone.

Manual steps to recover lost data from Vivo Android Phone:

Most of the users are want the manual steps to recover the data from Vivo Android Phone in a few minutes. So we are provided some steps to recover the data from Vivo Android Phone. Follow the below methods:

Restore Lost Data from Backup:

Vivo Android Phone

This is the best way to get back the data from Vivo Android Phone when their phone is lost or damaged. The users need to know that the Google drive is the best option where the user gets to store all media files and data such that they need to get from them in future easily. The Google Drive allows to user to store their data up to the maximum space of 15GB and the android users are sufficient space to store data on there. First of all the users are need to restart their android phone then after that they are should go to the settings of the android phone. Now go at the bottom of the page and choose the “Backup and restore” option and hit on them and wait till the open the menu list of the page. Now the user needs to choose the media and data that they need to save them. Now once the completion of uploading data then after that push OK button. Now if the user is getting lost file from their Android phone then they need to go to the Google Drive and download the all media files easily.

Get back all data from recycle bin:

The Vivo Android Phone has also their recycle bin option where the user gets all deleted files and all other document files from them and restore them easily. So, follow the below steps to restore all media files quickly:

Vivo Android Phone

Step 1. First of all the user is need to close all running applications then after that, the user needs to go to the Gallery application.

Step 2. Now at the top of the page, you need to click on the three dots then after that, the user is ned to settings.

Step 3. Now choose the recycle bin option then after that they need to hit on the recycle bin option and wait till the complete opening of recycle bin option. Now choose the media files that you need to restore and hold on them they are automatically restoring them in the android phone.

Tool for recover lost data from Vivo Android Phone:

Vivo Android Phone

Vivo Android Data Recovery Software is one of the best tools which is helpful to restore the lost data from the phone This tool is not taking much more time to restore the files which are lost from the phone. The most important thing about this tool is that it is supported to all another smartphone like Sony, Samsung, Oppo, Realme, Redmi, and many more. This helps the users to November the virus from the phone and also repair the infected files easily. If the user is by mistake deleted the contact details and text messages from the android phone then download this tool and recover all deleted contacts and text messages easily and in just a few steps. All files like audio files, video files, documents, and many more file related with them are stored in the android phone are get lost or corrupted then this software is getting restore the files easily. So, Download the Vivo Android Data Recovery Software to recover all lost data from Vivo Android Phone. Download it now.

This tool supports to the below Vivo Android Phone models:

Vivo Y95
Vivo V9
Vivo V11 Pro
Vivo V11
Vivo Y93
Vivo Y81
Vivo Y93 (3GB RAM + 64GB)
Vivo V9 Pro
Vivo Y81i
Vivo NEX 2
Vivo Y71 (4GB RAM)
Vivo V9 Pro (4GB RAM+64GB)
Vivo Z1 Lite
Vivo NEX
Vivo Y83 Pro
Vivo Y83
Vivo Y71
Vivo V7 Plus
Vivo V7 Plus
Vivo Y71i
Vivo Z3i

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